Top 10 Best and Safe Baby Wipes Brands in India with Price Info


Top 10 Best and Safe Baby Wipes Brands in India with Price Info

Baby wipes are commonly used to clean the baby’s skin. Here we are introducing an article about top 10 best baby wipes brands in India. These brands are leading and provide high quality products. Most of their wipes are alcohol free and gained good customer feedback. Such products never cause irritation/rashes/allergy. Some brands used natural ingredients like Aloe Vera to produce their baby wipes. If you are searching for a good baby wipes brand, check out our list.


1. Himalaya Herbal


The Himalaya Drug Company was founded by M Manal in the year 1930 and located in Bangalore, India. Their health care products are known under the name Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. The Himalaya Herbals Gentle Baby Wipes (72 Sheets) is a best selling product from this brand. The products contain natural extracts of Aloe Vera and Indian lotus. It can cleanses and moisturizes the skin. Available at Rs. 105/- (approx).

2.  Huggies


The Huggies is a well known brand name of a disposable diaper, which is marketed by Kimberly-Clark. Their product range includes Diapers, training pants and baby wipes. It is known for durability and quality. The Huggies wiper is made up of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Their wipes are neither the most or least expensive on the market. The Huggies Baby Wipes (80 Wipes) is the best product from this brand. This product is suitable for newborns soft and delicate skin. Besides, it is 100% alcohol, soap as well as paraben free. Available at Rs. 176/- (approx).

3. Pampers


The Pampers is known as an American brand of baby as well as toddler products, which is marketed by Procter and Gamble. This brand was founded in the year 1961. Their product range includes Diapers, training pants, baby wipes etc. The Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes 1x Travel Pack (64 Sheets) is a best selling product from this brand. Available at Rs. 799/- (approx). For more details, visit Pampers Homepage.

4. Johnson’s Baby

Johnson’s Baby

The Johnson’s Baby is considered as a reputed American brand of baby skin care and cosmetics products. The product range includes body lotions, baby powder, shampoos, shower gels, massage oil and baby wipes. The brand is owned by Johnson & Johnson. Its baby products are “exceptionally pure and safe” since at least the 1980s. The Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes (160 Pieces) is a best product from this brand. It does not cause rashes and available at Rs. 380/- (approx).

5. Libero


The Libero was established about thirty years ago, which has made an impressive entry into the Indian market with its baby care products. Their product range includes baby lotion, baby wipes, baby wash, baby oil, baby powder and baby bar soap. Their wipes are made up of moisturizing agents as well as skin friendly ingredients. The Libero Baby Wet Wipes (80 Counts) is a best selling product from this brand. It is enriched with olive oil and free from coloring as well as alcohol. Available at Rs. 169/- (approx).

6. Mamy Poko

Mamy Poko

The Mamy Poko is known as a Japanese brand, which produce a number of baby wipes. These wipes are affordable. Their products are available in online stores. The MamyPoko Soft Baby Wipes (50 Count) is one of the best selling products from this brand and earned good customer feedback. It is available at Rs. 78/- (approx).

7. Mee Mee

Mee Mee

The Mee Mee is a well known brand, which produce premium quality products in baby care. Their wipes contain  Aloe Vera extract and anti-bacterial ingredients. Besides, these wipes are soft, dermatologically tested. The Mee Mee Caring Baby Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera (72 pcs) (Pack of 3) is a best selling product from this brand. This wipes gained good customer feedback. It thoroughly cleanses baby’s delicate skin. Besides, this wipes is enriched with aloe Vera extracts. This product is made up of 100 percent bacteria free and alcohol free. Available at Rs. 290/- (approx).

8. Chicco


This Artsana brand has been working for over 50 years in the field of children’s products, which was founded in the year 1958 and located in Como, Lombardy, Italy. The Chicco Baby Moments Wipes No Flip Cover (Twin Offer Pack, 144 Pieces per Twin Pack) is a best selling product from this brand. This product is alcohol, soap and parabens free. Available at Rs. 235/- (approx).

9. Pigeon


The Pigeon is regarded as a trusted brand, which was founded in the year 1978 and located in 628-13, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. They produce a number of baby wipes, that are contained chamomile and rosehip. The Pigeon Baby Wipes (80 Pieces) is one of the best selling products from this brand. It cleans the skin area and then, thoroughly dry the skin. Available at Rs. 125/- (approx).

10. Baby Dove

Baby Dove

The Dove is a well known personal care brand, which is owned by Unilever. This brand was set up in the year 1955. Their products are sold in more than 80 countries. The Baby Dove Baby Wipes Rich Moisture (50 Pieces) is a best selling product from this brand. This product is dermatologist and pediatrician tested. It is a hypoallergenic and alcohol free product, which is suitable for newborns. Available at Rs. 200/- (approx).


  1. Remove the word safe from title of the topic.
    It’s misguiding. Alcohol free and parabens free doesn’t means safe. Check the ingredients list. They still contain many carcinogenic chemicals used as preservatives or parfum.

  2. Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are the best wipes..perfect content of water in it..treated the redness caused due to the diaper rash to my baby..not very soapy wipes as others..

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