Top 10 Best Refrigerators Under Rs. 25000 in India 2018

Top 10 Best Refrigerators Under Rs. 25000 in India 2018

Refrigerator is an inevitable equipment in modern houses. It plays key role in the life of most members in each households. It is an important equipment in the kitchen for keeping the food safe and fresh. Some times people calls this as Fridge. It is very helpful to store food and avoids the wastage of food. 

Today there are variety of refrigerators available in the market with different features. Many types are available such as top freezer, bottom freezer, side-by-side, built in, compact, etc. Energy star rated refrigerators are most commonly used which helps to reduce the energy utility bill and are environment friendly. These are available in different prices. Here is the list of best refrigerators which costs below Rs 25000.

This list includes best 5 star rated single door or double door refrigerators available currently in Indian market. These are highly popular and budget friendly fridge models with good star rating and thus energy efficient. These fridge models can save your money than conventional models. All these refrigerator models are from best fridge brands which offers high quality products in India. 

1. LG 260 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator  (Shiny Steel, GL-I292RPZL)

The LG model GL-I292RPZL comes with 260 litres storage capacity and has a 4 star power saving rate as well. The double door refrigerator has an interesting floral design and comes with shiny steel color. It works without a voltage stabilizer. Ice cooling technology is used in it. This frost free model comes with a smart inverter compressor which is less power consuming, less noise making and leading more life. 

There are 3 shelves inside it which are built by using the toughened glass. This model comes with the dimensions of  585 x 703 x 1470 mm. LG provides a warranty of 1 year Comprehensive and 10 Years on the smart inverter compressor. The price of this refrigerator is Rs. 24,290.

2. Whirlpool 215 L 5 Star Direct-Cool Refrigerator (230 Imfresh Roy, Black)

Whirlpool 230 imfresh  is a single door refrigerator which is one of the top model of Whirlpool.   This particular model comes with 215 litres storage capacity. The 5 star energy rated model uses insulated capillary technology which is fastest in ice making. It provides 6th sense fresh control technology that you can stock up fruits and vegetables for up to 7 days without worrying about their freshness. The floral black color designed model comes with toughened glass shelves. It also uses advanced moisture control technology.

This model equipped with stabilizer free operation which means it will cut the power if there are any power voltage fluctuations. This refrigerator is currently available in the market at the Rs. 18,500. For the warranty you get 10 years of protection of compressor and 1 year for all the device.

3. Godrej 241 LTR RT EON 241 P 3.4 Refrigerator

Godrej is one of the best brand of refrigerator which provides many home appliances to us. The model RT EON 241 P 3.4 comes with frost free freezer with the storage capacity of 241 litres. It is 3 star energy rated which comes with 2 colors such as Ruby Petals and Silver Meadow. This model has the ability of advanced cooling system with a powerful computer that facilitates fast ice making. The refrigerator uses an efficient LED lightening, which is more efficient than conventional lightening. The double door refrigerator has the warranty of 1 year for refrigerator and 10 years on compressor.

4. Haier 270 L 3 Star Refrigerator (HRF-2904BS-R/HRF-2904BS-E, Brushline Silver)

The model HRF-2904BS-R/HRF-2904BS-E is a standard double door refrigerator which comes the storage capacity of 270 litres. Its energy rating is 3 star.  It comes loaded with a frost-free mode with large freezer space, coupled with separate vegetable tray and door crispers to store extra fruits and vegetables. 360 degree cooling mechanism is used here which means it ensures perfect cooling in all the corners of the fridge as well as the freezer for long time.

The Fridge comes with toughened glass shelves, transparent crisper, chiller and LED Tower lights. It comes with one-year comprehensive warranty and nine-year warranty on compressor. It is an echo-friendly refrigerator priced at Rs 21,989.

5. LG 270 L 4 Star (GL-B281BSDX.DSDZEBN, Scarlet Dazzle)

The model GL-B281BSDX.DSDZEBN comes with some floral design with the storage capacity of 212 litres and has a BEE Star rating of 4, which makes it energy efficient. It uses direct cooling technology. The single door refrigerator  runs on a smart inverter compressor and smart connect which offers a great deal in terms of energy consumption.

The 3 shelves are made by toughened glass which are capable of holding heavy food items. The moist balance crisper maintains the moisture at an optimum level. It’s colored by scarlet dazzle. Its technology gives you reliability and durability in the product by giving a one year warranty and 10 year warranty on compressor.

6. Whirlpool Fp 263D Royal Protton Refrigerator (240 LTR, Alpha Steel)

Whirlpool provides a new model( Fp 263D Royal Protton ) of multi door refrigerator with the storage capacity of 240 litres. The 3 energy star model uses advanced frost free technology. Air booster helps to create customized cooling zones to maintain optimum freshness. The reciprocatory compressor in this model reduces the maintenance costs. The 6th sense active technology keeps your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.

It’s easier to maintain cooling inside a 3-door refrigerator because you open only one compartment when you need something. Other features are quick chill bottle zone, RC lamp, ice twister and collector, moisture retention technology, micro block, fresh keeper. The Alpha Steel colored multi door refrigerator has a 1 year comprehensive warranty on product and 9 Years on compressor.

7. Samsung 253 L 2 Star Frost Free Refrigerator (RT28M3022S8, Elegant Inox)

The Samsung RT28M3022S8 top mount freezer with digital inverter has an excellent 253 liters storage capacity. The refrigerator comes loaded with a frost-free mode, which has a digitally controlled compressor. The power cool feature quickly chills food for optimal freshness.It is a 2 star model with toughened glass shelf, door lock, transparent interiors, cool lock technology, stabilizer free operation, and a door lock.

This model uses an efficient LED lightening which is more power efficient than conventional lightening. There is an automatic smart connect inverter and a digital inverter technology which automatically adjust the cooling speed. It provides a warranty of one year on product and 10 year on compressor.

8. Godrej 241 L  Double Door Refrigerator  (Ruby Petals, RT EON 241 P 3.4)

Godrej RT EON 241 P 3.4 model is a single-door refrigerator which comes with some interesting features. The 3 star refrigerator holds 241 litres storage capacity. There is a  3 toughened glass shelves in the main compartment along with 2 moisture controlled trays at the bottom to keep your vegetables fresh, 2.5 L bottle shelf with metal retainer, polybag suspenders on freezer door.

This can operate in high fluctuation of voltage and do not require a separate stabilizer. Godrej’s RT EON 241 Litre refrigerator is currently available for a price of Rs 24,990. This model has one year warranty on body and 10 years warranty on compressor.

9. Videocon VZ263MESN-HFK 250 l Titanium – Ultra Refrigerator

Videocon model VZ263MESN-HFK is a double door refrigerator with the storage capacity of 250 litres. The silver colored refrigerator comes with 3 energy star rating. It comes loaded with a frost-free mode. The compressor provides better efficiency and faster cooling. The best price of Videocon 250 Litre Double Door Refrigerator (VZ263MESN-HFK) is Rs. 22,490. You also get a 1-year warranty for the whole machine while the compressor carries a 10-year warranty.

10. Whirlpool 245 L Double Door Refrigerator  (Nova Steel, NEO FR258 CLS PLUS 2S)

Whirlpool NEO FR258 CLS PLUS 2S model is a frost free double door refrigerator with the storage capacity of 245 litres. This refrigerator has digital inverter technology that ensures reliable operation. The smart connect inverter offers a great deal in terms of energy consumption. Its stabilizer-free operation provides protection in the case of power fluctuation. It uses a 6th sense deep freeze technology for faster freezing & cooling retention.

It  is designed with fresh flow air tower which helps in uniform cooling is maintained in all sections of the fridge. This model is available at Rs.19,299.  The model Whirlpool NEO FR258 CLS PLUS 2S has one year warranty on body and 10 years warranty on compressor.

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