Top 10 Best Bikes in India Below Rs. 75,000/- for 2018

Last updated on May 10th, 2018 at 07:24 pm

Top 10 Best Bikes in India Below Rs. 75,000/-

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Bikes in India Below Rs. 75,000/- for 2018. If you are Looking for a sporty and fuel efficient bike in the range of Rs. 75000/-, here is the selection list. This includes top 10 listing of best stylish and strong bikes for the Indian youth. The list includes Best and most popular bikes from trusted manufactures.

The selection is based on several factors like practicability, style, comfort, engine performance and mileage. If you have a plan to buy a new bike choose one from the below list, it will be worthy for your money and needs.

The list also includes the best bikes in the range of 70000 to 80000 in India as these bikes are unavoidable. You have to spend a few more thousands, this is more than 75000 price limit. There is also models below Rs 70000 and this will help you to choose the affordable one at your budget.

1. Bajaj Pulsar 180

Bajaj-Pulsar-180-DTS-i-Bike-FeaturesBajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi powered by the 178.6cc, DTSi engine, which churns out 16.8 Bhp @ 8500 rpm power and 14.2 Nm @ 6500 rpm torque on ride. There is Twin spark ignition ensures 17 Ps power. It is mated with 5 Speed manual gears. It features Wet Multiplate Clutch. The bike engine comes from Aluminum Alloy Engine Block Material. The bike is highly fuel efficient and offers Mileage 38 kmpl in City and Mileage in Highway is 45 to 50 kmpl.

Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi Price: Rs. 79,003/- (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

2. Hero Moto Corp Glamour PGM Fi 


Hero Moto Corp Glamour PGM Fi comes with Disc Self and Alloys. It offers 80.8 kmpl mileage. The bike is powered by the 124.7cc, OHC Engine. The great specialty is that it is the India’s first fuel injected (Fi) motor cycle.The engine can make 9.1 Bhp @ 7000 rpm Power and 10.35 Nm @ 4000 rpm  Torque on ride. 

Engine of Hero Moto Corp Glamour PGM Fi mated with 4 Speed manual Gears offers 124.7cc Displacement. The bike can attain a 94kph Top Speed on ride. Hero Moto Corp Glamour PGM Fi features 150.00 mm Ground Clearance, Front disc and rear drum brakes.

Hero Moto Corp Glamour PGM Fi Price: Rs. 71,561/- (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

3. Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler 


Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler Bikes available in 2 variants. These are Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler STD and Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler DLX. Both models offers 60kmpl mileage on ride. This hot bike powered by a 149.1cc, 4-Stroke Engine offers 149.1cc Displacement.

About the power it gives 14 Bhp @ 8500 rpm Power and 12.7 Nm @ 6500 rpm Torque on ride. Engine mated with the 5 Speed Gears. Other features includes 162.00 mm Ground Clearance, Front and rear disc brakes etc. Performance wise it offers  112kph Top Speed.

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler Price: Rs. 66,740/- (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

4. Hero Moto Corp Hunk


Hero Moto Corp Hunk Bikes comes in 2 variants. Hero Moto Corp Hunk Single Disc and Hero Moto Corp Hunk Double Disc. The bike is well known in the 150cc segment with its muscular look and powerful performance. Hero Hunk powered by a 149.2 c.c Air cooled, 4 – stroke single cylinder engine.

It produces power of  10.6 kW (14.4 Ps) @ 8500rpm and torque of 12.80 N – m @ 6500 rpm on ride to the wheels. The engine mated with 5 Speed constant mesh and Multiplate wet  clutch. The attainable top speed of the bike is 120kmpl. The Hunk will return you mileage of 60kmpl in highway and 55kmpl in city ride from its engine.

Hero Moto Corp Hunk Price: Rs. 75,222/- Ex-showroom, Delhi)

5. Hero Moto Corp CBZ Xtreme


The Xtreme bike available in 2 variants, Hero Xtreme standard and Hero Xtreme FD. Hero Xtreme powered by a Air cooled, 4 – stroke single cylinder OHC engine which produces 10.6 KW (14.4 Ps) @ 8500 rpm power and torque of 12.80 N m @ 6500 rpm on ride. 149.2cc is the offered engine displacement.

The engine mated with 5 Speed constant mesh gears too offers best riding with powerful performance. Hero Xtreme engine is so efficient and offers fuel economy of 60kmpl in highway and 50kmpl mileage during ride in city.

Hero Xtreme Price: Rs. 73,465/- (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

6. Bajaj Discover 125ST


It is powered by the 4-Valve, air-cooled, 4-stroke 124.6 cc engine. It makes 13 Ps max. net power  @ 9000 rpm and 1.1 kgm max. torque net power @ 7000 rpm on ride. 124.6 cc is the displacement offered. Engine mated with 5 Speed @ fixed mesh transmission.

Bajaj Discover 125 ST is featured with telescopic forks at front ,petal shaped front disc brake and nitrox mono rear suspension. 125 ST’s face consists of large headlamps, sharp cuts & curves, unique mudguard. 105kmph is the top speed of this bike.

Bajaj Discover 125 ST Price: Rs. 58,483/- (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

7. Yamaha Fazer


Yamaha Fazer comes in single variant and features Disc Self and Alloys. The bike powered by a  153.0 cc, 4-stroke engine which produces power of 14 Bhp @ 7500 rpm and torque of 14 Nm @ 6000 rpm on ride to the wheels.

The engine mated with 5 Manual gears and Constant Wet Multi Plate clutch. The engine is powerful and offers you a smooth drive. 132kph is the attainable top speed of this bike. It offers mileage of 45kmpl mileage in highway and 36kmpl in city ride from Yamaha Fazer.

Yamaha Fazer Price: Rs. 88,143/- (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

8. Yamaha FZ16


Yamaha FZ 16 is a good choice if you are looking for 150cc bike that need to match well with your criteria including sporty look and powerful performance. Yamaha FZ 16 powered by 153cc, 4-stroke engine engine that can make power of 14 Bhp at 7500 rpm and a torque of 14 Nm at 6000 rpm. The offered displacement is  153cc.

Yamaha FZ 16 can give you mileage of 47kmpl in highway and 36kmpl in city.The bike have 5 manual gears for better performance. 41mm Telescopic Forks suspension used in front and rear you have Monocross suspension. The brakes in rear is 130mm Drum and front you have 267mm Hydraulic Disc.

Yamaha FZ 16 Price: Rs. 73,891/- (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

9. TVS Apache RTR 160


TVS Apache RTR 160 bike comes in two variants. They are the TVS Apache RTR 160 front Disc variant and TVS Apache RTR 160 Front Rear Disc model. The bike offers 56 kmpl mileage on ride. TVS Apache RTR 160 powered by the 159.7cc, 4-stroke engine. The engine can churns out 15.2 Bhp @ 8500 rpm power and 13.1 Nm @ 6000 rpm torque on ride. It is mated with 5 Speed manual gears transmission. The top attainable speed is 118kph. The bike measures 165.00 mm ground clearance too.

TVS Apache RTR 160 Price: Rs. 72,874/- (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

10. Honda CB Trigger


The bike comes in 3 variants as Honda CB Trigger Standard , Honda CB Trigger Deluxe and Honda CB Trigger CBS. Honda CB Trigger is powered by the powerful 149.1cc, Air-Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI engine that is capable to produce power of 10.3 kw (14 bhp)@8500 rpm and torque of 12.5 Nm @ 6500 rpm on ride. The engine mated with Constant Mesh, 5 Speed Gear transmission. All these offers you the best driving experience and strong performance. It will take 6 seconds to reach 0-60kmph. Honda CB Trigger offers mileage of 60kmpl in highway. 

Honda CB Trigger Price: Rs. 75,922/- (Ex-showroom, Delhi)


  1. if u ask me if wud say to buy fazer or fz16 coz it looks stylish and comes with best mileage. for all youngsters out there this might be the best sporty mileage budget bike ull ever see.

  2. I think if you want a good bike go with pulsar.
    Apache is also good but if it more than 1 hour you may suffer from back pain so tall boys should go with pulsar

  3. dear Nideesh please suggest me which bike i go to purchase my requirment is durability, milage, and safety, i like to purchase 150cc bike i have some model like p150, honda cb trigger and hero xtreem …….please give me yr advise….

  4. Thanks a lot for providing best bike in india below 75000. Next month, i am going to purchase TVS Apache RTR 160 for me.

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