Top 10 Best and Most Popular Deodorants Brands for Indian Women

Most Popular Deodorants Brands for Indian Women

It is the starting of hot summer and this is the perfect time to choose your best deodorant for day to fay use. No one like someone smells bad and not fresh with sweats. Summer is the most problematic season for skin problem and sweat problems. Women with sensitive underarm must choose mild and quality deodorant for the direct skin use.

There are number of low cost and special offer deodorants in markets, but think twice before choose them. If you use a deo for the first time not spray it roll directly over under arm, first have a small area test over your writ or some where and if you are comfortable only use that products. Always have the Most Popular Deodorants Brands for Indian Women.

Never use or please discontinue the use of deodorants if you feel skin irritation after the use. If you didn’t stop it will cause darkening of underarm. We have here listed  10 Best Deodorants for Indian Women which are trusted, most popular, well quality assured, long lasting fragrance offering and friendly to skin and healthy for your body.

Get the detailed description of each products, price list and most popular models from this article. al products are latest listed based on 2018 pricing in shops. Choose the right one for you from the list. Comment us back which is your best loved deodorant.

List of Best Deodorants Brands for Indian Women/Ladies/Girls

  1. Dove
  2. Nike
  3. Nivea
  4. Secret Temptation
  5. Jovan
  6. Spinz
  7. Eva
  8. Fa
  9. Playboy
  10. Addidas

1. Dove


The number one best available and trusted quality product in the deo list is Dove. Dove products are special for the sensitive skin of women. It does not irritates the skin and offers long lasting fragrance the whole day.

Dove introduced the concept of moisturization as the key to beauty of women and women. Dove products will not make your skin dry and bad. Once applied these products can well hydrate your skin and keep healthy. Dove deodorants are the best products  for young girls, teenagers and working women.

Price List of Most Popular Dove Deodorants

  • Dove Whitening Original Deodorant :Rs.185/-
  • Dove deo go and fresh touch cucumber and green :Rs. 150/-
  • Dove clear touch :Rs. 170/-
  • Dove go fresh energising grapefruit and lemongrass: Rs. 170/-
  • Dove deo silk dry :Rs. 170/-

2. Nike


Nike is a famous American multinational corporation which produce and sells quality cosmetics and accessories including deodorants allover the world. They are intruding a range of well trusted and quality deodorants for women, college girls/ ladies.

Even though the price range is little high the perfumes are highly long lasing with an attractive fragrance once you wear it. They are specially made for the sensitive women skin and underarms, it will cause irritation or darkening. Choose the best fragrance for your day to day purpose from the list.

Price List of Most Popular Nike Deodorants

  • Nike women blue fantasy Deo : Rs. 275/-
  • Nike women magic passion eau de toilette : Rs. 275/-
  • Nike women sweet emotion eau de toilette :Rs. 275/-
  • Nike women hidden desire eau de toilette :Rs. 275/-
  • Nike women fruit fever eau de toilette :Rs. 275/-
  • Nike basic purple woman  eau de toilette : Rs. 275/-

3. Nivea


Nivea is an international brand in cosmetic production with trusted and quality supply for long years. The Nivea products are well and equally accepted across the globe. Nivea currently have product networks over 50 countries in the world. The brand and products are trusted and well qualified for both men and women.

Nivea introduced special products “Nivea whitening deo” for those have problem with dark under arms and many users suggesting that this can remarkably solve the problem of underarm darkening. The brand introduced the concept care to the forefront. Nivea deodorants are widely accepted and using lakhs of Indian women with satisfaction.

Price List of Popular Nivea Deodorants

  • Nivea roll on deo for women :Rs. 140/-
  • Nivea energy fresh deo with lemon grass 48 hours :Rs. 175/-
  • Nivea fresh natural deo with ocean extracts :Rs. 175/-
  • Nivea pearl and beauty deo with pearl extracts :Rs. 140/-
  • Nivea whitening deo with licorice extracts : Rs. 179/-
  • Nivea whitening fruity touch women deo : Rs. 185/-
  • Nivea whitening deo for smooth :Rs. 199/-

4. Secret Temptation


Secret Temptation is another widely accepted deodorant brand in India for women. The brand is under the McNroe Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. The secret deodorants have long lasting attractive smell without skin irritation.

The secret temptation add itself very hot and inspirational and girls have a special interest for that deo. Low price is the another good feature comparing with other brands. Their deodorant product range starts from Rs. 85/- only in India.

Price List of Most Popular Secret Temptation Deodorants for Womens/ college girls/ ladies

  • Secret Temptation Romance Deodorant Spray : Rs. 185
  • Secret Temptation play deo :Rs. 85/-
  • Secret Temptation mystery deo : Rs. 85/-
  • Secret Temptation perfume body spray :Rs. 160/-
  • Secret Temptation perfume body spray neon :Rs. 170/-

5. Jovan


Jovan Inc. Jovan company is a famous brand for the long lasting and attractive women and men deodorants in many countries. The company offers mild and non irritating range of  colognes and perfumes for your skin care.

Jovan Musk fragrance for men is very popular and most of them experience girls are very much crazy for that fragrance when wearing that one. The exotic spices and woods along with musk from Jovan is very famous and unique in quality.

Price List of Most Popular Jovan Deodorants

  • Jovan deo satisfaction women : Rs. 175/-
  • Jovan Deo black musk women :Rs. 185/-
  • Jovan deo musk women :Rs. 185/-
  • Jovan deo white musk women : Rs. 174/-

6. Spinz


Spinz is a famous brand which originated by spin bowling of World Cup Cricket in 1996. It is a famous deodorant brand for women which is a part of  Chennai-based CavinKare Group. The company offers attractive range of deodorants for women with special care for the skin.

The CavinKare fragrance is the most unique and highly demanding deodorants for all women. The brand products are most loved and used by the teens and young girls. Choose one of the best one for your day to day usage and be fresh always.

Price List of Most Popular Spinz Deodorants

  • Spinz deo black magic : Rs. 170/-
  • Spinz deo Enchante : Rs. 170/-
  • Spinz deo exotic : Rs. 160/-
  • Spinz deo hiphop : Rs 170/-
  • Spinz deo rock n roll tin :Rs. 150/-
  • Spinz deo samba : Rs. 170/-
  • Spinz perfumed deo fresh burst : Rs. 160/-

7. Eva


Eva is a famous deodorant brand for women from the Tiruvellore Thattai Krishnamachari or TTK manufacturing group. The Eva products are very much affordable and the company offers special  mini deodorants packs for your travel or other short terms purpose. It cost only Rs. 30/- (single item) for all these mini deo pack. These mini deo products are Eva mini deo glee (8ml), Eva mini deo pop (8 ml) and Eva mini deo spray fresh (8ml).

Price List of Most Popular Eva Deodorants

  • Eva deo spray wild: Rs. 110/-
  • Eva deo spray diva : Rs. 150/-
  • Eva deo spray doll : Rs. 120/-
  • Eva deo spray flirt : Rs. 110/-
  • Eva deo spray fresh : Rs. 120/-
  • Eva deo spray groove : Rs. 120/-
  • Eva deo spray sweet : Rs. 110/-
  • Eva deo spray Tease : Rs. 150/-
  • Eva deo spray urbane : Rs. 110/-
  • Eva deo spray blush : Rs. 120/-
  • Eva deo spray glee : Rs. 110/-
  • Eva deo spray dew : Rs. 120/-
  • Eva deo spray choco vanilla : Rs. 125/-

8. Fa


Fa is a famous brand for personal and skin care products owned by the German company Henkel. The Fa offers a range of quality roll on deodorants for women. They may cost little high when comparing with the spray form deodorants but it is pure and long lasting. Once you use the Fa products was deo you can feel the difference in freshness and cool effect all over your body. It is nonirritating for your sensitive skin and very powerful and attractive to opposite sex once your wear it.

Price List of Most Popular Fa Deodorants

  • Fa Golden Star Roll On-50ml : Rs. 199/-
  • Fa Golden Star Women – 150ml : Rs. 220/-
  • Fa Mystic Moments Women – 150ml : Rs. 150/-
  • Fa Mystic Moments Roll On-50ml : Rs. 219/-
  • Fa Whitening Roll On-50ml : Rs. 199/-
  • Fa Purple Passion Roll On-50ml Rs. 199/-
  • Fa Active Pearls Aqua Spirit Roll On-50ml Rs. 199/-
  • Fa Active Pearls Rose Fresh Roll On-50ml Rs. 199/-
  • Fa Nutri Skin Invisible Control Roll On-50ml Rs. 199/-
  • Fa Natural & Pure Roll On-50ml Rs. 199/-
  • Fa Sensitive Roll On-50ml Rs. 199/-
  • Fa Nutri Skin Maximum Protect Roll On-50ml Rs. 199/-
  • Fa Natural & Pure Women – 150ml : Rs. 205/-

9. Playboy


The American men’s magazine Playboy is very famous and the deodorant introduced with the name also became very popular may be because it  reflects a liberal idea. The playboy perfumes and deodorants are someone who wish for go fresh and adds little flirty aura to your body. The perfume offers a unique identity once you use this. The products are comes with trusted quality and harmful chemical free. Choose the best fragrance and have some fun.

Price List of Most Popular playboy Deodorants

  • Playboy women lovely body spray : 190/-
  • Playboy women sexy body spray : Rs. 190/-
  • playboy women spicy body spray : 199/-
  • Playboy women play it rock body spray :Rs. 199/-

10. Adidas


Adidas is a favorite sports products brand and now became the favorite cosmetic brand with the introduction of quality perfumes and deodorants for men and women. The deodorant for women from Adidas features long lasting effects, mild to skin without harmful chemical and good to smell once wear it. Don’t get cheated by duplicate Adidas products, the original company products features a 3 parallel which is the company’s logo.

Price List of Most Popular Adidas Deodorants

  • Adidas special edition extreme power deo body : Rs. 175/-
  • Adidas fruity rhythm deo womens : Rs. 200/-
  • Adidas pure lightness deo womens : Rs. 200/-

Other Most Wanted and Best Selling Women’s Deodorants

The list of the best deodorants brands not ends here. There is also many International brands and other perfumes and deodorants. The other best leading brands are Beckham Signature, Chloe , Givenchy, Reebok recharge, Sure Women, Zuska, Deo Mania etc. Whatever be the name and brand whenever you choose the select the trusted and quality assured one by users experience.


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