Top 10 Best Webcams In India Under 1000

 Best Webcams In India Under 1000

Are you looking for the Best Webcams In India Under 1000? Here is the full listing of best available and low cost Webcams In India Under 1000. Keep in mind, you have to consider handful of features, when buying a webcam. More the features, more the cost. Must considering things includes Resolution, Frame rate, auto focus, Lens, microphone, video recordings and snapshots support, clip – on or free standing webcams, connecting methods, brand, warranty etc. 


1. Microsoft LifeCam VX-700 Webcam

Microsoft LifeCam VX-700 Webcam is a good option to meet your video calling needs. It supports Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Skype, QQ and Microsoft Office Communicator. It is compatible with Notebook. You have USB connectivity, Built In Microphone, 1 Year Warranty etc. Camera is a CMOS type with 640 x 480 Video Capture Resolution and Image Capture Resolution 640 x 480. Enjoy selfies and video calling with this 2 MP camera.

Microsoft LifeCam VX-700 Webcam price in India: Rs. 850/-



2. Live Tech LT 12 Mega Pixel Webcam

Live Tech LT 12 Mega Pixel Webcam is a low cost device comes with Built In Microphone, USB Connectivity etc. Enjoy video calling with its 12 megapixel Still Image Sensor Resolution. This can support 1.3 megapixel Video Sensor Resolution, CMOS Sensor Type, 30 fps Frame Rate, 640 x 480 Video Capture Resolution and Image Capture Resolution. It can support Video Format of 24-bit RGB and Frame Rate of 15 fps (VGA). You have got a Sensor Size of 4386 x 3.64 mm. 1 Year Warranty is offered by company. 

Live Tech LT 12 Mega Pixel Webcam Price in India: Rs. 382/- 


3. Creative Live! Cam Socialize Webcam

Creative Live! Cam Socialize is a best Webcam option. The cam compatible with Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger etc. Company offers 1 Year warranty. This is a VGA camera with 30 fps Frame Rate, 800 x 600 Video Capture Resolution, 1280 x 960 Image Capture Resolution etc. You need systems with 512 MB RAM, CD-ROM Drive, Intel Pentium 4; 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon 2200 MHz processor and 500 MB free hard disk space as minimum conditions. 

Creative Live! Cam Socialize Webcam Price in India: Rs. 990/-



4. Intex TRU-VU-HD 720 Webcam

Intex TRU-VU-HD 720 Webcam is a good option for video chatting. You need Windows XP and Above OS. It features High Resolution CMOS Color Sensor with 1280×720, 12 M interpolated Image Resolution. This ensures you Up to 30 fps frame rate, 4cm focus distance, USB 2.0 interface etc. 1 Year warranty also available. 

Intex TRU-VU-HD 720 Webcam Price in India: Rs. 799/- 


5. Logitech C170 Webcam

Logitech C170 Webcam is a best option and packed with 5 megapixel Still Image Sensor Resolution. It supports HD and gets a VGA Sensor with 30 fps Frame Rate and 1024 x 768 Video Capture Resolution. You need system with 512 MB RAM or more (1 GB RAM recommended) and 1 GHz (1.6 GHz recommended).

Logitech C170 Webcam Price in India: Rs. 799/-


6. Genius FaceCam 300 Webcam

Genius FaceCam 300 Webcam is a 8 megapixel packed high clarity cam for selfies and video calling. It is compatible with Skype. You have VGA Sensor too. System requirements for this cam includes 1 GB RAM, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, 1 GB hard disk space etc. Company offers 1 Year warranty too. Other features are MF lens, USB Connectivity, 70° Tilt Angle etc. 

Genius FaceCam 300 Webcam Price in India: Rs. 790/-



7. Zebronics Crystal Webcam

Zebronics Crystal Webcam is a powerful 25 megapixel Still Image Sensor Resolution offered device. You can use it for video calling and selfie needs. Main features are 30 fps Frame Rate, Video Capture Resolution of 320 x 240, 640 x 480, CMOS sensor, 4 Built-in LEDs etc. You need devices with Windows: XP Service Pack 2, Vista, 7, LINUX Kernel v2.6.27.7 system. 1 Year is the offered Warranty. 

Zebronics Crystal Webcam Price in India: Rs. 510/-




8. TAG 20 MP Web Webcam

TAG 20 MP Web Webcam is a good option if you are looking for a low cost device with high clarity. Enjoy videos, images and video calling with 20 megapixel Still Image Sensor Resolution. There is also Video Sensor Resolution of 1.3 megapixel. Company offers 1 Year Warranty too. 

TAG 20 MP Web Webcam price in India: Rs. 550


9. DigiFlip WC001 HD Webcam

DigiFlip WC001 HD Webcam is a high quality device packed with best in class CMOS Sensor and 5 Layers Glass Lens. Enjoy video calling and selfies with 2 megapixel Still Image Sensor Resolution. The CMOS sensor is powerful with 30 fps Frame Rate, 1600 x 1200 Video Capture Resolution, Full Hd and HD. 6 Months DigiFlip India Warranty is also available for this webcam. 

DigiFlip WC001 HD Webcam Price in India: Rs. 599/- 


10. HP Webcam 1300

HP Webcam 1300 offers you support and services for Skype, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Google Video Chat, HP MyRoom, 1-click Upload to Facebook. 1 Year warranty is also offered. Additional features of this cam are Sleek, Streamlined Shape, White LED (Front On/Off), Photo Capture Program, Adjustable Clip/Stand etc. Video Call Quick Launch, Video Capture Program, USB Video Class Supported are available in HP Webcam 1300.

HP Webcam 1300 Price in India: Rs. 725/-


Now a days webscams are not using several because of high quality of mobile phones have in hand.

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