Tips And Steps Of Complete Bridal Makeup

How To Do The Best Bridal Makeup And Hairstyle

Makeup-And-HairstyleMarriage is the day in which every eyes will concentrate on the bride and groom. The makeup of bride is important in order to be perfect for the function. Not every girl is perfect in look and style. But through the make up your all negatives can be well hide and you can glow as a natural beauty. The make up should be done by an expert and experienced beautician in order get the completeness.

Choose the best package and cosmetics for your face. No compromise in terms of quality in selecting cosmetics. Reading this will be a good opportunity to choose the right makeup for you. The main areas need to be concentrated and groomed are important. The article here written about the  Bridal Makeup concentrating on make up over eye, lip, chin, cheek, neck, hair, feet, hands etc. Hope it will be useful for you as a beautician/bride/makeup enthusiast.

  • Get  A Natural Look
  • Bridal Eye Makeup
  • Choose The Best Eye shadow
  • Bridal Lip Makeup
  • Makeup of nose, chin and cheek
  • Air Brush Makeup
  • Bridal Hair Style
  • Manicure And Pedicure
  • Some Important Tips

Get  A Natural Look

  • The latest trend in bridal makeup is the perfect natural look offering makeup
  • Choose makeup that you wear may heavy but others cant understand that easily
  • You will get a natural look from some easy tips and with the help of an expert beautician
  • Remember the makeup that is very heavy and easily recognizable is quiet offer an artificial feeling for others
  • Better to make up in combination with the face cut, shape, fairness, dress and ornaments of bride

Consider the shape and features of your face

  • Remember based on the shape and features of your face the make up options will differ
  • A best makeup can offer you feeling of good shape and attractiveness for your face
  • Most commonly seen types of face shapes are round, square, oval, hear shape etc.
  • Oval shaped face is best suited with all hair styles and make up
  • Contouring is a makeup magic in which you will get oval shaped face by reducing the width of face
  • The beautician will use makeup items to shape your face well
  • Dark shade foundation can apply over the area where you need to reduce the width
  • The areas need to highlight should apply some light shade foundation
  • Illuminator also can apply over areas need to be high lightened

Bridal Eye Makeup

  • If you have small eyes draw below the lashes with eye pencil to get attractive eye
  • The length of eye can be increased by applying eyeliner over the lashes in a thick line extending out to the corner
  • Use eye gel instead of eye liner to make up eye to avoid the eye make up spreading out
  • Eyebrows must be in good shape and length to match with the eyes and face
  • Can choose fake eye lashes to get large eyes and trendy look
  • Avoid using the gum you get along with the lashes, get the eye gum separate and use to keep the lashes in place

Choose The Best Eye shadow

  • Eye shadow should be suitable to your skin tone, color of dress and make up
  • Dark shade persons can choose purple, brown color in combination with others etc
  • Golden and bronze shades are usually well suited with most of people of different skin color
  • Blue and green can be choose by girls with good fairness
  • Remember blue eye shadow will not work with the red gown or sari

Bridal Lip Makeup

  • If you are using heavy make for both eyes and lips may feel artificial
  • So use light make up for lips than eyes to get natural look
  • Select natural colors and apply to have a good look
  • Bright red lipstick is the current trend you can choose based on skin tone and dress
  • Dark shade girls can go for maroon, reddish, light red, mahagani color lipsticks
  • Light colors and bright red, light pink is well work with the fair girls
  • An outline draw with the lip pencil can manage the width of the lips
  • Draw lip pencil below the lip border in a full manner to get big lips
  • Same way lips size can be get reduced by drawing lip pencil above the lip border
  • Fill lips with lipsticks after applying lipbam or gel to get more finishing
  • Lip gloss can avoid for girls with big lips to get perfect look

Makeup of nose, chin and cheek

  • Nose, chin and cheek are the important ares need special care than eyes and lips
  • The best make up can reduce or hide the problem with big or small nose, jaw etc
  • Contouring technique is also used here to highlight important ares and to hide others
  • If you are lean application of blush will work to get a chubby cheeks
  • Care to avoid application of over blush, it will be look like artificial
  • If you are fat better to have blush little and apply inwards the jawline

Air Brush Makeup

  • Another trend in the current bridal make up to get perfect looks
  • All the make up items using in this will be waterproof
  • If will last for a long time without problem with the sweat and water
  • The air brush make up offers perfect style and freshness more than others

Bridal Hair Style

  • Bridal hairstyle should be in combination with the dress and makeup of bride
  • The hair on the front portion fixed a little high for those with round face to get oval shape
  • Have some free hair in short length or curled to both sides of ear to reduce the width of face
  • For those with lengthy neck choose hairstyle that hair falling to the neck
  • Small neck can be get corrected by choosing hairstyle with hair setting high above neck level
  • Applying of decorative stones and light flowers can be done in combination with color of dress and ornaments
  • Hair should be shampooed well and without excess oil to set the hairstyle easily
  • Wearing of various hair nets/clothes  as per tradition should choose well
  • Flowers wearing tradition is still among many and the flowers should well settled in a manner do not cause disturbance for the bride

Manicure And Pedicure

  • The foot and hands should have special consideration in make up
  • Application of mehandi with chemicals may cause skin dry
  • Apply moisturizing lotion over the hands and feet to keep it smooth and good toned
  • Do the waxing to remove unwanted hair in hand and foot before one or two days of marriage
  • Keep foot and hands soaked in Luke warm water mixed with manicure or pedicure special lotions
  • Wash well, scrub and apply fairness packs if necessary
  • Manicure and pedicure should be done with the help of a beautician
  • Proper trimming of nails and apply best color nail polish for attractive looks

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  1. Yes I agree that marriage is the day in which every eye will concentrate on the bride and groom. The makeup of bride is important in order to be perfect for the function. I like your tips for bridal makeup.


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