Top 10 best GPS tracking systems offering companies in India

Top 10 Best GPS Tracking Systems Offering Companies in India

The GPS is known as a space-based radio navigation system, which is used to determine and track the precise location. This system was developed in 1978. Today, it can be found in almost any industry sector. Most of the sailors, fishermen, doctors, pilots, farmers, soldiers, scientists, hikers and delivery drivers used this system to make their work more productive, easier as well as safer. Here we are introducing an article about Top 10 Best GPS Tracking Systems Offering Companies in India. These GPS tracking systems are best leading in India. Most of the companies provides various mobile app as a GPS tracker. If you are searching for a good GPS tracking system or a GPS tracker, check out our list.

Top-10-Best-GPS-Tracking-Systems-Offering-Companies-in-IndiaList of 10 Best GPS Tracking Systems Offering Companies in India

  1. Traccar Ltd

  2. Starcom Systems Ltd

  3. Sahaj GPS Tracker


  5. Road Point

  6. Azuga

  7. IndTrack

  8. Apex Telesoft

  9. Autocop

  10. Asset GPS Tracking System

1. Traccar Ltd

The Traccar Ltd company specializes on GPS tracking services and software development. Traccar Server, Traccar Client and Traccar Manager are the products of this company. The Traccar is known as a free and open source GPS tracker system, which was introduced by Traccar Ltd. The Traccar server supports over 110 different communication protocols from popular vendors. This system provides real-time online vehicle fleet tracking as well as personal tracking system. It also offer web server application for GPS monitoring. Traccar Client and Traccar Manager is a mobile application.

2. Starcom Systems Ltd

The Starcom Systems Ltd is a company, which specializing in wireless systems for remote tracking, monitoring as well as management of fleets of vehicles, containers and people. The Starcom Systems is considered as a leading global GPS tracking system. It offers a real-time online tracking of your resources anywhere, anytime.

3. Sahaj GPS Tracker

The Sahaj Infosys offers very fast responding easy tracking electronics device application, that can track fleets, check playback tracking etc. Besides, this app can works fine with WiFi, 2G/3G mobile data. The Sahaj GPS Tracker is an ISO 9001:2008 company. The Sahaj GPS Tracking is regarded as a large leading GPS Vehicle Tacking System, which offering a GPS vehicle tracking system with high quality GPS trackers.


The ATTI GPS Tracker (Advanced Tracking Technologies) is a well known technological leader in the production and distribution of GPS fleet tracking as well as GPS asset tracking. The ATTI is a Houston-based GPS Tracking producer. Reduce rising fleet expenses, improve vehicle utilization, reduce vehicle operation costs etc. are their benefits. They have nearly two decades of experience in design, producing and sales of GPS tracking products.

5. Road Point

The Road Point India is regarded as one of leading and top most exporters, distributors of CONCOX, supplier, wholesalers as well as retailers of best quality GPS vehicle tracking system, personal tracker, bike tracking system devices etc. It was established in the year 1994. The Road Point provides a professional and an effective GPS vehicle tracking software.

6. Azuga

The Azuga is known as a leading connected vehicle platform, which offers a GPS tracking solution with culture-changing technological innovation as well as confirmed applications. It was started in the year 2012. They are leading the market in OBD-II telematics solutions. Fleet tracking, Government telematics, insurance telematics and data science are their products.

7. IndTrack

The IndTrack is considered as one of the fastest growing GPS tracking system, which offers the best vehicle tracking service for fleet manager. They provide a user friendly software platform to manage vehicle tracking system for your fleets. Complete History/Track of vehicle on the Map, route selection and adherence, detailed city maps, poll for locations, real- time location of vehicle etc. are the features they provide.

8. Apex Telesoft

The Apex Telesoft is a well known global leader in GPS fleet tracking applications. Their web based vehicle tracking system also known as  Apex Telesoft, which  works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system provides live tracking of your vehicles on computer screen. Presently, they serve over 13,000 customers. They are among the largest commercial users of Google maps.

9. Autocop

The Autocop India Pvt. Ltd. is a well known real time GPS Based Vehicle Tracking system. The Autocop TELEMATICS offers Vehicle Tracking Services, Security Systems as well as Solutions for individuals and Fleets. Real time GPS based vehicle tracking, reports, geofences, alert and event notifications, theft protection etc. are their features.

10. Asset GPS Tracking System

The Asset Telematics Pvt Ltd can track your vehicles and guarantees the safety of employees as well as drivers associated with the vehicles. The Asset Telematics provides a number of products to ease both tracking and management of vehicles, personal, mobiles and assets. Real time tracking of customer’s vehicles, daily speeding report, vehicle travel path history map for up to 15 days etc. are the system facilitates.

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