Smoking May Increase Drinking Hangover


Researchers are in view that students might keep diary for 8 weeks which records drinking and smoking habit. Drinking heavier will lead to hangover. Smoking more in a day will lead to intense hangover.

Preventive Measures

An increase in smoking will lead to headache, nausea and concentration difficulty. Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) controls addiction by keeping an account on weight and period the student drank alcohol. Smoking more will increase severe hangover to next day.BAC  estimates that 110 mg/ dl is equal to six cans of beer a day. The study tells about nicotine’s effect on nervous system.

Studies suggests the alcohol and nicotine both affect the receptors of the brain. Smoking increases the tendency of  hangover. Institute of Alcohol Studies suggests that  “Don’t drink too much, don’t get dehydrated – have soft drinks between the alcoholic ones – and avoid the darker drinks with the greater hangover potential.”

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