Top 10 Best Water Heater Manufactures in India

Best Water Heater Manufactures in India

Cold water brings the extreme difficulty in taking morning showers. With the help of a water heater, you can enjoy the pleasure and convenience of taking a hot shower. Here is the list of Top 10 Best Water Heater Manufactures in India at well affordable price. When you are planning to purchase a new water heater or geyser online, make sure a few things.

Auto off helps you save energy and protecting you and your family from accidents. Choose a device which heats water efficiently while consuming less energy. Choose a stylish water heater which matches your bathroom. This is a sensitive appliance, so make sure about quality after sales services. 

There are many types of water heaters. Tank and tank less type. Tank type is reasonably priced with small power requirement. But this Uses energy periodically 24/7 and Hot water supply is limited. Tank less model Uses energy only when required and offers Continuous hot water supply. There is no risk of a damaged tank. But this is more Expensive and Requires more power. 



Morphy Richards offers range of highly efficient water heaters for your home. You can choose from 1 Ltr product to 10 Ltr, 15 Ltr, 25 Ltr  models. Most affordable and low cost model from Morphy Richards is the Multi Geyser Cutie 1L 3KW for Rs 2999/-. Water heater from Morphy Richard features a Compact design with Rust proof engineering thermoplastic material.

These water heaters coming with Special long life heating element and which is best Suitable for high rise buildings. You can use those in small bathrooms and kitchen. It also gets Triple safety system. Top models coming with Superior Glass Lined Tank, Superior Glass Lined Tank, Magnesium Anode Rod, Energy saving PUF, Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB), Incoloy 840 Heating Element, 8 Bar Pressure etc. 


Macro Offers various products for hot water supply in your bathroom and kitchen. They offer gas water heaters, wall mounted boiler, central hot water system etc. Different type Gas water heaters are available and this includes balanced type, condensing type, forced exhaust type, natural exhaust type, outdoor type etc. Most of the models supports automatic temperature control system.

You can adjust the temperature of water heater as this is packed with wild temperature adjustment. They are made with preservative oxygen free copper heat exchanger. Combustion air taken from outside and waste gas is exhausted outside. Macro water heaters also offers multiple safety protection. 



Havells offers new generation electric water heaters. They provides electric storage water heater and instantaneous water heater. Havells water heaters packed with high voltage instant heating option. This is made with vitreous enamel coated tank. This product can afford high working pressure and ideal for high rise buildings.

Many products features adjustable knob for temperature settings. Those water heaters are rust and shock proof with ABS. They features outer compact body and made this very easy to install. Havells water heaters gets heating indicator lamp, multi functional safety valve and leakage protection device. 



Bajaj offers different kinds of water heaters for kitchen and bath room usage. They packed with High impact resistant engineered plastic body and Long life heating element. There is highly powerful Neon indicators for power on and heating function. 

Multiple safety system also offered in Bajaj water heaters. Company offers 2 years warranty on product and 5 years on inner Tank. If you consider power saving, then choose 5 Star Rated water heater. Some models have Salt filteration system which protects element corrosion. 



Elac water heaters are best with low price and good features. Most of them used ABS Plastic body material for long life. These water heaters are equipped with Glass Lined Coated tank material. Special models are available and best Suitable for High Pressure applications.

You can choose 5 device with Star Rating if you consider power saving. Other features of the water heaters are Multifunctional Safety Valve, Heavy Duty Protective Magnesium anode and Life Time Free Service in Chennai. Company offers 2 years Guarantee. 


7. Ferroli

Ferroli has a range of water heaters for domestic and commercial use. Price  starts as low as Rs 3000 for the smallest instant model. Italian company Ferroli is pioneers in heating technology and their products available over 100 countries.

Company claims that their water heaters features 10% more energy efficiency than BEE 5 star rated product. This is packed with Blue Forever Heating Element and supports Digital Temperature Display. Other features of Ferroli water heaters are Long lasting Aluminium Anode, Healthy Blue Silicon Enamel Coated Tank, High Pressure Rating- 8 bar, Temperature Regulation etc. 



Venus water heaters are another best selling eater heater brand in India. You can buy 100 % Original Product from leading online stores in India. Company offers 2+10 Years Warranty. This is packed with Thermostat & Thermal Cutout option. Venus water heaters comes in compact size and supports 99.9% Pure Copper Tank. There is also Multi-function valve and rust proof body. 



CROMPTON GREAVES water heaters are another best selection for your home with quality options and easy operating methods. These water heater packed High in Quality and durable body. Most of them have Stylish Design and packed with Nano Polymer Coated Tank. Company offers 1 – 2 year warranty based on product model. 



AO Smith offers high quality water heater systems. You can choose 100 % Original Product from leading online stores in India. Main features and options available in AO Smith water heaters are Wired Remote Controller, Glass Coated Heating Element, Thermal Cutout, BEE 5 Star Rating, Blue Diamond Technology, Anode Rod with Stainless Steel Core and safety valve. 

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  1. Crompton Greves is not a good product as the internal parts gets rested and thr tank leacking within five years. no proper service by them.


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