Tips And Best Guidelines For 2017 Kerala LDC (L.D Clerk) Exam Preparation

Guidelines For 2017 Kerala LDC (L.D Clerk) Exam Preparation

Busy with the study of LDC exams? only few months are available to prepare and to attend the  2017 LDC (L.D Clerk) Exam in Kerala. Many of you may be attending the regular coaching classes and others may going on with the home based self preparation. Whatever may be you have to apply some of the memory tricks and study tips for a successful passing of the 2017 LDC (Lower Division Clerk ) examination. It will not be such easy to pass in the exam because the record number of candidates are writing this year.


Keep these Points in Mind Always

  • Never compare your ability with someone in negative way
  • You are unique and capacities may differ individually
  • Join or not for a coaching class is your preference
  • Know your strength and weakness
  • Keep focused always and everywhere
  • Test your own capacities in between by your self

Get in deep love with your syllabus first, identify your strength and weakness in subjects and practice well with previous year questions. Through this post we are trying our best to bring out top ways and methods for you to pass the exam well. You can get benefit from this article not only for the current LDC (Lower Division Clerk ) but also for the upcoming future examinations for various other government and non governmental jobs. Read the tips and guidelines we listed below in simple way for you and go ahead you can surely success.

Know your syllabus in detail first

Note: This is the short picture of your syllabus for easiness please refer the official Kerala PSC website for full details.

LDC Examination Kerala Syllabus Short (2017)

Sl No




1 Part  I General Knowledge and Current Affairs 50 Marks
2 Part  II Simple Arithmetic and Mental Ability 20 Marks
3 Part  III General English 20 Marks
4 Part  IV Regional Language (Malayalam,/Tamil/ Kannada) 10 Marks

Be Energetic and Active Mentally

  • Practice deep breathing exercise and meditation
  • Be confident always about your capacity
  • Avoid prejudices about exam and results
  • Stay away from all kinds of bad habits
  • Limit your activities which makes you tired
  • Get up in early morning and have some fresh air
  • Keep courageous and try your best level

How to prepare for the 2017 LDC examination?

The LDC examination in Kerala is like a bumper lottery for the keralites. This is the only examination through which you can achieve higher and higher in government positions like LDC, UDC, head clerk, junior superintendent, gazetted officer, etc. Other options you can select and can achieve via this exam includes village officer, Panchayath secretary, deputy thahasildar, thahasildar, BDO, deputy collector, joint directer etc.

Memory tricks for 2017 LDC examination

  • Make your own methods to memorize the long topics as stories or songs
  • Repeat, repeat and repeat you will remember everything
  • Make your own codes and secret chains to connect long answers
  • concentrate more own years, numbers and names when you reaD
  • Read the full content with concentration always
  • Try to remember the contents after study without books
  • You can write and study for better out come
  • Record the classes and hear when you are out

Trick for General Knowledge and Current Affairs  section

General Knowledge and Current Affairs segment is the most valuable section because it covers 50% in the upcoming examination. You should focus towards the World History/Indian History/Kerala History, Physical Geography/ World Geography/Indian Geography, Physics/ Chemistry/Biology/Astronomy, Computers, Basic GK, Awards and Honors, Books and authors – Literature,  Sports, Economics, Facts about Kerala, Indian Constitution, Science in detail.

  • Have an overlook to the secondary schools subjects and books
  • 70% of exams questions will be from these category
  • Read 10th, 9th, 8th standard books and guides
  • Focus on English, Maths and science subjects
  • Read news papers every day in detail and make notes
  • Read at least one of the yearbooks and memorize

Tips for Simple Arithmetic and Mental Ability  section

Simple Arithmetic and Mental Ability section in the exam covers 2 section of topic. The first one is Simple Arithmetic which includes basic mathematical skills, Profit and Loss//Law of exponents/proportions/percentage/ interest/time/distance, Fractions/Ratio/volume/age/Averages/ Squares and square roots/Simple and compound interest/LCM AND HCF. The second section is mental ability which covers Coding and de-coding/ Puzzle/ Ranking test/ Mathematical operations/ Classification/ Analogy/ Series completion etc.

Be Physically fit and Stay Healthy

  • Stay healthy by consuming good and nutritious food items
  • Have lots of water, raw vegetables and fruits in between
  • Never post pond your regular sleeping habits with study
  • sleep for 5 to 6 hours in a calm and quiet place
  • Never strain your eyes by continuous reading
  • sit, stand and walk in between your continuous study
  • Take rest in between and engage with some funny activities

Tricks for General English  section

Be thorough with the basic English including Grammar/subject and verb agreement/adjectives and adverbs/direct and indirect speech/ adjectives comparison/active and passive voice/ sentence correction/vocabulary/ sentence correction/ gender/ singular, plural synonyms and antonyms/ idioms/usage of articles/preposition etc.

  • Get a basic and simple grammar book and study
  • Use textbooks of English from schools earlier
  • Give priority to English than regional language
  • Read English news papers daily
  • Listen to news and documentaries in english

Tips for the Regional Language section

Here your regional or local language ability in terms of understanding, grammar will check vi various methods. This section is made to check your regional language efficiency. It is better to have good reading, writing and speaking skills in regional language always.

Follow these things in Examination hall

  • Never waste too much time on a unknown question
  • Answer the known and easy questions first
  • Remember about the negative mark and answer
  • Use effective time management always
  • Be confident and relax in the examination hall

””’All The Best””


  1. Can you please let me know about negative marking pattern in LDC exam. I have attended LD clerk exam (thrissur district) on 07.12.2013 and marked 59 questions correctly and 23 wrongly and left 18 questions unattended. What would be my score?

  2. Thanks sir , it is really motivated ….. thank you sir , sir can u please suggest any maths shortcut book ? Because I am not well in maths , so sir can u suggest anyone maths book ?

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