Top 10 Best Hairstyles For Indian Men – best hairstyle for men 2018

10 Hot Hairstyles For Indian Guys – Best hair style for men 2018


Best Hairstyles For Indian Men- full list is available here with details on how to do. Hair and hair style – i think you guys are always concentrating on these two. A good hair cut or hair style can affect the person in a whole well. A persons hair cut almost says his character or nature. There is a lot of hair styles which are trendy and style among the youth. But before attempting to try the style for your hair just think whether it is suited for you or not.

Some hair styles are suited for all And other may be well suited with specific face shape. The thickness of your length and strength of hair everything is depends on the selection of hair style. So before going to try a new hair style just think and select the perfect style. Here below we are gathered some trendy and stylish hair styles for Indian men. You can choose anyone based on the situation or your character.

List of Best Hair styles for Men in India

  1. Straight Shag Hair style

  2. Natural /Casual Wave

  3. Long Wavy Mop hair cut style

  4. Shaggy crop

  5. Spiky Crop hair cut Indian

  6. Curly peak

  7. Slicked Back Cut style

  8. Crew Cut

  9. Buzz Cut hair style

  10. Medium shag hair style Indian



1. Straight Shag

The hair style is very famous by the  hot film actor Shahid Kapoor. It offers a neat and stylish look for you in a whole. Long and lengthy hairs are appearing in front part. These hair is freely allowed to fall to your forehead. Medium sized hair will well stick with your back of head. The hair on back will be visible from front via the side of ears.



2. Natural /Casual Wave

The hairstyle is most famous by the super star Shahrukhan. If You add a short pony tail at back it will be so hot. Best to opt for casual occasion or outing. You can try some gel to get a wet look and moulding. Style is quick and easy than others, saves your time.


3. Long Wavy Mop

A hot hairstyle used by the popular star Hrithik rohan. Best suitable for those loves to grow hair in length. It offers a modern city boy look to you. You need to care hair with shampooing and conditioning for perfect look. Suited for those with long face rather than round.


4. Shaggy crop

It is the more relaxed style for hair. Hair usually keep in little length to grow. The style is somewhat similar to messy style. Cool look will obtained from these style. Hair will be out of place and free to play with the wind. Suite for fashionable and smooth professionals. shaggy crop is one of the best hairstyle for men 2018



5. Spiky Crop

One of the most stylish haircut for men. The hair on the front will cut in 1 inch length. Hair of other parts will cut in half inch length. Use gel or wax to give a spike based on your option. It is best suited for boys with long hair. If you spike more with gell it is the perfect one for party. 


6. Curly peak

The best suited hairstyle for those with curly hair. Your hair will be set in a medium length. Best suited for formal and informal functions. Use gel if you want to get a wet look. 


7. Slicked Back Cut

Just remember the cute and hot Ranbir Kapoor, this is his style. The hair style is picture perfect and offers a damper look. It offers a gentle man look with the perfect gel coated hair.

8. Crew Cut

A famous hairstyle chosen  by the film star john Abraham. This is the best and hot humid hair style for Indian. Top of the head hair will cut in short. Longest hair seen at the front hairline. Shortest hair is at the back of the crown.



9. Buzz Cut

Very famous cut used by the star Aamir khan. Any one can choose the cut irrespective of age. Best suited for all types/shapes of Face. No need of any extra maintenance at all. Easy to wear and comb, time saving. 


10. Medium shag

A hot style Used by the famous film star vivek oberoi. Medium shag is sleek and stylish enough. A playful and a mature look you get from same time. Boy-next-door charm is the top attraction of this cut. Best for the casual outings and trips. Other may feel you are charming and energetic. 

 You can also try these too,

  • Razored crop
  • Traditional crop
  • Gelled-up Dapper Do
  • The Fringe
  • Dishevelled Rolled-Out-of-Bed Look
  • Long-length layered
  • The Long
  • Short Teaser

Indian hair styles details collected from various publications, hair dressers, communities and public. men’s hairstyle trends are changing day by day in India, some hair styles will be simple for boys and some styles are for long hair mens. Somany peoples have silky hair and they want best style for silky hairs. You can select the best style for your fit and comfort. Please comment below and inform us if any latest hair style tremendously growing fast in India, we will update such in the best list above.

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  1. my hair style is like of vivek obroy
    i like this and my frds also like this
    this is a good post for choosing best Indian men hairstyle

    • there are few tip first check your food and food timing … don’t b strawing aur don’t eat all the time just fixed time and food limit . use oil at lest 3 time a week …. check ur suitable shampoo …. after that,, buys one power grow come u can buy on eBay maximum 10 pound use this comb twice a week 20 to 30 minutes each . with slightly wet hair for better benefits . and take some vitamin which ever requirement.(make sure no dandruff if there is please use anti dandruff shampoo

    • You can use cico but oil for your problem and drink more water keep hair dandrap free always and don’t GI out in sun, wash hair in warm water always eat.


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