Tips For Beautiful And Healthy Eyes



Tips For Beautiful And Healthy Eyes is here. Beautiful And Healthy Eyes which will attracts every one. Eyes have an important role in communication and beauty of a person. Now a days eye problems are increasing very high. The computerized job systems, over watching of TV, use of mobiles and other devices with small screen all these cause eye strain.

If you have any diseases must consult the ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Tips For Beautiful And Healthy Eyes can try. Try some simple eye exercises also. It will be great beneficial for you. So in order to prevent all eye problems you have to just follow some simple and easy tips. You can carry out it in a regular way so your eyes will stay healthy and beautiful forever.

Top Five ways For Healthy And Appealing Eyes

  • Care During Driving
  • Care while Reading And Writing
  • When Using TV and computer
  • Exercises for Eyes
  • Perfect Eye Makeup

Care During Driving

Don’t focus always towards one direction, move your eyes toward sides also while driving. Avoid staring for a long time towards the same direction. While driving in night time don’t or avoid looking to the headlight of opposite vehicles. look in the White guide lines on right side of the roads while your travelling at night. While on the way of long trips you ca rest in between by sleeping or watching outside views for some time by stopping the vehicle.

Care while Reading And Writing

It is always better to avoid reading by lying in bed or sofa. If your reading or writing something choose a place having fresh air and natural light. If your own shadow falling on the book or place of your reading avoid such type of place for good eye health. Assume good body position while reading or writing like sitting erect. Reading while travelling in a fast moving vehicle can better be avoided.

When Using TV and computer

According to the eye level the screen height of your laptop or TV should be fixed. The distance between the screen and the eye should be at least 40-70cm. Avoid watching or using TV or laptop while lying in bed. The room you keep laptop or computer should have enough light. Use Comfortable and erect body position while sitting in front of computer. Take rest in between if you are using laptop for a long time. 

Exercises for Eyes

Keep your both hands over the the closed eyes and rest in between. Avoid applying pressure to eyes by hand or anything. Just Keep your hand 4 to 5 inch distance away from eyes, and concentrate on your thumb for sometime. After 2 to 3 minutes look to some other distant place , it is a good exercise for eyes. Move your eyes to left and right side while in between, look up and down also, it is a good jogging for eyes. Raise your eyebrows and then keep it down normal in between it also another important exercise for eyes. 

Tips For Eye Makeup

Choose best quality eye make up items always. Check for allergy before using any any eye makeup on the skin. Better avoid eye makeup as heavy over the lashes and lids. Wash your eye makeup well after functions as soon as possible. Never sleep with an eye make up it will cause darkening of skin around eyes. Keep some fresh cotton dipped in ice water or rose water to get a fresh look.


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