Top 10 Best Toffee – Chocolate Brands in India 2018


Top 10 Best Toffee – Chocolate Brands in India 2018

  • Parle Toffee
  • Amul Toffee
  • Nestle Toffee
  • Candyman Toffee
  • Cadbury Toffee
  • Mars Toffee
  • Campco Toffee
  • Lotus Toffee
  • Chocon Toffee
  • Ferrero India Toffee

Here we are introducing top ten best toffee/chocolate brands in India for 2017. These brands are top leading in Indian market. Most of us loves chocolates and toffees. In many festivals and celebrations toffees or chocolates are must have item. These are most loved by children. So if you are looking for a good toffee/chocolate brand, check this list. All these products are ensured with quality, taste and safety. 


1. Parle Toffee

As per the Nielsen survey of 2011, Parle-G is considered as the largest-selling brand of biscuits in the world. Parle Products is a well known Indian private limited company, which owns the Parle- G. 2-in 1 Eclairs, Kismi bar and Kismi toffee are the most popular toffees manufactured by Parle- G.  This brand ensures taste, nutrition and quality for their products.

2. Amul Toffee

Amul is known as an Indian dairy cooperative, which is founded in 1946. Now it became the largest food brand in India. Ghee, cheese, milk powders, milk, butter, paneer, Gulab jamuns, flavoured milk etc are the products of Amul. This brand is renowned in the case of some products like milk chocolate (toffee), Almond toffee bar, dark chocolate, Fruit and Nut toffee bar etc. 

3. Nestle Toffee

Nestlé is a Swiss transnational food and drink company, which was established in 1866. Henri Nestlé is the founder of this brand. They ensure quality and safety for their products. It is a manufacturer of chocolate and toffee. Munch, Kit Kat, Alpino are globally produced by this brand. MaggI, Milkybar, Milkmaid Nescafe and Bar-one are the other products of this brand.

4. Candyman Toffee

In August 2002, the ‘Candyman’ range of confectioneries introduced by ITC. It is the brand, which manufactures toffees more than chocolates. The Candyman Toffichoo strawberry was launched in 2009, which is very soft, luscious fruit flavored and chewy toffee. Choco double éclairs, toffichoo, crème lacto and cofitino are the most loved toffee variants.

5. Cadbury Toffee

Cadbury is known as a British multinational confectionery company, which was founded in 1824. It is  owned by Mondelēz International. Bourneville, 5 star, Diary Milk, Perk, Creme Egg, Celebrations, Gems,Silk etc are most popular toffee variants from this brand. This brand is considered as an  oldest Chocolate brand in India. Their products are most loved and sold in Indian markets.

6. Mars Toffee

Mars is known as one of the leading chocolate brand, which was founded by Frank C. Mars in 1911. Snickers and Galaxy are their most famous toffees. It is an American brand. This is considered as the fifth largest seller of chocolates and toffee in India.  Skittles, Milky Way, Twix, M&M’s etc are the confectionery items manufactured by this brand.

7. Campco Toffee

Campco is an Indian cooperative, which was established on 11 July 1973 at Mangalore. This brand is now became multi state co-operative under relevant Indian laws. Bar, Krust, Treat, Dairy cream, Fun Tan, Turbo etc are the most popular products. Areca nut is a primary ingredient, which is used for making their chocolate.

8. Lotus Toffee

Lotus is one of the India’s select producers of the  cocoa products, cocoa derivatives and finest chocolates. It is considered as a trusted business partner for the supply of chocolate and cocoa products. This company was founded in 1992. Milky punch, chuckles and eclairs are some of the products of this brand. Lotus is situated just 55km from Hyderabad in Telangana.

9. Chocon Toffee

This brand was established in 1994, which was started making chocolates in 1998. Chocon is located in New Delhi. The Milk n nut is a well known and their first product. They transformed themselves from being a mineral water producer to the manufacturer of chocolate. Some of its products are milk creme choco bar, chocolaty bar, chocon coconut etc.

10. Ferrero India Toffee

Ferrero is an Italian brand, which was founded by Michele Ferrero in 1946. Ferraro Rocher is known as a  flagship product of this brand. They are one of the most loved chocolate brands in India. Nutella, Mon Cheri, Kinder and Raffaello are the other products manufactured by this brand.


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