Tata Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus (Marcopolo Starbus) – Features and Working

Tata Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus (Marcopolo Starbus)

Tata Motors works greatly in the field of public transport solutions. They have a fuel cell power system test lab with all safety measures recommended by safety committee of ISRO. The prototype of the Tata-Marcopolo Starbus Fuel Cell spotted near Sanand in Gujarat. Here is Everything You Should Know about the ready to launch Tata Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus.

According to reports the all new upcoming bus will be introduced by Tata Motors in association with  ISRO. This will be India’s first fuel cell bus. Tata Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus is a great choice for smart cities. As per Tata, this will be the future of mass public transportation.

This hydrogen fuel cell powered Starbus concept showcased at the 2012 Auto Expo.  Tata Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus features zero-emission mass transport solution. This is made in partnership with ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation). 

Tata recently signed a contract for Hybrid Electric vehicle technology, with the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA). According to this contract they should supply 25 units of the Starbus Diesel Hybrid electric bus Full Low floor type by 2018. 

Tata earlier launched the Starbus Electric 9m, Starbus Electric 12m and the Starbus Hybrid 12m. All these buses are powered by alternate fuels and completely made in India. They also announced country’s first Fuel Cell bus (12m), LNG Powered bus (12m), 18m Articulated bus.

Working of The BUS

The hydrogen will be stored in roof-mounted cylinders. There are many number of fuel cells which are combined to form a fuel cell stack. Hydrogen can be easily collected from refineries and fertilizer plants as this is the main byproduct. The power is derived from the combining of hydrogen gas and oxygen.

The fuel cell in the bus produces electricity. This electricity charges the battery to power the motor of the bus. There will be water and heat as byproducts. Ashok Leyland electric buses are the main rivals for the Tata Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus. Key advantage is that only emission is water vapour.

Key Features Tata Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus

  • Zero pollution as only emission is water vapour
  • This is a CNG-type bus in which hydrogen stored in bottles at high pressure at the top of the bus
  • Spin-off of the cryogenic technology for hydrogen cells by ISRO
  • Clean and silent bus on-road
  • Hydrogen combines with oxygen from the air to generate electricity
  • ISRO assured safety measures for handling hydrogen in the bus
  • Design and development by Tata Motors Research Centre (TMRC) in cooperation with ISRO and DSIR support.

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