Top 10 Best Footwear Brands in India for Men and Women with Price and Features

Here is the list of Best Footwear Brands in India. Wearing the right Footwear keeps the person active and comfortable for long hours. It provides the right protection, support and comfort to all. The footwear manufacturing companies aim to help millions of users to improve mobility, enhance comfort from heel to toe, and get relief from stress. 

Shoes speak about your personality, character and style. They are extremely stylish and trendy. For an important meeting in office, a wedding function, or an important get together, those shoes would not let you down. You can choose from fashion shoes like crocs, boots, canvas from top brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas etc. 

For women and girls, high heels or flats can be choose as per occasion. Wide variety of high heels shoes, high heeled sandals, platform heels, kitten heels are available online at affordable price. Following are the Top 10 Best Footwear Brands in India for Men and Women with Price and Features for different models. 

  1. Bata 
  2. Metro
  3. Mochi
  4. CityWalk
  5. Liberty
  6. Woodland
  7. Paragon
  8. Khadim’s
  9. Valentino
  10. Relaxo

1. Bata

Bata is the global footwear company in terms of volume and designing stylish. They not only produce shoes but also comfortable footwear. They act as a wholesale partner, franchise partner and supplier. This company has 23 Bata-owned manufacturing facilities across five continents.

It has 5,300 stores which serves more than 1 million consumers a day. These products have been designed to meet the needs of the new economy professional – tech savvy, well traveled and sensitive to bags & accessories as a personal style statement.

Bata Footwear

Women: Chappals, Closed Shoes, Sandals, Sports
Men: Boots, Casual Shoes, Chappals, Formal Shoes, Outdoor, Sandals, Sports Shoes
Kids: Boys, Girls and School Shoes

2. Metro

Metro brands are one of the most branded footwear in the society. They offers new and unique range of best Indian and International designs in footwear. This brand have become synonymous with unmatched quality, skilled craftsmanship and high-fashion products in the footwear industry.

They produces formal, casual and sports shoes for both men and women, mens ethnic footwear, womens ethnic footwear, bridal sandals, etc. Their operations is spread across countrywide, which has more than 160 prime locations across 80 plus cities in India. They produces an extensive collection of footwear and accessories.

Metro Footwear

Women: Formal shoes, casual shoes, ethnic footwear, sports shoes,  bridal sandals

Men: Formal shoes, casual shoes, ethnic footwear, sports shoes
Kids: Shoes and Sandals

3. Mochi

Mochi is a leading company branded footwear in the international level. Their branded foot wears are very popular today. The not only produce the branded foot wears but also chic and glamorous range of hand bags, mobile cases, belts, socks as well as shoe care and foot-care products.

They boasts of a wide product range and scores high on style, quality and the latest international trends. It has a large variety of footwear solutions that is updated on a weekly basis. This leading company offers the season’s latest trends and catering to their ever-changing fashion needs.

This shoe shoppe spreads its business over 75 outlets and 35 plus cities. The first Mochi store opened in 2000 on Commercial Street, Bangalore. Now this brand comes with fresh designs, creativity and spunk for young Indians.

Mochi Footwears

Women: ANKLE LENGTH, Balleri, Ballerinas, Boots, Comfort, Gladiators, Kolhapuris, Loafers, Mocassin, Mojaris, Sandals, Shoes, Slip On, Slip Ons, Slippers, Sneakers, Stilletos
Men: Boots, Brogue, Casual, Sandals, Slippers, Sneakers, Shoes, Slip On,  Mocassin, Kolhapuris,  Mojaris, Derby, Lace Ups, Jutis, Loafers, Slip Ons
Kids: Shoes and Sandals

4. CityWalk

CityWalk is one of the popular footwear brands in India which committed to delivering unique, elegant and stylish shoes for the whole family as well as bags, fragrances and other accessories.

It introduced a new array of stylish & elegant designs for men, women & kids. They offers formal shoes, sneakers, loafers and sandals shoes for men and office wear, heels, wedges, sneakers, boots, flats and sandals for women.

They make efforts to maintain a high standard with good quality, variety and accomplish high levels of customer satisfaction. Its operation is spreads through Colaba, Bandra, Grant Road, Pune, Bangalore & Hyderabad.

CityWalk Footwear

Women: Sandals, Shoes, Slip On, Slippers
Men: Boots, Casual, Sandals, Slippers, Shoes, Slip On
Kids: Shoes and Sandals

5. Liberty

Liberty Shoes Ltd is one of the leading footwear company which is popular in producing branded footwears. They engaged in the manufacturing of leather and non leather shoes. The Company is marketing its product nationally and internationally under the brand name “LIBERTY”.

Their operations spreads through the a channel of 150 distributors, 350 exclusive showrooms and over 6000 multi–brand outlets, with a presence in over 25 countries including France, Italy, and Germany. This company manufactures stylish footwear for all age group and gender. They produce more than 50,000 pairs of shoes a day.

Liberty Footwear

Women: Formal, Sports, Fashion, Sporty Casual, Comfort, Casual
Men: Boots Sports, Fashion, Formal, Sporty Casual, Comfort, Casual
Kids: Sports, Casual, Fashion, School

6. Woodland

Woodland is one of the leading footwear brand in India, which is owned by Aero Group.They offers an extensive line of footwear, performance apparel and outdoor gear.

It is an outdoor and adventure brand with close association with nature and environment. They offers shoes, boots, flip-flops, sandals and slippers for men and shoes and boots for women.

The company y have more than 300 company owned exclusive Woodland stores across various cities in India. The brand also has a presence in more than 3000 plus multi‐brand outlets in a number of countries.

Woodland Footwear

Women: Shoes, Boots
Men: Shoes, Boots, Flip – Flops, Sandals, Slippers
Kids: Shoes

7. Paragon

The well- known brand Paragon has grown to become the No.1 footwear brand in the country. This brand has created a wide base of satisfied customers.

This long- lasting footwear produces 400,000 pairs a day. More over it has also outsourced production of footwear in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kottayam, Calcutta and other parts of the country.

The total sales of Paragon Footwear is approximated to 14,00,00,000 pairs each year. They produces flip-flops, sports shoes, casual slippers, casual shoes, formal, ethnic foot wears for men, sandals, ethics, heels, flats, formals, flip-flops for Women and casual slippers, formal, flip-flops, school shoes and ethnic foot wears for kids.

Paragon Footwear

Women: Sandals, Ethnics, Heels, Flats, Formals, Flip – Flops
Men: Flip – Flops, Sports Shoes, Casual Slippers, Casual Shoes, Formal, Ethnic
Kids: Casual Slippers, Formal, Flip – Flops, School Shoes, Ethnic

8. Khadim’s

Khadim’s is one of the leading organized footwear brand in India, which is owned by Khadim India Limited. This brand is emerged as a popular fashion footwear brand, as also one of the leading organized footwear retailers in India.

This company has 829 branded retail stores. They are the second largest footwear retailer in India in terms of number of exclusive retail stores.

They produce shoes, sandal, boots, sneakers and slippers for men. Shoes, sandals and sneakers for women. Further more they not only produces footwear but also casual and lifestyle wallets.

Khadim’s footwear

Women: Shoes, Sandals, Sneakers
Men: Shoes, Sandals, Boots, Sneakers, Slipper
Kids: Shoes

9. Valentino

Valentino is one of the most reputed leather products brands in India. It comes with its world-class designs and they use superior quality of materials for the production of this branded footwear. This brand is owned by Guru Shoes Tech Private Limited (GSTPL).

This brand has the capacity to produce more than 700 pairs per day. It has more than 700 multi brand outlets, across India and several exclusive brand outlets.

They stands for genuine quality, durability, flexibility, slip-resistant and world-class craftsmanship. They produces formal shoes, formal ankle boots, casual shoes, casual boots and sandals for men. Further more sandals and ballerina for women.

Valentino footwear

Women: Sandals, Ballerina
Men: Shoes Formal Shoes, Formal Ankle Boots, Casual Shoes, Casual Boots, Sandals
Kids: Shoes

10. Relaxo

Relaxo is one of the popular footwear brand in India. They comes with a wide collection of fashionable, colourful, comfortable and durable footwear for men, women and children.

Relaxo has also grown to become the largest Indian footwear manufacturer by number of pairs sold—it sold 135 million pairs last fiscal year. They produces 50,000 pairs of Hawai & lightweight Chappals per day.

The other brands of Relaxos are Relaxo – Hawaii (slippers), Flite (women footwear), Sparx (sports shoes and sandals), Bahamas (trendy slippers) and Schoolmate (school shoes). They produces Bahamas, sparx and flite for men and women. Also bahamas, sparx, flite and schoolmate footwear for kids.

Relaxo footwear

Women: Shoes, Slippers, Sandals
Men: Sandals, Shoes, Slippers, Sport shoes
Kids: Sandals, Shoes

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