Top 10 Best Eye Hospitals in India – List of Leading eye treatment centers 2018

Top 10 Best Eye Hospitals In India

Best-Eye-Hospitals-in-IndiaLooking for the Best Eye Hospitals In India? Eye hospital are also called Ophthalmic hospitals and the person who treats who treats such problems with eyes called Ophthalmologist. There is a lot of eye problems that are more common for people. Cataract, glaucoma, low vision, dry eyes, tearing, retinal disorders, corneal disorders, conjunctivitis, eye lid problems, temporal problems etc.

These are the usual problems in different age group which need immediate attention to avoid complications. Specially in case of children at developing age, need special care of even simple eye problems to avoid dangers like blindness. Here we are listing the best, most popular and top quality assured hospitals in India. All these are very trusted by millions of people and you can go any of then with trust.

Following are the top 10 eye hospitals in India

  1. Dr. R.P. Centre for ophthalmic sciences, A.I.I.M.S, New Delhi

  2. Shroff eye hospital New, Delhi

  3. L.V. Prasad eye hospital Hyderabad

  4. Sankara Netralaya, Chennai

  5. Aravind eye hospital, Madurai

  6. PBMA’S H. V. Desai Eye Hospital, Pune

  7. Centre for sight, New Delhi

  8. Rotary eye hospital, Navsari

  9. Vasan eye care

  10. Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kerala



1. Dr. R.P. Centre for ophthalmic sciences, A.I.I.M.S, New Delhi

Dr. R.P. Centre for ophthalmic sciences located at the A.I.I.M.S, New Delhi. It is an integral part of AIIMS created in 1967 as a as a National Institute of Ophthalmology. Dr. R.P. Centre for ophthalmic sciences have unit I, II, III, IV, V, VI under expert doctors and staff members.There is Para clinical Departments like Ocular Anesthesia, Ocular Biochemistry, Ocular Pathology, Ocular Microbiology, Ocular Pharmacology and Ocular Radiology. Eye causality Emergency Services includes An exclusive round the clock emergency service (Eye Casualty), Glaucoma Screening Cell and Eye Collection and Eye Bank.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • Dept. of Medical Ophthalmology Retina & Uvea (Unit-I)
  • Dept. of Vitreo retinal Diseases & Trauma (Unit-II)
  • Dept. of Cornea & Refractive Surgery (Unit-III)
  • Dept. of Cornea, Ocular Surface Disorders & Glaucoma (Unit-IV)
  • Dept. of Pediatric Ophthalmology & Oculo plasty (Unit-V)
  • Dept. of Squint, Neuro-ophthalmology & Glaucoma (Unit-VI)
  • Anesthesia and Radiology
  • Dept. of Community Ophthalmology
  • Dept. of Ocular Biochemistry & Dept. of Ocular Microbiology
  • Dept. of Ocular Pathology & Dept. of Ocular Pharmacy Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • Cornea Lab, Glaucoma Lab, Retina Lab, Ultrsound Lab, Investigative Lab
  • FA Lab, LASIK Lab, Laser Lab, Electro physiology, Squint & Orthoptic Lab


AIIMS Campus, Ansari Nagar
Sri Aurobindo Marg
New Delhi, DL 110029
011 2658 9695

2. Shroff eye hospital New, Delhi

Shroff eye hospital New Delhi is one of the best India’s eye hospital for various eye problems treatment. This is the  only Eye & ENT Institute of North India with NABH Accreditation to offer quality care. The hospital Established in 1914, said to be the best eye and ENT super specialty hospitals in all of North India.The hospital offers various medical and allied services, training and volunteering, community work and projects facilities etc. They offer global standard in quality eye and ENT treatment also. Shroff eye hospital New Delhi offers treatment for cataract, corneal problems, glaucoma, Lasik treatment, occular oncology and aesthetics, pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, vitreo retina etc.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • Comprehensive Eye Check-up
  • Cataract & IOL Treatment
  • LASIK / i-LASIK services
  • Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) services
  • Corneal Disorders / C3R Treatment
  • Glaucoma & Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment
  • Macular Degeneration & Retinal Detachment Treatment
  • Uveitis & Ocular Inflammation Treatment
  • Squint & Orthoptics Treatment
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology & Orbit & Oculoplasty
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology  & Ocular Electrophysiology
  • Low Vision Aids & Contact Lens services


5027, Kedarnath Road
Daryaganj, New Delhi-110002
Kedarnath Ln, Daryaganj
New Delhi, DL 110006
011 4352 4444

3. L.V. Prasad eye hospital Hyderabad

L.V. Prasad eye hospital in Hyderabad is a comprehensive eye health facility offers quality eye care and treatment. This is a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre works for Prevention of Blindness. They offer direct service to over 2000 villages through secondary and primary care and offers training for  eye care professionals from India and abroad. The LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) established in 1987 with three core values Equity, Efficiency and Excellence. The Education department of LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) offers Fellowships in Sub-specialties for Ophthalmologists with postgraduate. Rehabilitation and Sight Enhancement Services is an  integral part of LVPEI for those in need.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • Rehabilitation and Sight Enhancement Services
  • Cornea & anterior segment
  • LASIK and refractive laser surgery
  • Cataract surgeries & retina services
  • Uveitis treatment, glaucoma procedures
  • Contact lens services
  • Strabismus (squint)
  • Neuro-ophthalmology
  • Ocular-oncology
  • Ophthalmic plastic surgery
  • Aesthetic facial plastic surgery
  • Cosmetic dermatology


L V Prasad Eye Institute
Kallam Anji Reddy Campus,
L V Prasad Marg, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad 500 034
Andhra Pradesh, India
Tel: 91 40 3061 2345 (30 Channels)
Fax: 91 40 2354 8271


L V Prasad Eye Institute
Bhubaneswar Campus,
Bhubaneswar 751 024
Tel: +91 0674 3989202
Fax: 0674-398 7130


L V Prasad Eye Institute
GMR Varalakshmi Campus,
11-113/1, Hanumanthawaka Junction,
Visakhapatnam 530 040
Andhra Pradesh, India
Tel: + 91 0891 3984555
Fax: 0891-398 4444


L V Prasad Eye Institute
Kode Venkatadri Chowdary Campus
Tadigadapa, Vijayawada 521137
Andhra Pradesh, India
Tel: + 91 0866 3062000

4. Sankara Netralaya, Chennai

Sankara Netralaya, Chennai based eye hospital works with the policy to meet the patients’ requirements by offering expert ophthalmic care. They works hard to maintain the quality of ophthalmic services and ensures utilization of infrastructural facilities and continued patient satisfaction. Sankara Netralaya eye hospital have Medical Research Foundation and Vision Research Foundation for various aims attainment. 

Sankara Netralaya performs or treats all the eye complaints/diseases/dis-orders, cataract surgery, corneal diseases, glaucoma, neurophthalmology, retinal diseases and uveitis, squint and related disorders, eye diseases, Loss of Vision and blurred vision etc. Sankara Netralaya supports Education and Training via Vidyasagar Institute of bio-medical sciences, C U Shah Ophthalmic Postgraduate Training Center, Elite School of Optometry and the Sankara Nethralaya Academy.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • Vision testing, Refraction, Amsler Grid testing
  • Dilation, Slit Lamp examination, Tonometry (Eye Pressure Check)
  • Schiotz tonometry, Applanation tonometry, Tonopen
  • Gonioscopy, Ophthalmoscopy
  • Tests for patients undergoing cataract surgery
  • Potential acuity meter testing (PAM)
  • Glare testing, DBR, Special tests for corneal diseases
  • Schirmer’s test, Keratometry
  • Special tests for glaucoma, Field charting
  • Optic disc photography, GDx nerve fibre layer analysis
  • Ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM), Special tests for neurophthalmology
  • Hess and diplopia charting, Contrast sensitivity testing
  • Color vision testing, Visually evoked potential (VEP)
  • CT scanning, MRI scanning
  • Special tests for retinal diseases and uveitis, Fundus photography
  • Fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA), Indocyanine angiography (ICG)
  • Fluorescein ophthalmoscopy, Electro retinography and electro oculography
  • Potential acuity meter test (PAM), Low vision aid testing
  • Ultra sonography, Ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM)
  • Special tests for squint and related disorders, Cover test and prism tests
  • Orthoptic evaluation, Hess charting, Diplopia charting


Sankara Nethralaya (Main Campus)
No. 18, College Road
Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600 006, Tamil Nadu , India.
Ph No: +91-44-28271616 (12 lines)
Fax No: +91-44-28254180
e-mail id :,

5. Aravind eye hospital, Madurai

Aravind eye hospital, Madurai is the best eye care proving hospital in India. This  ophthalmological hospital founded by Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy in 1976. Aravind eye hospital have various locations across  Madurai, Pondicherry, Coimbatore, Salem, Theni, Tirunelveli, Kolkata, Amethi, India. Aravind eye hospital can accommodate 330 paying patients and 920 free patients. Aravind eye hospital received a lot of accreditation and awards, Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize in 2010, 2008 Gates Award for Global Health, India’s Most Innovative Hospital, Award at India Healthcare Awards 2011, FICCI award for the Best Private Hospital in India etc.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • Retina and Vitreous clinic
  • Treatment for cataract
  • Low vision care and visual rehabilitation
  • Cornea and Glaucoma clinics
  • IOL and Paediatric Ophthalmology clinic
  • Neuro-ophthalmology and Uvea clinic
  • Orbit clinic & Oculoplasty clinic


  • Aravind Eye Hospital [Madurai]

1, Anna Nagar, Madurai – 625 020, Tamilnadu, India
Phone: +91-452-435 6100,
Fax: +91-452-253 0984

  • Aravind Eye Hospital [Theni]

371, Periyakulam Road, Theni – 626 531,
Tamilnadu, India
Phone: +91-4546-252 658

  • Aravind Eye Hospital [Tirunelveli]

Swamy Nellaiappar High Road,
Tirunelveli Junction – 627 001
Tamilnadu, India
Phone:+91-462-435 6100,
Fax:+ 91-462-233 1633

  • Aravind Eye Hospital [Coimbatore]

Avinashi Road,
Coimbatore – 641 014,
Tamilnadu, India
Phone:+ 91-422-436 0400,
Fax: +91-422-259 3030

  • Aravind Eye Hospital [Pondicherry]

Cuddalore Main Road,
Pondicherry – 605 007, India
Phone:+91-413-2619100 – 04 (5 lines)
Fax: +91-413-261 8848

  • Aravind Eye Hospital [Dindigul]

No.31A, New Agraharam,
Palani Road,
Didigul-624 001,
Tamil Nadu, India
Phone: 0451-2448100

  • Aravind Eye Hospital [Tirupur]

Opp. Vivekananda Matric. Hig. Sec. School
Dharapuram Road,
Tirupur – 641608
Phone: 0421 – 3200939, 2266100

  • Aravind Eye Hospital [Salem]

No: 64, Sankagiri Main Road,
(OPP) kaliamman kovil,
Salem – 636002.
Phone: 0427 3356100
Mobile: 91- 9486651100, 91- 9486681100
Fax: 0427 – 3356199
Email :

  • Aravind Eye Hospital [Tuticorin]

No.37, Meenakshipuram West, Old bus stand near,
Tuticorin – 628 002
Tamil Nadu, India

  • Aravind Eye Hospital [Udumalpet]

112, Dhalli Road, Opp. Palaniandavar mills
Udumalpet – 642 126
Tamil Nadu, India
Phone: 0425-2260400

6. PBMA’S H. V. Desai Eye Hospital, Pune

H.V.Desai eye hospital, Hadapsar, Pune is a famous eye hospital in India with 200 beds capacity. The hospital set up in the year 2000. They are carrying out various activities for prevention of blindness and  research in eye care. The hospital claims that they have examined 19.75 lacs cases in their OPD and operated 3.29 lacs cases Since inception.The team includes ophthalmologists, representatives from Government, different welfare agencies members etc. The hospital have various supports from INGO’s like CBM, ORBIS International, Helpage, Sight Savers International, Rotary International, Fred Hollows Foundation and Lions Club etc. The hospital also offers postgraduate and paramedical training.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • Treatment for Cataract
  • Glaucoma care
  • Services relating to Contact Lens
  • Low Vision prevention an treatment
  • Surgical/Medical Retina treatments
  • Occuloplasty
  • Paediatric/Squint correction
  • Cornea related problems treatment
  • Eye bank and eye donation facilities


PBMA’s H. V. Desai Eye Hospital, 93, Tarwadevasti, Mohammadwadi, Hadapsar, Pune MH 411060  India
Call us : +91-20-26970144

Vision Centers of PBMA’s H. V. Desai Eye Hospital

Alandi Vision Center :–
Alandi Devachi OPD
Jalaram Mandir,
Santoshi Mata Mandir,
Markal Road, Alandi (Devachi, Pune
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Time: 10 to 1.30.
Dhayri OPD :–
Shirdi Shree Saibaba Andh Mahila Vruddhashram.
Nanded Fata, Dhayri. Khadakwasla Road,Pune
Phone: 02024380406.
Days : Monday / Thursday
Timing: Morning 10 to 1
Kumar OPD :–
Wanvadi Opposite Shinde Cchatri, Pune
Days:– Monday , Wednesday, Friday.
Evening: 4 pm to 6 pm
Raviwar Peth OPD :–
Phadake Haud ,
Near Gujrathi School,Pune
Dr. Radhika – 9881035078,
Days :– Monday to Friday 10 to 4
Saturday :– 10 to 2
Parmar OPD :–
Camp – Near Cantonment Hospital,
Near , Railway Booking Office , Pune
Dr. Tawade– 9730034187
Days : Monday to Friday 10 to 1.
Redcross OPD :–
Main Road ( Canra Bank ) ,
Camp Redcross, Pune
Monday to Saturday,
Swathya Seva Kendra
Municipal Shopping Complex ,
Near Western Bank .
Panchagni .412805
Phone No :0216824117

7. Centre for sight, New Delhi

Centre for sight, New delhi works with the moto “Every eye deserves the best”. This is one of the best India’s super specialty eye care hospital. They offer super specialized eye care, honest clinical opinion and cutting edge technology in treatment. It is established in 1996 as a Unit Of New Delhi Center For Sight Pvt Limited.The hospital located in Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi. In total they have total 13 centers in some major cities across the country. Patient Educations at Center For Sight provides good information about all major procedures and treatment options available to the patient. It helps in prevention of many eye problems and low risk rates.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • Cataract services
  • Refractive Surgery Services
  • Cornea Services
  • Glaucoma Services
  • Neuro-Opthalmology
  • Retina and Uveitis Services
  • Paediatric Ophthalmology
  • Squint correction treatments
  • Oculoplasty facilities
  • Aesthetics and Oncology
  • Contact Lens and Low Vision Aids
  • Optical outlets and Pharmacy


Centre For Sight
B 5/24, Opposite Deer Park
Safdarjung Enclave
Delhi – 110029 View Map
+(91)-9650080858, 9650600193
+(91)-11-41644000, 45738888

8. Rotary eye hospital, Navsari

Rotary eye hospital, Navsari established in 1977. This is a non-profit eye hospital works for providing world-class eye care to the needy patients. Smt. Lilavati Mohanlal Shah (Billimorawala) Eye Hospital founded the Rotary eye hospital, Navsari  hospital. The hospital offers various treatments with high technological advancement like  for damaged retina for diabetic and high blood pressure patients.

They treat glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, corneal problems, suture less cataract surgery. They also have eye banking facility which collects eyes from donors, preserves it and performs eye transplantation. To provide eye care in interior parts of Indian villages the Rotary eye hospital, Navsari have a well equipped Mobile Surgical Unit ( Dhrasti Vahini).

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • Argan Laser for surgery of damaged retina
  • Yag Laser for Glaucoma and PCO (Posterior Capsule Opacity)
  • Phacomusification
  • Computerized Auto perimeter
  • Viterectomy
  • B-Scan, A-Scan for eye sonography
  • Fundus Camera of blood vessels and nerves
  • Photographic Slit Lamp
  • Eye Bank
  • Excimer Laser Machine for myopia
  • Mobile Surgical Unit ( Dhrasti Vahini)


Rotary eye hospital, Navsari
C/O Smt Lilavati Mohanlal Shah Billimorawala Eye Hospital
Opposite Fire Station
Dudhia Talao, Navsari HO
Navsari – 396445
+(91)-9375131031, 9426641031
+(91)-2637-258920, 258931, 251458

9. Vasan eye care

Vasan eye care hospital group is the worlds largest eye care network. The hospital launched many ophthalmic technologies for care and treatment of eyes. They have a team of qualified surgeons specialized in respective fields. The main features of the hospital includes surgical and diagnostic equipment, Sterile operation theatres and patient satisfaction oriented treatment. They have quality branches in Delhi, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Bihar, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka & Pondycherry.

Maximum number of Zypotix laser in India owned by Vasan eye care hospital. The hospital also done maximum number of ICL Intacs for patients. Micro incision cataract surgery,  Ortho K Lenses and Rose K Lenses from Vasan is another great offering. This is one of the fastest growing healthcare companies in India today. They have started the first hospital in the year 2002 and has now holds 170 eye care hospitals India with  750 Ophthalmologists and over 7500 service staff.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • Cataract Services
  • Refractive Surgery Services
  • Cornea Services
  • Glaucoma Services
  • Retina Services
  • Paediatric Ophthalmology
  • Squint correction
  • Oculoplasty Services
  • UVEITIS treatment
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology
  • Vision Rehabilitation Services
  • Computer Vision Syndrome Clinic
  • Contact Lenses services
  • Other Optical Services


Registered office

Vasan Healthcare Private Limited,
No. 15A, Thillainagar Main Road,
Trichy – 620 018, Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone : 0431 – 4089000
Fax : 0431 – 4023211

Corporate office

Vasan Healthcare Private Limited,
No. 70, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai,
“Lancor West Minster”, IV Floor,
Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004,
Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone : 044 – 43400950, 39890950
Fax : 044 – 43400998

Amrita-Institute-of-Medical-Sciences-Kerala10. Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kerala

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kerala have the most modern technology equipped department of ophthalmology and vitreo retinal surgery department. The hospital have a team of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals with talents. They offer NABL accredited clinical laboratories and 24 / 7 tele-medicine service.

Vitreo Retinal Surgery department offers medical and surgical management of all Vitreo Retinal diseases. They treats  diabetic retinopathy, vascular blocks, age related mascular degeneration and retinal detachment. Kerala’s first Anti VEGF monoclonal antibody treatment to the eye done at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. They offer No injection, suture-less retinal surgery on OPD basis. Other areas of offered treatment are diabetic retinopathy and vascular blocks.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • Vitreo Retinal Surgery & Anti VEGF monoclonal antibody treatment
  • Sutureless retinal surgery
  • Complete Retinal imaging and evaluation facility
  • Laser therapy & Indirect Ophthalmoscopy
  • Contact and noncontact stereo biomicroscopy
  • Digital fundus camera and imaging
  • Fundus Fluorescein angiography
  • Optical coherence tomography
  • Ultrasonography and ultrasound biomicroscopy
  • Humphrey visual field examination
  • Short wavelength automated perimetry
  • Green laser photocoagulation
  • Laser indirect Ophthalmoscopy & Photodynamic therapy
  • Visual evoked potentials- Electrophysiology
  • Scleral buckling surgery & Pars plana vitrectomy
  • Vitreo retinal surgeries for PVR and RD & Diabetic vitrectomies
  • Macular hole surgery & Epiretinal membrane peeling
  • Endophthalmitis vitrectomy & Dropped nucleus and IOLs
  • Retained intraocular foreign body removal & Subretinal bleed removal
  • Silicone oil removal & Submacular surgery
  • Intravitreal device insertion & Intravitreal injections


Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre
AIMS Ponekkara, P. O Kochi, Kerala 682 041, India
Phone: 0091 (0) 484 280 1234, 285 1234, 400 1234, 0484 668 1234
Fax: 0091 (0) 484 280 2020

Other Best Recommended Best Eye Care Hospitals In India

  • Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, Chennai
  • Ruby General Hospital, Kolkata
  • Fortis Hospital, Delhi
  • CMC, Vellore
  • Max health care, Delhi
  • Kokilaben Hospital, mumbai
  • Nethradhama Super speciality Eye Hospital, Bangalore


  1. Hi doctor, my name is tina from nigeria. My five year old nephew is having serious issues wit his eyes. He was operated upon wen he just a year old n glasses was recommended to him. Bt his vision is very bad. His school have even told us that we should withdraw him for treatment because he cant see anything that is been taught. Pls we would like your expertise and further advice.

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    My wife have a problem of Retinitis Pigmentosa in which 70% vision lossed
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    My 4 Months Baby girl, she has a small eye problem from birth.
    Her left eye shade not fully flexible, as a result, she can’t open this eye fully.
    We have visited some local eye expert, they are telling to do a small surgery, I feel worried.
    I wanted to do this treatment from India and need your advice.

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  9. The vein of my left eye has become blocked, which makes me look very less from the left eye, now the effect of the left eye vein is also on the veil of the right eye, please, you help me quickly, and its treatment If so, tell me soon so that you can meet with..

  10. sir my retina has scar, there is no vision in my left eye. Whether there is any hope of the vision. Please suggest me what to do?

    • Please email your funds photograph to us. It is possible that you can still achieve peripheral vision if the scar involves only the macula.

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    • Sri Sri Ayurveda Panchakarma in Bangalore, this is the India’s best holistic eye care ashram by Guruji Ravi Shankar…You can try for your of luck..

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      Please Help Me

      • if you believe in Ayurveda. Please go to Sreedhareyam Eye Hospital in Kochi, Kerala. Wonders happen there. Good Luck.
        Mohammad athar khan

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  28. In my two eyes pinguecula (yellow) are there .which eye clinic is the best for removing pinguecula without surgery ( Tamil Nadu)

  29. I am Pritish. My left eye was operated on September 1998 because of retinal detachment and right eye was lasered. Now my present vision of left eye is not clear and it is blurr. My right eye is also little bit as like as left eye. I want further improvements in my vision to do my school work. I am 39 years old male. Please give me your opinions.

  30. Even all thse hospitals do not have clear understanding of R.P.Problem. How can a doctor invent the treatment, if he do not clearly understand and feel the problem. A group of R.P. patients should be trained / cultured with medical subject to research the problem and invent the treatment for themselves. Non-R.P doctors / scientist cannot invent / research medicine for R.P. Can any one work on this problem for better vision of low vision persons. Let us hope that BJP Supremo will have mercy on R.P. Patients and fund research for R P Treatment.

  31. My wife is 45 yrs old . She is suffering from dry eye problem. She is using Restasis for last one year. Red patch appears occasionally. No iching or irritation feeling when red patch appears. her eyes are myopic and uses -16 D contact lens/ spectacles. A scan has been done for retina. it shows no of small patches. Please advise.

  32. Please refer dry eye lubrication rectification problem rectification hospital near chapra Bihar or in Delhi NCR.
    One of my friend suffering from this problem and he have lost 55% of his sight.
    Jay lal

  33. KIndly inform if there is any treatment for Congenital Cataract. Actually my Brother in Law is suffering from this. His age is 28yrs. Please suggest urgent.

  34. sir,acid was pour on the eye. so my aunt was unable to open the right please tell me the best hospital for acid treatment in india especially in chennai.

  35. Which is best eye hospital between Disha Eye Hospital,Kolkata and Sankara Nethralaya,Chennai????please suggest me asap….

    • Dish looks to be a good hospital in Kolkata, W.B
      But while comparing with “Sankar”, which rank 4th overall Indian rank. Dish may stood among last 100th if a ranking being done for.
      This shows the poor medical infrastructure of our state.
      You can try L.V. Prasad (Bhubaneshwar) a near by good hospital to Bengal.

  36. Dear sir .
    Meri wife ka dono eye nochta hai..kavi kavi laal ho jata hai. Aisa 10 sal se lagvag ho raha hai..nochne ke baad eye ke niche kala ho jata hai…
    Hamne bahut dikhya .. patna se lekar kolkatta tak.. sabhi bola ( elargey) hai.
    Pls suggest to best hospital in india.

  37. I have photo phobia( Irritation of eyes due to glare produced by sun shine in day and vehicle head lights in night) problem .Please suggest best hospital for treatment

    • I have a same problem here…I’m living in Ahmedabad & since 1 year….I am so nervous & can not go out during the due to sun light irritation in eyes & also in night the light of vehicle head light …problem I need your help sir …I feel like there I would be blind or what..very nervous plzz Suggest me …plz plz as fast as well ..[ I have took a LASIK treatment on 28 November 2014 ]

  38. Dear sir,
    I m Old case of Uveitis in left Eye , which was treated in Shankar Netralya i 1998 by Dr J Biswas , Given Eye Drop, Injection and oral pills for prednisolne , Vision was recovered with thin posterior cataract and some floaters, om 12 Jan 2016 again Uveitis attack in left eye after 18 Years same medicine cont.. in prune by Eye institute still inflammation and plenty of floaters with cataract. Pl suggest anything else required or should i go for second opinion and where.

  39. by my name is vikas , my both eye have big pence no. also I have problem to see far vision & flashing light problems , shadow filectution problems, please suggests me where I go.

    • If you come to Kerala we can treat Amrita hspl cochin. Im looking for a treatment as well.. accomodation and food provided.

  40. Hi sir mere hubby ki retina problem h jiski wjh se unko pas ki chiz km dikhai deti h dr. Ko dikhaya dr be bola k retina problem h key ye shi ho skta h plez and me sir

  41. I m 28 Years old and my both eye become weak and i m used to 12.75 & 13.75 no lence which is inclused 2.50 no cylinder in my glasses . is it possible I can leave my glasses
    Thank you

  42. Dear doctors,
    my daughter have fits from her 3rd year now her age is 09 years but she lost eye sight from the 5th year now she was lost completely hear in Hyderabad doctor said hear don’t have any treatment for this kind of lost. if they have any treatment for this kind of disease .
    we are use medicines,
    1)valparin chrono

  43. i am 30 year old and have healed corneal ulcer. ulcer history is past 2month plz tell me where to go for treatment of diminished vision. it is due to corneal ulcer.

  44. Hello
    I am 28 year old and I have cataract in my both eyes. I am little confuse about lance .
    Which type of lance should be better for me Monofocal or Multifocal?
    Because doctors are denying about Multifocal but when I visited AIIMS they sugessted me multy fical lance as well as lasik surgery. So plz suggest me what should I do..

  45. I felt my accident 1 month ago my left eye is injured an iam a also a HIV patient is possivle to recover my eye plz help doctors said my eye alright but since my eye is not looking why doctor please is it possible or not

  46. my right eye third nerves is damage.dr.consult 5nos.not a injury recover after six month.then dr are suggest me oprate this eye bt no guaranty full recovery this injury.this case is diplopia very hard in my life.plz suggest me.

  47. I’m suffering from eye injury. My left eye injury and eye sight is going low doctor says nerve is ijuuired recomd me eye specialist please help me.

  48. Hello,
    It happens to be that my right eye nerves are dry. A few doctors suggested that there is no treatment or cure for my problem. Please inform me more about it.
    I stay in Navi Mumbai. If any hospitals in Mumbai provide any cure for this plzzz let me know.
    I am 26.
    Thank you.

  49. Please help me mere left eye me ghav ho gaya hai jo thik nahi ho raha hai doctar kisi coreneo eye specelist ko dikhane kah rahe hai chhatisgarh state may koi nahi hai me kya karu

  50. Eye sight is weak and retina is also very weak of both eyes and is also diabetes problem. Can eyes operated or not. Age about 58 years

  51. 2 years old, I fell. Something caught my eye because of the light of my left eye. My parents showed me Mostly hospital but I did not make light of my eye. Now I am 22 years old. What may be right now my eye. Please give me some advice.

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