Top 10 Best Electric Chimney Brands and Models in India 2018

Best Electric Chimneys – Hoods Brands and Models in India 2018

A best class quality chimney hood in your kitchen eliminates all the smells and fumes of cooking without disturbing the nearby rooms. Many famous brands are manufacturing Electric Chimneys – Hoods with wonderful range of features. The series includes decorative types which is little more costly than traditional, but offers a stylish looks to your kitchen. Air conditioning and cool air features are added with latest  Electric Chimneys.


Faber-HeatKraftThe suction power of the chimney is of paramount importance and you need to consider this factor before purchasing the product. Price of Electric Chimney greatly depend on the suction. The power to empty 600-750 cubic metres an hour will be enough for an average house. Most of the chimneys offered come in the width of 60 cm and 90 cm. If you have a large kitchen you can consider these models. Below given details of all the best brands and model with price list. Choose the right one from below.

1. Faber HeatKraft

Faber founded on 1955 and owned by Franke Holding AG, based in Aarburg, Switzerland. Faber HeatKraft offers Decorative Chimney Design, which is best suitable for all your kitchen styling needs. The Stainless Steel Finish chimneys are also equipped with good Air Suction Capacity also.They offer Coll. Hoods, Dec. Hoods and Trad. Hoods.

The TRAD. HOODS features aluminum cassette Filter and Noise level – 62 dBA (max). Decorative Series products are finished in Stainless Steel + Glass. Glass may get colors Plain/Golden Brown/Sea Blue and it features Noise Level – 62 dBA(max),  Baffle Filters etc. Collection Series features Stainless Steel Finish, Electronic Controls, Spotlights 3X20 W, Filter: Cassettes Dishwasher Safe, External Unit for Air Conditioner, 1000 BTU Compressor etc. 

Faber HeatKraft Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • Faber HeatKraft Axia Plus Pro Isola Rs. 79,988
  • Faber HeatKraft Value 90 Rs. 11,188
  • Faber HeatKraft Value 60 Rs. 9,988
  • Faber HeatKraft Topaz 850 LTW 90 Rs. 20,788
  • Faber HeatKraft Topaz 850 LTW 60 Rs. 17,688
  • Faber HeatKraft Topaz LTW 60 Rs. 15,588
  • Faber HeatKraft Tender SS LTW 90 Rs. 18,788
  • Faber HeatKraft Tender 720 LTW 60 Rs. 16,688
  • Faber HeatKraft Tender SS LTW 60 Rs. 15,588
  • Faber HeatKraft Stilo 910 LTW 90 Rs. 29,188



2. Glen

Glen offers two kinds of chimneys, designer hood chimneys and straight line chimneys. It gives an elegant look for your kitchen along with use of glass and stainless steel. With great aesthetics, intelligent technology Glen hoods decorate your home and kitchen.

Main features are LED Lamps for low power consumption and PDCA housing which is helpful in reducing noise levels. For safety the material used are flame retardant, low smoke material. Designer Hood Chimneys features Baffle filter, Size 90 cms, PDCA housing, Italian motor with TOP, Electronic control with timer and 4 energy saving 1.5W LED lamps.

Glen Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • Glen GL 6076 SS Rs. 29,988
  • Glen GL 6074 SS Rs. 42,988
  • Glen GL 6073 TC Rs. 29,988
  • Glen GL 6061 SS Rs. 29,988
  • Glen GL 6069 SS (90cm) Rs. 31,911
  • Glen GL 6014 SSPBBF (60cm) Rs. 8,788
  • Glen GL 6013 SSSLBF Rs. 11,988
  • Glen GL 6002 SSSLBF Rs. 6,988
  • Glen GL 6001 SSSLCF Rs. 10,488
  • Glen GL 6001 SSPBBF (70cm) Rs. 8,988




KAFF manufactures elegant Cooker Hoods with powerful suction motors. These are best remove smoke, grease, steam and removes all kinds of smells from your cooking area. These are equipped with special conveyor (PDCA) Pressure Die-Cast Aluminum Motors.

Use and feel the power of high suction capacity of aluminum/metallic motors from KAFE. The motorized conveyor system and Aluminium filter in this hood is powerful for meeting all your needs. Cook in free air along with powerful air ventilation. 

KAFF Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • KAFF Ray 60 Rs. 11,988
  • KAFF Manhattan Island 85 Rs. 79,988
  • KAFF Natura Gold 67 Rs. 64,988
  • KAFF Opec Is 90 Rs. 29,988
  • KAFF Modenna DX 90 Rs. 24,488
  • KAFF Finn 60-90 Rs. 17,988
  • KAFF Opec 60-70-90 Rs. 20,988
  • KAFF Velux 60 Rs. 16,988
  • KAFF Theme 60 Rs. 8,988
  • KAFF Marika 90 Rs. 29,988


4. IFB

IFB offers range of cooker hoods and chimneys. The highly powerful motor that is fitted in IFB hoods effectively sucks all the fumes and gases in your kitchen while cooking. The hood features low noise levels, glass and stainless steel finish and very easy-to-use controls. Most of them are Wall Mounting type and it saves lots of space. IFB offers 5 years manufacturer warranty for their products.

IFB Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • IFB SS 63P 60CM Rs. 16,988
  • IFB GL 6P 60 CM  Rs.17,988
  • IFB GL 6P 90 CM Rs. 19,988
  • IFB GL 14T 60 CM Rs. 19,988
  • IFB GL10 PL 60 CM Rs. 20,988
  • IFB GL 14T 90 CM Rs. 21,988
  • IFB GL10 PL 90 CM Rs. 22,988
  • IFB C1-60CM Rs. 22,988
  • IFB C1-90CM Rs. 25,988
  • IFB GL 90 Island Rs. 39,988


5. Prestige

Prestige offers wonderful range of Kitchen Hoods & Hobs for meeting all your needs. They features  High quality powder coated body and high suction capacity. The hoods fitted with powerful twin motors and Aluminium metal grease filters. Other features are Optional carbon filter for recycling mode,  2 Lamps for illumination etc.  Prestige also Two year warranty on Kitchen Hoods. 

Prestige Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • Prestige Contemporary Black B series Rs.12,888
  • Prestige SKH 600 PC Rs. 8,444
  • Prestige SKHD 600 PC Rs. 7,988



6. Bajaj

Bajaj Kitchen Hoods and chimneys are best in quality and the company offers variety of models for all your kitchen needs. Decorative type hoods are very stylish and suitable for maintaining the contemporary style of  your home and kitchen. Most of them comes with Stainless Steel + Glass materials. They features high Air Suction Capacity and good speed levels to suck out all the fumes and smells from your kitchen. 

Bajaj Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • Bajaj Majesty HX 15 Rs. 17,555
  • Bajaj Majesty HX 8BF SS Rs. 17,555
  • Bajaj Majesty HX 7 SS BF Rs. 10,888
  • Bajaj Majesty HX 1 Rs. 7,633


7. Pigeon

Pigeon offers high quality and stylish hoods and chimneys for your kitchen. You can order one from the official pigeon store and get it delivered in 3-5 business days. Standard features of  Pigeon hoods are 60cm size, two motor, powerful motor, high air flow capacity, low noise levels, high speed and easy control switches. Pigeon offers 1 year warranty also.

Pigeon Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • Pigeon Sterling Rs. 9,444
  • Pigeon Windsor Deluxe Baffle Filter Rs. 10,999
  • Pigeon Sterling DLX with Baffle Rs. 10,444
  • Pigeon Senator BK Rs. 7,990
  • Pigeon Windsor Rs. 10,999
  • Pigeon Cornet with Glass Rs. 14,888
  • Pigeon Senator SS Rs. 8,888


8. Usha

Usha hoods are fitted with elegant and sleek design. They manufacturer high suction power hoods to eliminate all kinds of bad smells from your kitchen without spreading to other rooms at home. Stainless Steel Decorative Body is the highlight of Usha hoods and chimneys. The 3 Speed Soft Touch Control Panel ensures good speed on working. It also offers 5 Layer Anodized Aluminum Cassette Filter and Thermal Overload Protector for your safety and comfort.

Usha Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • Usha Excella Rs. 5,988
  • Usha Intellus Rs. 13,988
  • Usha Slender Rs. 8,488
  • Usha Margorita Rs. 19,988
  • Usha Luxotica Rs. 22,488
  • Usha Plush Rs. 22,988
  • Usha Caliph Rs. 44,988
  • Usha Previa Rs. 12,888
  • Usha Stanza Rs. 15,988
  • Usha Vista Rs. 16,488


9. Whirlpool

Whirlpool offers two types of hoods, island hoods and wall mounted hoods. Islands hoods are special type of hoods with ceiling mounted hoods and offers deep silence. They are the high quality premium European hoods. Wall mounted are the another type of decorative hoods, which comes with 6th sense technology. The high suction power interface allows safety and comfort at the same time.

Whirlpool Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • Whirlpool AKR 904 ISOLA (90 Cm) Rs. 24,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 905 ISOLA (90 Cm) Rs. 29,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 9222 (90 cm) Rs. 22,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 9196 Rs. 20,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 6222 Rs. 21,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 604 Platinum Rs. 21,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 904 Platinum Rs. 22,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 605 Platinum Rs. 22,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 6133 Rs. 23,988
  • Whirlpool AKR 905 Platinum Rs. 23,988



10. Hindware

Hindware offer series of hoods and chimneys for all your kitchen needs. The series includes Island Hoods, Designer Hoods, Decorative Hoods, Straight Line Hoods and Auto Clean Hoods. Island Hoods comprises of Celia, coral and olivia 90. Designer Hoods includes Fabia 60 /90, Gracia 60, Lara 60, Sofia 60 etc. Hindware  hoods and chimneys features Push Buttons, Stainless Steel Finish, Halogen Lamps, Filter- Cassette Filter, low noise level and high air flow. 

Hindware Best Leading and Most Popular Models

  • Hindware Oil Collector 2m PC Rs. 14,990
  • Hindware Oil Collector 2m SS  Rs.16,990
  • Hindware Fortune Pc Black 2m (SSF)  Rs. 9,990
  • Hindware Clarion Rs. 12,990
  • Hindware Lisa60 Rs. 14,990
  • Hindware Pacific 60 Rs. 13,990
  • Hindware Jupiter Plus 60 Rs. 15,990
  • Hindware Diplomat Rs. 52,990
  • Hindware Zelia GL 60 Rs. 17,990
  • Hindware Trabo Plus 60 Rs. 17,990

We have listed here the top 10 best brands of electric chimney brands in India along with each brand’s models and its price. The price mentioned above will be slightly changed in coming days due to the change of models. You can refer the above list for getting an idea about the latest and what is the best chimney brand available now in India. We hereby listed the company information and product features, we request you to add your comment/reviews below regarding the various brands you already used.

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