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Tips To Reduce Shoulder Pain


How To Avoid Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is the most common type of pain usually seen in women than in men. More regular travelling in bus and train with uncomfortable position will increase the problem much. Many of them after reaching 40 experiencing the same thing. Shoulder joint is one of the most motion capable joint in our body. The ball and socket system in our shoulder joint makes movement towards all directions easy. Wrong body positions and extreme hard work will affect your joint and course pain. Keeping you hands and shoulder without much movement will further worsen the problem. Problems like joint stiffness and reduced moving capacity of joints may result. If you care little in daily you can avoid the pain or you can eliminate it completely. You just follow these simple to steps mentioned below, it will be useful for you.

Most Common Cause For Shoulder Pain

  • Extreme hard work involving joints
  • Wrong body positions
  • Complete lack of exercises
  • Inflammations of tendons
  • Tears as a result of accidents
  • Shoulder dislocations/instability
  • Arthritis/osteoporosis
  • Other diseases affecting joints and bones

How You Should Treat Your Shoulder Pain

First of all understand that the shoulder pain in different individuals may be caused by variety of reasons. You have to first identify what is your problem in detail with the help of a physician. Always you have to take the prescribed medications and rest well. Doctors usually prescribe some anti inflammatory medications and cortisone injections. Beside all these in future or at present you just try those following tips for reducing your discomfort and pain.

Best Tips For Reducing Shoulder pain

  • Always follow the right body positions
  • Care well when your lifting a weight or hang to handle bar in bus/train
  • Take rest well as your physician advised
  • Avoid extreme hard works when you are in a pain
  • Can apply ice packs over the joint to reduce pain
  • Apply trusted pain lotions or ointment in area
  • When you got a good relief from pain try simple joint movements
  • Never keep the shoulder joint without any simple movement
  • Try some exercises which strengthen your shoulder muscles
  • Alternately you can apply hot treatment to relieve the pain
  • Get Advice from a physio therapist for stretching exrecises


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