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Tips to Remove Stains from Clothes


How to Remove Different Stains from Clothes

Stains are the most common problem related to clothing and it is a difficult work to remove those by regular washing. If you care a little and apply some tricks for removing this stains you can wear those favorite clothes again. Prevention is always good specially when your drinking or having something colorful in standing position or carelessly. Just takeout those stained dress items from your wardrobe and try these, of course you will get wonderful results. We are giving you some useful tips to remove stains of different kind from home itself. The most common stains on clothes includes coffee, nail polish, lipstick, ink, egg, grease, blood, fruit juices, carbon stain from ash, fire place, wood burning stove etc.


Most Common Stains On Clothing

  • Coffee Stains
  • Nail polish Stains
  • Lipstick Stains
  • Ink Stains
  • Egg stains
  • Grease stains
  • Blood stains
  • Carbon Stains
  • Fruit Juices Stains

Coffee Stains

  • Apply hot water just on the opposite side of the area of cloth stained with coffee
  • If still the stain remaining Apply some glycerin over the stained area directly and keep for few minutes
  • Wash again well in the hot water the coffee stain will be vanished

Nail polish Stains

  • Soak a piece of sponge or the cotton with the nail polish remover and apply over the stain keep it for some time and wash well in cold water
  • You can also choose hydrogen peroxide soaked with a cotton or sponge and apply over cloth stain in the same way

Lipstick Stains

  • Just apply some Vaseline or glycerin over the stained area well and keep the cloth for some time (5 minutes)
  • After five minutes scrub the area well with the soap and water to remove stain

Ink Stains

  • Wash normally as soon as possible after staining in normal water with forceful scrub
  • If the stain still remains apply talcum powder or liquid coli flower paste over the stain and allow to dry well
  • After well fried remove the dried layer of applied paste if there and wash well in the cold water

Egg stains

  • To remove the egg stains from clothes first wash the cloth normally well in the water
  • After that keep the cloth for some time in hot water mixed with soap powder and wash well

Grease stains

  • To remove these stains apply rub washing/solid soap over the stain well and keep it for some time
  • Wash and scrub well in cold water after that, the stain will be vanished

Blood stains

  • Keep your cloth with blood stains in cold water for some time allowing the blood stain to dilute
  • Wash cloth in hot water after taking the cloth from the cold water
  • Use Hot water mixed with soap powder or liquid soap to scrub well

Carbon Stains

  • Apply talcum powder paste over the carbon stain on the cloth and keep it for some time by allowing to dry
  • After few minutes you can remove the dried layer of talcum powder
  • Wash well in the cold water with scrub

Fruit Juices Stains

  • First you have to wipe the area of stain on the cloth with hot water soaked in cotton or cloth
  • If stain still remaining you can apply glycerin over it to remove stain
  • Try vinegar soaked in sponge and wash well after in cold water


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