Tips to keep Your Crockery Sets Shining and Clean

How to Keep Your Kitchen Crockery Sets Beautiful Without Stains/Marks

Crockery-SetsDon’t you want to make your kitchen crockery more and more shining without stains and marks. Kitchen crockery includes variety of glass, plates, vessels, spoon, dish and others made from different materials. Keeping kitchen crockery without stains and marks is not as hard as you think. care your crockery items which are easy to get scratch and break while handling. Just try these simple home made kitchen tips to keep it more attractive and beautiful. Your plates, glass, spoon and all other items will be shining as you see in advertisement if you follow this in your daily life practice.

Kitchen Tips to keep Your Crockery Sets Shining and Clean

  • Before washing glass plates or dish. the waste particles in it should remove well with rubber spoon/cloth/sponge to make it clean without damage. Never use a fork or knife to remove the food waste from the glass dish, plates or glass as it may cause scratch marks in the area.
  • After your cooking and food time wash those crockery items as soon as possible, it will be more easy to clean than when it dry after a long time.
  • If there is dried food particle around the corners of the vessels or pales use hot water to wash instead of cold water, it will remove dirt fast even it is dry after a long time.
  • To remove the stains and dry food particles from the milk/egg etc you can use cold water than hot water for more effect on wash.
  • Once in two week you can wash your all glass and cups in ammonia mixed water to increase the shining and glow of crockery.
  • To remove the stains from coffee and tea cups try it: Mix 30 percentage (Based on the amount of water) of hydrogen peroxide to a bowl of water. Add one pinch of ammonia to it. Immerse the cups and glasses in this solution for 10 minutes to remove all stains. Take it after 10 minutes and wash well in cold water and make dry.
  • To remove stains from Glass plates and bowls: Immerse all stained glass plates and others in a mixture of one spoon of ammonia added in water. Keep it for one whole night and wash in morning.
  • To remove strong stains instantly by wiping with a cotton soaked in baking soda. It will remove all strong stains from cups and glasses with more offered shining
  • Silver plates and glasses which should not keep in shelf for a long time without using for functions. Take it and use in between to avoid damage and marks on it due to long term storage.
  • If you have problem with stains due to egg, salt, vinegar, fruit juices etc on silver plates and glasses, just try keeping those in mild luke warm water mixed with soap solution or powder. After that remove it from the solution and wash well in hot water.
  • After washing crockery it is better to make it dry by wiping with cotton cloth than allowing for dry self.
  • While Storing silver plates and glasses cover it in tissue paper and avoid usage of rubber band or other tie to avoid marks and scratch over them
  • Avoid rough handling of quality crockery with hard scrubbing pad and their items while washing and cleaning. Specially this is applicable for silver plates and glasses. Repeated polishing is not suitable for silver crockery, it will reduce the life span too.
  • Bronze made crockery should be handle carefully and to retain its shining and glow just wipe with cotton soaked in lemon juice.
  • Bronze glass and plates can be clean well to get more shining by using this: Take equal amount of rice powder, salt and vinegar and mix well. Soak a cotton cloth in this solution and wipe the vessels with it. use another fresh cotton cloth to remove moisture and salt particle.
  • Copper made crockery can be well managed with immersing in luke warm water. After that take out from hot water and wipe again with a dry cotton cloth.
  • To get shining metal glass and plates just use it: make a hot mixture of vinegar and salt, then add half spoon juice of lemon to it. Soak a piece of cotton in it and wipe using this. It will remove metal stains and offers more shining.

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