Top 10 Famous Beef Exporters in India

Top 10 Famous Beef Exporters in India

  1. Al-Kabeer Exports Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Allanasons Pvt Ltd 
  3. Al-hamd Food Products Pvt Ltd 
  4. Mirha Exports Pvt Ltd 
  5. MK Overseas Pvt Ltd  
  6. HMA Agro Industries Pvt Ltd 
  7. Al-Dua Food Processing Pvt Ltd  
  8. Amroon Foods Pvt Ltd 
  9. ALM Industries Pvt Ltd 
  10. Rustom Foods Pvt Ltd 

Here is the list of Top 10 Famous Beef Exporters in India. 58% of the world buffalo population is in India. Buffalo are raised on vast pastures in India with 100% vegetarian diet. They are raised in a natural environment without use of chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or steroids. They are not fed on hormones and growth promoters and best raised under organic farming system for export needs to developed countries. 

Most of the plants of Beef Exporters Company are located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Because it is the state having the largest buffalo (Black Gold) population in India. So the livestock is sourced from Uttar Pradesh for these plants. 


Buffalo meat’s taste is more rich and flavorful than today’s alternatives. These meat can be used in any of your favorite non vegetarian recipe. These are efficiently processed and packaged to maintain its freshness and nutritional value. These meat and its products are extensively served in hotels and restaurant across the globe. Following are the leading top most beef exporters in India. 

1. Al-Kabeer Exports Pvt. Ltd.

This is one of the largest beef and other meat exporter in India. This company is owned by Mr. Shatish &Mr. Atul Sabharwal. (Address: 92, Jolly makers, Chembur Mumbai 400021). They have a large slaughter house which is spread over nearly 400 acres in Rudrak village in Telangana state of India. They have branches and offices in many countries. According to reports last year they have business worth nearly Rs 650 crore. 

2. Allanasons Pvt Ltd

Allanasons Pvt Ltd is one of the leading and top Exporter , Manufacturer and Supplier of beef produts in India. This company is established in the year 1865. They mainly engaged in the business of Manufacturing and Trading of food products and agro commodities.

Their operation is spreads over 70 countries worldwide including South-east Asia, Middle East and Africa. Their warehousing division constitutes of a large cold storage, where our products are stored under sub-zero temperatures to keep freshness intact.

Annual turn over of Allanasons Pvt Ltd is more than Rs. 500 Crore.Their products includes Frozen Buffallo Meat, Chilled Vacuum Packed Buffalo Offal, Chilled Lamb Carcasses, Spices products, Coffee Beans, Fruits Pulps and Concentrates


Products: Fresh Frozen Buffalo Meat, Buffalo Brisket, Buffalo Blade Meat, Buffalo Striploin Meat, Buffalo Rump Steak, Buffalo Cube Roll, Buffalo Chuck Tender, Buffalo Chuck, Buffalo Shin Shank, Buffalo Thick Flank, Buffalo Silver Side Meat, Buffalo Tenderloin

3. Al-hamd Food Products Pvt Ltd

Al-hamd Food Products Pvt Ltd is one of the top most exporter of Halal Fresh and Frozen Buffalo Boneless Meat and Meat Products.

They have the integrated Abattoir cum Meat Processing Plant for producing the highest quality of Halal Buffalo Boneless Meat and Meat Products. This plant is located at Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh ,India. The meat plant has a production capacity of 170 MT per day.


Products: Buffalo Meat Chunk, Buffalo Meat Knuckle, Buffalo Meat RumpSteak, Buffalo Meat Neck, Buffalo Meat Chuck, Buffalo Meat Trimmings, Buffalo Meat Blade, Buffalo Meat SilverSide, Buffalo Meat Striploin, Buffalo Meat ShinShank, Buffalo Meat Shank, Buffalo Meat Topside, Forequarter (FQ).

4. Mirha Exports Pvt Ltd

Mirha Exports Pvt Ltd play an important role in the production and exports of meat. Their abattoir is located in Punjab. The central location of the Corporate Office in Delhi. The company is most recognized processors and exporters of hygienically packed fresh, frozen buffalo/sheep meat.


Products (Buffalo Carcass)

Hind Quarter : Tenderloin, Striploin, Top Side, Silver Side, Rumpsteak, Thick Flank

Fore Quarter: Neck, Flank, Shoulder, Cube Roll, Brisket, Shin and Sunk, Chunk Tender, Sliced Forequarter
Veal Carcass: Veal Leg, Veal Tenderloin, Bobby Veal
Offals: Tongue, Brain, Tail, Heart, Aorta, Hock Tendon, Honey Comb, Knee Tendon, Oesophagus, Tripes, Vain.

5. MK Overseas Pvt Ltd

MK Overseas Pvt Ltd is a fast growing company in the exports of Halal Meat. They exports the products to South East Asian countries, CIS countries, Far East and traditional markets in the Middle East. The major importing countries include Indonesia, Angola, Bahrain, Egypt, Georgia, Iraq, Jordan, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE, Vietnam, West Africa, Yemen. 

Their plant unit includes a sufficient number of chillers, blast freezers, plate freezers and cold stores. The frozen packed meat is stored at a temperature of -18 Degrees Celsius before it is finally loaded for exports.


Products: Silver Side, Shin Shank, Rump Steak, Knuckle, Heel-Muscle, Chuck Roll, Chuck Tender, Cube Roll, Flank, Forequarter, Blade, Brisket, Striploin, Tenderloin, Top Side.

6. HMA Agro Industries Pvt Ltd

HMA Agro Industries Pvt Ltd is one of the largest and top most exporter of Buffalo meat not only in India but also Global market. They are extperts in HALAL’ Compensated Buffalo Meat, Special Cuts.

The company have an export capacity of about 20000 to 30000 tons of frozen HALAL meat. This company is an Abattoir cum Meat Processing plant at Aligarh in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. They exports halal-fresh and frozen buffalo meat products. This company sells products to customers in more than 25 nations.


Forquarter: Cube Roll, Chuck, Blade, Chuck Tender, Neck, Brisket N.E, Brisket P.E, Slices, Trimming, Veal Tenderlion, Veal Leg, Bobby Veal, Whole Fore Quarter, Fore Quarter Rolls.
Hind Quarter: Topside, Thick Flank, Silverside, Rumpsteak, Tenderloin, striploin, Flank, Shin Shank, Eye Round
Offals: Aorta, Back Strap, Brain, Fresh Ripe, Cheek Meat, Honey Comb, Cheek Meat, Fresh Tripe, Frozen Tripe, Hock tendon, Liver, Heart, Neckband, Kidney, Omasum, membrane, Moon Bone, Tail, Tongue

7. Al-Dua Food Processing Pvt Ltd

Al-Dua Food Processing Pvt Ltd is a leading producer and exporter of Halal Meat from India. They specialists in the export of quality halal buffalo, sheep/lamb, goat meat and hides.

This largest exporter’s major exotic meat markets are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Iran, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Lebanon, Armenia, Tajikistan, Doha, Yemen, Syria, Algeria, Congo, Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Cost, Ghana, Gabon, Angola, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Singapore and Vietnam.


Products : Blade, Brisket, Chuck Roll, Chuck Roll, Heel Muscle, Knuckle, Rump Steak, Shank, Silver Side, Striploin, Tender Lion, Top Side.
Offals: Aorta, B-Tongue, Cheek Meat, H-Comb, Heart, H-Tendon, Kidney, Liver, Neckpipe, Padywack, S-Tendon, Tripe, Omasum.

8. Amroon Foods Pvt Ltd

Amroon Foods Pvt Ltd is a famous exporter comapny in Abu Dhabi (UAE). It is a modern meat processing plant located in Uttar Pradesh, India. They expertise in the process of Halal Compensated meat, special cuts, and minced meat.

Their supply the meat that is not only consistent in quality but also raised in natural organic environment. They not only exports beef items but also shhep carcass and mutton cubes. They offer sheep carcass mutton cubes, which are freshly cut and packed in perfect food grade packaging.



Boneless Buffalo Meat: Blade, Brisket, Chuck Tender, Chuck, Shoulder, cube-roll, Eyeround, Forequarter, knuckle, Mince, Neck, Rump, Slices, Tenderlion, Topside, Trimmings, Silverside, Striplion.
Sheep Carcass and Mutton Cubes: Sheep Carcass, sheep shoulder, Sheep leg.

9. ALM Industries Pvt Ltd

ALM Industries Pvt Ltd is among the leading fresh frozen buffalo and halal meat producing and exporting company in India. They are recognized for manufacturing, supplying, exporting and trading a high in quality array of Buffalo Meat. It established in the year 1996. It is located in Uttar Pradesh, India. This company also engaged in trading of animal hides and transportation of frozen/refrigerated goods.

The services of this company includes Slaughter of Sheep, Goat and Buffaloes, Freezing of Boneless Buffalo Meat, Chilling and Freezing of Boneless/Bone In Sheep and Goat, Export of Chilled Meat, Frozen Meat and Edible Offal’s, Trading of Animal Hide. 



Frozen Edible Offals: Liver Offals, Omasum, Tail, Buffalo Heart, Buffalo Tail Meat
Frozen Boneless Buffalo Meat: Thick Flank, Blade, Shin Shank, Frozen Thick Flank, Fore Quarter, Tendor Loin, Silver Side, Rump Steak, Buffalo Striplion MeatBuffalo Cube Roll, Top Side, Buffalo Chuck Meat
Lamb Meat: Fresh Lamb Meat, Packed Lamb Meat

10. Rustom Foods Pvt Ltd

Rustome Foods Pvt Ltd is one of the leading exporter of meat in the country. It is located at Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, India. They have an integrated brand new modern abattoir cum meat processing complex.

They produces the Fresh Frozen Boneless Buffalo Meat, Strictly under Halal Sharia. Processing capacity of them is 125 metric tons of meat a day.


Products: Top Side, Silver Side, Thick Flank (Knuckle), Rump Steak, Tenderloin, Striploin, Eye Round, Blade, Chuck Tender, Cube Roll, Brisket N.E, Brisket P.E, Shin Shank, Flank, Neck, Slice, Forequarter, Trimmings

Other Best Meat and Beef Exporters

 Al Faheem Meatex Pvt Ltd

Al Faheem Meatex Pvt Ltd is a leading processor, exporter and supplier of fresh and frozen meat from India. They exports hygienically packed fresh, frozen buffalo meat.

The working unit of them is equipped with the latest machinery for Slaughtering, Chilling, blast freezing, facility. Their clients are not only included in India, but also they have international clients.


Products: Blade, Brisket Ne, Knuckle, Shink Shank, Silver Side, Strip Loin, Brisket Pe, Brisket Pe, Cube Roll, Eye Round, Flank, Tender Loin, Kasila (Heel Muscle), Neck, Rump Steak, Top Side, Chuck.

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