Stone Mirror in Antalya, Turkey: The Complete Article about Stone Mirror

Stone Mirror in Antalya, Turkey


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A Stone and a mirror, both things are very familiar to you people. But you ever heard about the stone mirror? I hope you may have seen those wonderful pictures of stone mirror in turkey, Antalya and get surprised. Mirrors are used for certain purpose from the ancient time itself. Scientifically speaking a mirror is something which has the capacity to reflect the light.

Commonly seen mirrors are plain mirror and curved mirror. No doubt the major use of mirror is the grooming.  Most of you may be looking for details of stone mirrors and many wish to visit the place. Here we are gathering the available information about this great wonder stone mirror, its origin, ctitism, historical basis etc. Hope it will be an added and useful updation for you.

Origin of stone mirrors

In history first used mirrors were the pools of still water. The manufactured mirrors born from pieces of polished stones. Among the polished stone “obsidian” plays an important role in what we are closely looking for the stone mirrors origin. Obsidian is the particular form of stone is the basic stuff of stone mirror. It is a type of naturally forming glass from the volcano. The stones polished finely by the ancient Turkish artists created the magical stone mirrors which we seen now.  Lot of obsidian mirrors are found in Antalya which is now known as turkey.

The awesome beauty of stone mirror

The pictures of stone mirror in the turkey spreading via media are such beautiful and awesome. Most of them give them a feeling of wet floor but actually its not. The perfect polished stones are really unbelievable and impress you. You may think you are going to step into a pool or wet surface at a glance. But it’s not; the perfect finishing of stones is that much brilliant.

Historical basis and support for stone mirrors

We hope stone mirrors really existing in turkey. The proof is getting from the history itself. The finely polished stones obsidian, in the form of mirror was used in turkey from ancient times for grooming and artistic purpose like floor and wall decorations. Those found from there is dated around 6000 BC. Polished stone mirrors not only found from the turkey it is also found from central and South America, Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Would you like to visit the Antalya, turkey?

Antalya is a city situating in the Mediterranean coast region exactly in the south western part of turkey. Antalya is the biggest Turkish international sea resort (not the typical resort, a large tourist spot or place). It is one of the top most visited cities in the world. Through the pictures the stone mirror in the Istanbul, turkey is become very famous. If you have a plan to visit the stone mirror in the turkey you can select airplanes or ships for traveling based on the facilities in your native place.

Criticism about the stone mirrors

A lot of people visited the place in turkey and observed the beauty of the stone mirror. As somebody says it may be photographic trick or not. We only have the details which are spreading via the Medias including the pictures. Anyway if you have a chance to visit the place go and believe it after seeing with your own eyes.

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