Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India – list of Indian air coolers 2018

Top 10 Best Air Cooler Brands and Models in India

Summer is the best season to buy an air cooler if your concerned about your budget rather than buying an AC. There is a lot of advantages for air coolers. They are very cost effective and consume less energy. They do not cause any environmental problems and available as per your need. Choose the Best Air Coolers in India to cope with this summer. 

Here below you can find the List of Top 10 Best Air Cooler Brands and leading models Below Rs. 10,000/- with full features and price list. All these air coolers are well trusted, quality assured and most popular models. Hope it will be useful for you people to get rid of the hot summer effects while buying a new air cooler.

Best-Air-Coolers in India

Consider These Factors Before Going to Buy an Air Cooler

  • Size of the room/How much area you need to keep cool
  • Height of the ceiling in room
  • Fix the budget in the range Rs. 4,500/- and Rs. 12,000/-
  • Choose which type of cooler you need first (evaporative coolers and portable coolers)
  • Buy the best model from a trusted brand
  • Check with the enlisted features for quality
  • Ensure the service centers and availability of repairing options

1. Bajaj

Bajaj-aircoolerBajaj offers range of high quality air coolers for this summer. Most of the coolers comes with the  Compact cooler design. There is also tall and tower type cooler design models from Bajaj. Bajaj air coolers are available from 20 litres and less water tank capacity upto 41 litres and more, based on your need.

You can also choose the cooling area as per the space of the room you need to get cooled. The cooling area range offering starts from  250 sq. ft. and less to 351 sq. ft. and more. Based on the Blower Control Speed, you can also choose the cooler like 2 speed, 3 speed, 5 speed and multiple speed.

Leading models of air cooler from Bajaj
  • Bajaj Platini PX97 Room Cooler, 36-Litre – Rs. 5,699/-
  • Bajaj Platini PX 97 Torque Personal Air Cooler – Rs. 6,699/-
  • Bajaj Platini PX93 DC Woodwool Desert Cooler – Rs. 11,788/-
  • Bajaj Coolest 43 Ltr DC 2015 Icon Desert Cooler – Rs. 9,969/-
  • Bajaj Coolest 23 Ltr Frio Personal Cooler – Rs. 6,490/-
  • Bajaj DC 2015 Icon Desert Air Cooler – Rs. 11,800/-
  • Bajaj Platini PX 100 DC Desert Air Cooler – Rs. 11,790/-
  • Bajaj TC 2007 Tower Air Cooler – Rs. 6,990/-
  • Bajaj Sleeq DC2014 54-Litre Room Cooler – Rs. 10,690/-
  • Bajaj PC2005 17-Litre Room Cooler – Rs. 6,690/-

2. Usha

Usha-AircoolerUsha offers a range of air coolers in an affordable price range. The company currently offers honey well model air coolers. They have special features of  Honeycomb Cooling as Cooling Medium. At present they are offering four types of coolers or models. All these models have Compact Cooler Design. Water tank capacity ranges from 15 Litres to  55 Litres. All these Usha coolers have Water Level Indicator.

Leading models of air cooler from Usha
  • Usha Air King CD703 Desert Air Cooler, 70 Litres – Rs. 11,449/-
  • Usha Maxx Air CD503 Desert Air Cooler, 50 Litres – Rs. 8,900/-
  • Usha Honeywell CL 601PM, 55-Litre Air Cooler – Rs. 11,893/-
  • Usha Stellar ZX – CP 206T 135-Watt Room Cooler – Rs. 6,490/-
  • Usha Stellar – CP202 Personal Air Cooler – Rs. 5,952/-

3. Symphony

Symphony-AircoolerSymphony provides a range of perfect air coolers to defeat this summer. You can use these products  at home, work or anywhere in the world. The company offers various kinds of air coolers including the domestic (plastic), commercial (heavy duty metal coolers). They also offers industrial (metal cooler-machine made modular unit) air coolers too. All these products are environmental friendly and carbon reduction product strategy based.

Leading models of air cooler from Symphony
  • Symphony DiET 8i – Rs.5,791
  • Symphony DiET 12T – Rs. 5,991
  • Symphony DiET 22i – Rs. 8,399
  • Symphony DiET 35i – Rs. 9,791
  • Symphony DiET 50i – Rs, 9,333
  • Symphony Storm 70i – Rs. 14,933
  • Symphony Storm 100i – Rs. 17999
  • Symphony HiCool Smart i – Rs. 8677
  • Symphony Storm 100E – Rs. 15,500

4. Crompton Greaves 

Crompton-Greaves-AircoolerCrompton Greaves offers air coolers with Sleek and Stylish design. These coolers are high in quality and certain models offers 9 inch Fan and Air Delivery – 1300 m3/hr for faster cooling even in base models. ODYSSEY – (CG-DAC452) model comes with the Corrosion Free ABS Fan and Air Delivery – 3300 m3/hr. The air coolers from Crompton Greaves  features High Gloss ABS Body and Air Delivery – 360 for perfect cooling. These products have High Capacity tank for longer cooling, Futuristic design, High Gloss ABS Front and offers Air Delivery up to 4100 m3/hr.

Leading models of air cooler from Crompton Greaves
  • Crompton Greaves WAC-401 – Rs. 6,677
  • Crompton Greaves DAC-502 DLX-  Rs. 10,433
  • Crompton Greaves DAC-552 – Rs. 9,233
  • Crompton Greaves DAC-651 DLX – Rs. 10,955
  • Crompton Greaves DAC-452 – Rs. 8,044

5. Khaitan

Khaitan-AircoolerKhaitan currently offers 7 types of water coolers for customers. Air coolers from Khaitan can throw air upto 60 ft. The features of the air coolers includes Double Blower, Auto-fill Tank, Soundless cycling of water, Super max air blast with extremely low level of sound, 4-ways air deflection, 5 castor wheels etc. These coolers are Invertor Compatible and company offers One year comprehensive warranty too. The air coolers from company fitted with Castor wheels  for easy mobility, Engineering grade ABS front and top and Powerful motor.

Leading models of air cooler from Khaitan
  • Khaitan Hit-Bit 30 Cooler – Rs. 6295
  • Khaitan Double Blower-Thunder Cooler – Rs.  11241
  • Khaitan Dezire 20 Cooler – Rs.  7265
  • Khaitan Iceberg 20 Cooler – Rs.  6400
  • Khaitan Thunder 60 – Rs. 11990
  • Khaitan Dezire 60 – Rs. 9900
  • Khaitan Hi chill 50 – Rs. 8900

6. Kenstar

Kenstar-AircoolerKenstar air coolers  are available in a wide range with many category to choose based on your need. The air coolers are made with Corrosion free , thermally re-engineered plastic body. Caster wheels are fitted For easy mobility. The tri speed air flow system, in which you have  3 Speed options to control the air throw that ensures maximum comfort. Swing function in this air coolers works with the Motorized louvers which deflect the air in the room for uniform cooling. Mosquito net and Remote are the other option in Kenstar Air coolers.

Leading models of air cooler from Kenstar
  • Kenstar Little Cooler DX CP 0118H – Rs. 5,444
  • Kenstar CD 2010 Dx – Rs. 8,888
  • Kenstar Cyclone Super CD 2012 – Rs. 9,444
  • Kenstar Slimline Super KCESSWA – Rs. 8,144
  • Kenstar Turbocool DX 9704C – Rs. 8,400
  • Kenstar Cyclone Super CD 2008 – Rs. 8,899
  • Kenstar Climatizer Classic (KCA40G1W-CDZ) – Rs. 8,888
  • Kenstar Climatizer (KCM40V1W-CFR) – Rs. 8,488
  • Kenstar Little Cooler (KCR12W3H) – Rs. 5,777

7. McCoy

McCoy-AircoolerMcCoy is one of the  country’s leading technology companies offers various Home and Kitchen Appliance Products. The air cooler from the company is a good alternative to air-conditioners in this summer season if your concerned about your budget. McCoy air coolers comes with superior air-coolers technology. Their products are assured with quality, technology, durability and value for money.

McCoy offers air coolers in the names commando, captain, major, colonel, marshall etc. The body is 100% rust-proof ABS body offers high gloss & rust-proof. Other features are Larger tank capacity, Powerful heavy duty 175W 1350rpm motor foror longer air throw, Larger and more powerful 8‘’ three speed blower system, Double layer honey comb pads, Larger ice chamber, Water level indicators and Castor wheels.

Leading models of air cooler from McCoy
  • McCoy 34 Litres Major Air Cooler – Rs. 5,890
  • McCoy 50 Litres Commando Air – Rs. 8,990
  • McCoy 45 Litres Colonel Air Cooler – Rs. 9,500

8. Ram Coolers

Ram-CoolersRam Coolers are the leading brand of Air Coolers in India. They offer high quality steel body Air Coolers. Ram coolers air coolers are made with Galvanized steel body and quality electrical components for faster cooling and lasting durability. The company offers various models of air coolers for residential and industrial cooling within affordable price range. They have low cost products and the cooling range starts from  125 Sft to 2000 Sft. All the products are tested for quality and can resist in temperature above 45 degree Celsius.

Various model offered with Portable design and leek design suitable for inside room operation. Other features are Powder coating with dual colors for elegant look, Variable speed control, Diverter for air direction along with child protection mesh, Noiseless performance etc. It also have advantages of Lesser space consumption, With movable wheels, With Honey Comb cooling pad, Remote control (optional) etc.

Leading models of air cooler from Ram Coolers
  • Ram Coolers Cute 123 – Rs. 4,180
  • Ram Coolers Eco 204 – Rs.5,670
  • Ram Coolers Smart 160 – Rs.5,465
  • Ram Coolers Eco 240 – Rs. 6,750
  • Ram Coolers Duct 204 – Rs.7,335
  • Ram Coolers Gold 240 – Rs.7,625
  • Ram Coolers Uno 204 – Rs. 7,065


9. Voltas

Voltas, is a well known TATA Enterprise and this is India’s leading air conditioning brand. They offer different kinds of air coolers like desert cooler, window cooler, Personal cooler etc. Voltas, has been synonymous with cooling in India for more than six decades. They are the first to make first indigenous room air conditioner. AT present voltas remains one of the largest selling AC brand in India with a largest category distribution network of 9700+ dealers spread across India. 

Leading models of air cooler from Ram Coolers
  • Voltas VN-D50M – Rs 10499
  • Voltas VN-D70M – Rs 12199
  • Voltas VA-P18M – Rs 8299
  • Voltas VA-D70M – Rs 13899
  • Voltas 50 Ltr VN-D50M Desert Cooler – Rs. 11,499
  • Voltas 18 Ltr Va-p18m Personal Cooler – Rs. 7,999

10. Maharaja Whiteline

Maharaja-WhitelineMaharaja Whiteline offers range of quality air coolers. Most of them have Tall and compact Cooler Design. Water Tank Capacity ranges from 22 Litres to 65 ltrs for faster and deeper cooling. Presence of Water Level Indicator is another feature of Maharaja Whiteline air coolers. These coolers uses Wood Wool Pads/Honeycomb as Cooling Medium. The price range is pocket friendly and it starts as low as Rs, 7,333 for Maharaja Whiteline arrow with 20 ltrs capacity.

Leading models of air cooler from Maharaja whiteline
  • Maharaja Whiteline Window Cooler Arrow+ (CO-100) – Rs. 6099
  • Maharaja Whiteline Personal Cooler Smart+ (CO-102) – Rs. 6099
  • Maharaja Whiteline Personal Cooler Thunder+ (CO-101) – Rs. 5799
  • Maharaja Whiteline Personal Cooler Slim+ (CO-103) – Rs. 7299

Above listed air coolers are best in Industry. Please write reviews of your favorite air coolers below as comment. So that others can easily understand what is better cooler in India.

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    Orient has launched a new & really exclusive range of Coolers specially in heavy water capacity range with attractive features..

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    I need to buy Room air cooler for my room. I want to know which one is better Blower Fan coolers or Normal Fan kit coolers. I want that cooler keep the room chill..
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    • Go with symphony tower. Its simply superb composers others, 22 l or 35 l. Because water will get evaporate automatically since motor has kept beside and water will not spray on ur face. Ur skin will not sticky when u wakeup in the morning.u will feel fresh n cool. If u need fragnance buy some good cooler perfume

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