Top 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands in India – Price and Features in India 2018

Top 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands with Price, features and Review in India

Here is the list of Top 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands with Price in India. Today the needs of CCTV camera has increased in many areas. It gives security to you and your office or home. Most of the crimes and corruption are proven by different types of cctv cameras. Now a days this type of cameras fixed in almost all the shops, offices and even at homes. Here we are introducing top ten best CCTV (Closed circuit TV) camera brands with price in India. These brands are top leading in Indian markets. Besides, they ensure quality of their products. If you are searching for a good CCTV camera brand, check out our list.


1.Hikvision CCTV Price: Rs.1350/- onwards
2. CP Plus CCTV Price:Rs. 1000/- onwards
3. Zicom CCTV Price:Rs. 1400/- onwards
4. Sricam CCTV Price in India: 3799/- onwards
5. Samsung CCTV Price: Rs. 4000/- onwards
6. ProElite CCTV Price in India: 2399/- onwards
7. Bosch CCTV Camera price in India: Rs. 2500/- onwards
8. DD3 CCTV Camera price in India: 2799/- onwards
9. Royallite CCTV Camera price in India: Rs. 1890/- onwards
10. Godrej Camera – Price: 17999/- for Godrej Seethru (1MP) HD 720P Hybrid DVR CCTV Security Kit

Here the list of Best Brands and Models list

1. Hikvision

Hikvision is considered as a pioneer among the top manufacturers of CCTV camera in India, which was founded in 2001. It is known as the world’s largest manufacturer of video surveillance products and solutions. They provide various kinds of of CCTV cameras with various features. Zoom, Network PTZ Cameras, Analog Cameras, Dome and Network Cameras are the variants of CCTV camera. The company ensures 1 to 2 years of warranty. Available at Rs.1,350/- onwards (approx).

Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IRP Full HD1080P(2MP) CCTV Camera with Night vision

  • FULL HD 1080P
  • IP66
  • Price: Rs 1,800

2. CP Plus

CP Plus is a well trusted and world’s best CCTV Camera brand in India, which was established in 2007. It is considered as a world leader of security system Industry. They produce a wide range of CCTV camera such as Electronic Safe, Digital Locks, Intrusion Alarm, Zoom Camera, HD Camera, Wireless Camera, Hidden Camera, IP Camera, HD DVR, Video Door Phone, Night Vision Camera, Bullet Camera etc. Its products are produced with smart technology. Available at Rs. 1,000/- onward (approx).

CP PLUS 8 HD CCTV Cameras and 8Ch. HD DVR Kit with 2 TB Hard Disk + Accessories

  • CP PLUS 8 HD CCTV Cameras
  • 8Ch. HD DVR Kit with 2 TB Hard Disk
  • Available from Amazon for Price: Rs 18,372
  • Live streaming

3. Zicom

Zicom is one of the leading CCTV Companies in India. They offer a wide range of premier products such as CCTV system, Finger Print Locks, Access control system, Video Door Phones, Fire alarm system etc. The various kinds of CCTV cameras are  Vari Focul Dome Camera, IR Dome Cameras, Vandal Proof Dome Camera, Speed Dome Camera and Dome Cameras. Their cameras offer 24×7 security. Available price is Rs. 1,400/- onwards (approx).

Zicom CCTV Surveillance Kit

  • Quick & Easy to Install
  • Get Live Feeds on your Mobile Device
  • Perfect to monitor Home and Business
  • 2 IR Dome Cameras (720 TVL), 1 Digital Video Recorder (4 Channel DVR)
  • 3 Power Adapters, 1 Remote Control to use with the DVR
  • 4 BNC Connectors
  • Available from Amazon for Rs 10,150/-

4. Sricam CCTV Price and Features

Sricam SP007 Wireless Waterproof Outdoor Wifi HD 720P Security CCTV IP Camera

Price: Rs. 3,799/-

This is one of the best available Security CCTV IP Camera. This is one of the best option to watch your kids, elderly parents, or pets. Simply Watch everything tirelessly on your smartphone or tablet anytime or anywhere. This is packed with easy Setup and Remote View for easy use.

You can buy this from all leading online stores and can WATCH LIVE DEMO by downloading the app ‘SRICAM’ on your android or iphone from app store. You have to Register with your email address & create an account for this. Then Click on ‘+’ to add camera and enter device name as ‘Demo’. Then enter device id as ‘402154’ and password as ‘888888’. Next you need to click on camera icon to see video. Just Select HD to see HD Quality video.

Key Features  of Sricam CCTV

  • Alarm when some movement is detected.
  • IR Night Vision to see in Dark with Inbuilt IR lens
  • Completely Waterproof for outdoor use
  • Record Videos in SD card and supports upto 128 GB
  • Price: Rs. 3,799/-

5. Samsung

Samsung is a South Korean brand, which is one of the world leader. This is a reliable brand for home security systems in India. they offer IR cameras,  zoom cameras, PTZ cameras, thermal cameras, doom cameras and box cameras. Their camera is produced with the latest technology and advanced features.  ATM Camera, High Resolution Box Camera, Varifocul Lens Camera/W5.DSP, WDR Zoom Camera, and XDR Cameras are the products of Sony. Available price is Rs. 4,000/- onwards (approx).

Samsung Security Camera CCTV SDC-8440BC

  • 720p HD Analog IR Weatherproof IP66 Indoor Outdoor CCTV
  • Security Bullet Camera
  • Compatible ONLY with SAMSUNG SDH-B3040, SDH-C5100, SDH-C75100, SDH-C75080, SDH-C74040, SDH-B73040.
  • 720P HD (High Definition) Camera
  • True Day, Night with IR for perfect color reproduction
  • IP66 weather resistant
  • 100 Degrees wide angle of view, Night vision up to 82ft
  • Price: 9,799/-

6. ProWlite CCTV in India

ProElite IP01A WiFi Wireless HD IP Security Camera CCTV

Price: Rs. 2,399/-

This is one of the best selling and most popular CCTV camera available online. This is packed with Simple and easy wi-fi setup. This can be done via iOS or Android Smartphone using supplied APP. You can have remote access to the camera on Smartphone through 4G network or WiFi of your phone. . There is an inbuilt rotating motor and you can record Videos in SD card. This supports upto 128 GB capacity. You can record 24×7 or can do Alarm recording. 

You can WATCH LIVE DEMO by Download app ‘CAMHI’ on your android or iPhone from app store and then Click on add camera. You have to Enter UID as ‘GGGG-268585-EAADB’ & password as ‘12345abcd’.Then just  Click on camera icon to see live video. You can Slide finger on screen to rotate camera. Just click on HD to see HD quality video.

Key Features

  • Easy to watch your kids, elderly parents, or pets
  • Watch everything tirelessly on your smartphone or tablet anytime
  • Easy Setup and Remote View at Anywhere
  • HD 720P Resolution
  • Night Vision
  • 2-Way Audio & storage

7. Bosch

Bosch is a well known brand, which is considered as one of the manufacturer of high quality security communication products. IP solutions, instruction detection and control, conference systems, fire alarm system, social alarm systems, access control system, paging and personal security systems are the variants of their CCTV camera. Available at Rs. 2,500/- onwards (approx).

Bosch Vti-214F04 CCTV Camera

  • Resolution TVL 380
  • Picture Elements HxV 500 x 582
  • Electrical Specifications Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Video Output 1 Vpp composite video, 75 ohm
  • Price: Rs 6,200/-

8. D3D

D3D Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Indoor Security Camera Model:8810

Price: Rs. 2,799/-

This is sold with the caption “WORLD’S NO.1 IP CAMERA”. You can check video quality through the link: This is one of the best selling model in Amazon and packed with cloud recording. So you can Keep recordings safe on FTP server. This is available even if camera is stolen / broken. There is a 360 degree mobile control to rotate camera horizontally or vertically by using a mobile app.

There is IR night vision support and HD night vision with inbuilt IR lens. There is movement alert and Will send when any motion is detected. There is option for Video chat with inbuilt microphone & speaker. There is an SD card slot to record images & videos. No need of separate DVR or computer. Company offers 1 Year warranty.


  • 1 Year warranty
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Night vision (up to 10 meters)
  • 720HD resolution
  • Video Chat with two way audio monitoring
  • Support multiple users to view live recording same time
  • option to Save images and videos on mobile or tablets
  • Support upto 128 GB SD card


9. Royallite

Royallite Wireless HD IP Wifi Camera CCTV Indoor Security CCTV Camera Video Monitor (Inbuilt Mic)

Price: Rs. 1,890/-

This is a highly popular CCTV camera with 360 degree mobile control. You can simply Rotate camera horizontally or vertically by using a mobile application. There is special IR vision and HD night vision with inbuilt IR lens. Enjoy crisp & clear image even in dark. There is motion detection and this will send alert when a movement is detected.

There is special 1 way audio. This is best to be used for various purposes like Baby Monitor, Elderly Care monitoring, Store Management, Room Surveillance etc. The camera is Simple and Easy to Setup via iOS and Android Devices by Using a Free App. This is also compatible with Third-Party Apps Live Cams Pro and Tinycam. Works with IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari etc. To install just Scan QR code link form the manual to download the app, Download the app and Setup WiFi & password.

Key Features

  • Wifi IP camera
  • Distance is unlimited, even if you are at different countries
  • Support upto Micro SDcard to record video
  • Play back option to view SD recordings
  • 720HD resolution
  • Pan/Tilt Angle Horizontal:345° and Vertical: 90°
  • Inbuilt Motion Detection Alarm
  • Auto IR-LED for night vision (up to 10 meters).

10. Godrej

Godrej is well known brand, which is headquartered in Mumbai. Customized security solutions are offered by this brand. The company sells the best CCTV cameras. Its videos are detected and analysed by using an advanced technology. This brand is recognized for its comprehensive security solutions. They manufactures various kinds of products such as Eyetrace cameras, Dome Cameras, Seethru Quadra HD CCTV cameras, CU V1 Portable CCTV cameras and ET200-IRMB cameras.

Godrej Seethru (1MP) HD 720P Hybrid DVR CCTV Security Kit

  • Hybrid digital video recorder supports both analog and IP cameras
  • 720P HD resolution DVR and camera
  • Real-time recording for all cameras
  • Inbuilt hard drive to store up to 1 TB of recording
  • Remote monitoring over the internet using App
  • Embedded processor with Linux
  • Video Input: 4 channel AHD
  • Rs 17,999/-

CCTV Camera price may vary in different locations due to transportation and some other reasons. Anyway the price mentioned is almost correct. We have listed the details of CCTV price based on market study, brand considerations etc We request you to keep in touch with latest details by comment below.

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