Top 10 Best Bathing Soap Brands in India

Top 10 best bathing soap brands in India

Here we are introducing top ten best soap brands in India. These brands are leading top in Indian markets. Most of them are contained anti-germ protection  and also recommended by Dermatologists. All the products are cleaning our body and gives a smooth and gentle care. If you are looking for a good soap brand, check out our list. All the soaps are made up of natural ingredients.



Dove is a most famous soap brand, which provides  glowing and fairer skin. Most of the women are using this brand. Besides, its natural moisture never allows your skin to dry like other soaps. The dermatologists recommended this number one brand. This brand provides natural nourishment to your skin. The Dove brand started its journey from 1957 in the US. Today Dove provides various kinds of products like Conditioners, Facial Cleansers, Body Washes, Deodorants, Hair Styling products, Shampoos, Hand and Body Lotions. For more details visit



Lux is known as a  global brand, which was founded in 1925 by Unilever. This brand is considered as the beauty secret of some of the actresses like Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif , Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe etc. The brand aimed to bring beauty to every woman in the world. All products are contained with fine fragrances, which is crafted by the world’s best perfume experts. The soap gives softness to the skin. For more details visit


Mysore Sandal

It is a brand of soap was celebrated its 100 years on 10th May 2016. It has a very strong customer base in India. This brand is manufactured by the Detergents Limited and Karnataka Soaps. Gold, Classic, Rose and Turmeric are the four variants of this soap. The soap manufacturing was started from 1916 at the time Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV, who set up the Government soap factory in Bangalore.



According to Unilever’s history records Pears Soap was the world’s first registered brand. This brand first produced and sold by Andrew Pears in 1807. It is considered as the world’s first mass-market transparent soap. This oldest brand is existing now without loss its importance. This is one of the most trusted brand in India. The soap contains glycerine and natural oils, which give softness to the skin. This brand provides three types of soap for different skin type such as Pears Germshield, Pears Oil Clear, Pears Pure and Gentle.



Medimix is an Indian brand of Ayurvedic or herbal soap, was founded by Dr. V.P.Sidhan in 1969. The soap is sold and manufactured  by Cholayil Private Limited. Medimix Ayurvedic Bath Soap is good for all skin types, which is considered as the world’s largest selling Ayurvedic bath soap. It contains 60% coconut oil. There is no animal fat, contain. This soap is even suited for a baby’s tender skin. Besides, it is a dermatologically tested soap. There many advantages of using this soap such as controls dandruff and body odor, prevent skin infection etc.



Cinthol is considered as India’s first deodorant and complexion soap brand. It was launched in 1952. The soap raising freshness and confidence in its users. It has high TFM, which makes your skin glowing and healthy. Many doctors are recommending this soap to reduce skin problems. Most of the actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Arvind Swami, John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan and Imran Khan used this brand.



Dettol is a brand of Reckitt Benckiser, which was introduced in 1930. This is considered as India’s most trusted brand. The product of the brand fights bacteria and germs. Hand Sanitiser, antiseptic liquid, bar soaps, liquid handwash, healthy kitchen gel etc are the products of this brand. It had a strong hold on the Indian market. Dettol is known as antiseptic product, which was used even after surgery. For more details visit



Santoor is known as No.3 Toilet Soap in India. It was introduced by Wipro in 1986. The soap contains ingredients of turmeric and sandalwood, which making the skin smoother and more beautiful. This brand is considered as the most commercially successful natural soap brand. The soap is manufactured by India’s leading Company. Now this soap became the India’s third largest selling popular soap. The brand offer various kinds of soap like Almond Milk, Santoor Chandan, Santoor Glycerine, Santoor Sandal etc.



Margo is a soap brand, which has introduced in 1920. The Margo soap  manufactured in India. This soap is made up of neem leafs. The soap providing a smooth, fairer and softer skin. Margo Original Neem Soap contains Vitamin E moisturiser and pure neem oil. It is very oldest brand, yet leading in Indian market. The soap has anti-germ protection.



Lifebuoy was introduced in England by Lever Brothers in 1895. It is considered as the world’s No. 1 selling germ protection soap. This Hindustan Unilever product is marketed by Unilever. This brand won Bronze Global Effie award for the ‘Super fast Hand wash’ campaign. This brand has a strong social mission, through which it promotes awareness of hygiene. Its anti-germ properties give protection to the skin from infection.

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