Tez – A new payments app by Google: Everything You Must Know

Tez – A new payments app by Google

Google has officially launched the much awaited Tez, payments app in India. This works with UPI (Unified Payments Interface) and supports major banks and they includes Axis, HDFC Bank, ICICI and State Bank of India as partners.

You can simply Send money to friends, instantly receive payments & pay the nearby café with Tez, The app is using NPCI’s (National Payments Corporation of India) Unified Payments Interface (UPI) to make money transfers are simple & secure.


Top Features of Tez App

You can Transfer money directly to your bank account. To do this just link your account to Tez over UPI and instantly transfer money. Google’s multi layered security and 24/7 protection by Tez Shield makes your money secure. The Tez’s Cash Mode, allow you to instantly send or receive payments to anyone nearby without sharing personal details. They also plans to launch features like Pay through debit and credit cards on Tez and Pay and set reminders for recurring bills such as DTH.

Benefits of Use Tez App?

  • Use Tez for All Your Payment Needs like, to receive money directly from your bank accounts
  • Tez works with your existing bank account, so money is safe and you’ll continue to earn interest
  • Tez works with all banks in India that support UPI
  • Pay your friends and family anywhere anytime
  • Multiple layers of security from your bank, UPI, and Google
  • The app is secured with a Google PIN or fingerprint.
  • Transfer money to anyone nearby by Using Cash Mode
  • The app is Made for India and Tez works with all major Indian banks
  • Tez offers language support for English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.
  • You may Get Rewarded by Tez Scratch Cards (TM) in the app can win up to Rs 1,000 with each eligible transaction
  • You can enroll in Tez’s Lucky Sundays contest where you could win Rs 1 lakh every week.
  • Transactions must be Rs 50 or more per user
  • Paying in shops is easier than ever with Cash Mode
  • Tez makes it faster and more secure to pay on apps and websites

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