Top 10 Best and Famous Pen Brands with Price in India


Top 10 Best and Famous Pen Brands with Price in India

Here we are introducing top ten best pen brands with price in India. Our list covers top best and famous pen brands. All these brands have a strong hold in Indian market and also used by school kids, college students, professionals etc. Beside, they are providing an elegant and modern styling of fine writing. So it makes your hand writing most beautiful and legible. Most of the cases the students gained less marks in exams, because of the bad handwriting. If you are searching for a best pen brand, check out our list. Read carefully and choose the best one.


1. Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is considered as a German manufacturer of luxury writing instruments like pen etc, which was established in 1906. It headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. Their pen is the best leading one in Indian market. Their pen became an icon of writing culture. They are known as the big daddy of all the pen brands in the world. The price range of their pen starts from INR 1,488/-. For more details visit

2. Cello

Cello is known as one of the world’s best and India’s largest pen manufacturer was established in 1995. It is presently manufacturing 6 million pens per day. Their pen i become the best selling one in Indian market. Most of the younger generations are loving it very much. They have bagged national, international recognition and awards. Their pens are available on e-commerce websites. The price range of their pens starts from INR 100/-.

3. Reynolds

An American entrepreneur called Milton Reynolds, who  introduced Reynolds ballpoint pens to the United States in October 1945. This is a Chicago-based pen company made 8 million pens in six weeks. It headquartered in the United States. They gained good name by providing affordable pens to the masses. The price range starts from INR 60/-.

4. Camlin

Camlin Ltd. was earlier known as Kokuyo Camlin Ltd. This is an Indian stationery company based in Mumbai, India. They produce fountain pens, inks, pencils, marker pens etc. They were incorporated as a private company in 1946. They are one of the leading brands in stationary items. This company has been in India for 82 years from 1931. The price range of their pen starts from INR 95/-. For further details, visit

5. Sheaffer

Sheaffer is considered as a manufacturer of writing instruments, especially luxury fountain pens, which is a subsidiary of French company Bic. It was established by Walter A. Sheaffer in Fort Madison, Iowa, and incorporated in 1913. They presently manufacture thirteen models of luxury writing instruments. They are known as one of the high-quality pen makers in the market. Their pen will offers you an elegant and modern styling of fine writing. Available price is starting from INR 180/-. For more details, visit

6. Papermate

Papermate is a well known registered division of Sanford L.P., a Newell Brands company, which most produce affordable pens for the people. These pens become the most demanded pens. The company was founded in 1940 by Patrick J. Frawley and is headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, U.S. They providing progressive and performance-driven pens.  Available price is starting from INR 10/-. For further details, visit

7. Shanghai Hero

The Shanghai Hero pen company was established in 1931 as the Wolff Pen Manufacturing Co. They are known for its Hero fountain pens. Its Hero brand of fountain pen had earned a high reputation among Chinese in 1990s. This is a Chinese company. Their pens are famous in the world during the 1980s and 1990s. This company is popular for its good ink flow and aesthetic design. Available price is starting from INR 170/-.

8. Parker

Parker is a producer of luxury pens like fountain pens and ballpoint pens. They established in 1888 by George Safford Parker in Janesville, Wisconsin, United States. This company is headquarters in Newhaven, East Sussex, England. Now this company founded as one of the world’s fine writing brands. They are renowned for its combination of quality in manufacture, performance and iconic designs. It has produced some of the most magnificent pens in the world. Available price is starting from INR 180/-. For further information, visit

9. A. T. Cross

A. T. Cross is considered as a traded (NASDAQ: ATX) American company, which is renowned for its distinctive style and quality. This company has more than 160 years of experience. They manufacture and distribute fine writing instruments. The Cross Pens are interpreted as America’s oldest manufacturer of writing instruments. It was established in the year 1846. The price range starts from INR 2,026/-. For more details, visit

10. Aurora

Aurora is known as an Italian manufacturer of fine writing instruments and fountain pens. It is considered as an iconic pen brand from the land of divine art, Italy. This company was founded in Turin, Italy in 1919 as the first Italian fountain pen factory. Their pens are still produced at the original company factory in Turin. Its pens are renowned for its high quality Italian craftsmanship, design and beauty. Available price is starting from INR 6,012/-.


  1. Some information is totally incorrect.
    Montblanc pens are not leading in indian market. Most Indians have not even seen a Montblanc pen (including me). Cello price range doesn’t start from Rs. 100. Other pens starting price is wrong. Camlin is now Kokuyo Camlin, not earlier. Please do your research properly.

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