Top 10 best Inverter Air Conditioner Brands and Models in India with Price 2018

When buying an AC the first thing we should check is its energy efficiency. BEE has given star rating for all the AC’S present in the market according to power saving capacity of the AC. We have listed the best 10 inverter air conditioner models in India here, Best way to reduce the electricity bill of the house even if you are using the air conditioner is to buy an Inverter AC. Inverter AC’s are the best type of AC to buy in India today, which save your electricity as well as reduce the noise and is comfortable with steady continued cooling. If you are not looking inverter ac models, you can watch this top 5 best air conditioner brands and models  in India here

Inverter AC’s can automatically adjust its capacity based on the requirement of the room it is cooling. It comes with lower operating cost and less brake downs. Here is the list of best inverter AC’S in India with price and features.

inverter AC

  1. Sansui SS4C54.WS1-CM
  2. LG JS-Q12BPXA
  3. Samsung AR18NV5HLTR
  4. Onida INV12IRS
  5. Godrej GSC 12 GIG 5 DGOG (NXW)
  6. Onida INV18SNO
  7. LG JS-Q18NRXA
  8. Voltas 184VSZS
  9. Daikin FTKP50SRV16
  10. Carrier 18K ESTER INVERTER – 3 Star/CAI18ES3C8F0

1. Sansui SS4C54.WS1-CM

Sansui SS4C54.WS1-CM

Sansui SS4C54.WS1-CM is a 3 star rated inverter AC that will keep your room cool and clean. The anti-bacterial filter will help remove the bacteria and hinders their growth. This 1.5 Ton AC is suitable for medium sized rooms and use copper condensor coils to save energy. Also it comes with Two-way Auto Air Swing, Sleep Mode, Turbo Cool Mode, Super Silent, Anti-bacteria Filter, Dust Filter and a remote control option.

Price of Sansui SS4C54.WS1-CM Inverter AC is Rs. 29,999/-

Warranty: 1 Year on Complete Unit and 5 Years on Compressor



LG 1 Ton smart inverter AC is 3 star rated air conditioner that will save more energy and cools faster. This AC comes with variable tonnage, unique Himalaya cool technology, Monsoon Comfort technology, Auto clean feature, On/Off timer and Sleep mode. It also comes with 10 years warranty on inverter compressor. The AC is great for small sized rooms and it uses Aluminium condenser coil to remove the heat from the refrigerant.

Price of LG JS-Q12BPXA Inverter AC is Rs. 28,999/-

Warranty: 1 Year on Complete Unit and 10 Years on Compressor

3. Samsung AR18NV5HLTR

Samsung AR18NV5HLTR

Samsung AR18NV5HLTR an energy efficient inverter AC that is powered by a digital inverter 8-poleto maintain the desired temperature Auto turn on/off technology. It is much quieter and provides more durability and efficiency. The AC comes with In-built stabiliser, Triple protector plus, Anti-corrosion Technology by DURAFIN. It uses Alloy condenser coil and consume 1390 W power. Other features include Auto mode, Anti-bacteria Filter, Dust Filter, Pre-filter, Quiet Mode, Sleep Mode and Auto restart.

Price of Samsung AR18NV5HLTR Inverter AC is Rs. 44,990/-

Warranty: 5 Years on Condenser and 10 Years on Compressor

4. Onida INV12IRS

Onida INV12IRS

Onida INV12IRS is a 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split Air Conditioner that is powered by efficient cooling features. It is featured with copper condenser coil and is equipped with all the modern features such as Inverter Compressor, Sleep Mode, On/Off Timer, Turbo Mode, etc. This AC is suitable for small sized room and best in class copper condenser coils. It consumes up to 1210 W power. air conditioner also features an anti-dust filter and comes with a dehumidification and remote control option.

Price of Onida INV12IRS Inverter AC is Rs. 28,499/-

Warranty: 1 Year on Complete Unit and 5 Years on Compressor

5. Godrej GSC 12 GIG 5 DGOG (NXW)

Godrej GSC 12 GIG 5 DGOG (NXW)

Godrej NXW AC comes with a unique Green Inverter Technology to save energy. It has a parallel flow condenser that comes with nano coating to protect from corrosion and longer durability. Other features of the AC include Silver ion filter, dust filter, intelligent air throw mode and udat (user defined air throw) technology, 3x BLDC technology, eco mode, turbo mode, memory function, auto clean, blow function, auto restart, sleep, dry and auto mode. This inverter AC has an Aluminium coil condenser and consume 830 W power.

Price of Godrej GSC 12 GIG 5 DGOG (NXW) Inverter AC is Rs. 52,499/-

Warranty: 5 Years on Condenser and 10 Years on Compressor

6. Onida INV18SNO

Onida INV18SNO

Onida INV18SNO  is a 3 star rated, energy efficient inverter air conditioner. It comes with a copper condenser coil and is best for medium sized rooms for fast cooling. It consume up to 1600 W power and has a cooling capacity 5300 W. Other features are Dehumidification, Anti-bacteria Filter, Dust Filter and Auto restart function. 

Price of Onida INV18SNO Inverter AC is Rs. 30,999/-

Warranty: 1 Year for the Product and 5 Years for the Compressor



LG JS-Q18NRXA comes with a dual Inverter compressor that will solve improper, cooling and noise problems. This 1.5 Ton AC has a 10 year warranty on the compressor. Its Himalaya Cool Technology and Monsoon Comfort will help cool the room fast. Auto clean feature help prevent mold and bacteria from breeding. It uses Aluminium as a condenser coil and features Dehumidification, Anti-bacteria Filter and Dust Filter.

Price of LG JS-Q18NRXA Inverter AC is Rs. 36,850/-

Warranty: 1 Year on Product and 10 Years on Compressor

8. Voltas 184VSZS

Voltas 184VSZS

Voltas 184VSZS is an energy saving, 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC that is suitable for a medium sized room. The sleep mode will auto-adjust the temperature in the room. Its energy efficient copper condenser coil will give best in class cooling with easy maintenance. Special features of the air conditioner are Silver ion, inner grooved, LED display, self diagnosis, anti fungal and auto restart.

Price of Voltas 184VSZS Inverter AC is Rs. 39,900/-

Warranty: 1 Year on Product and 4 Years on Compressor

9. Daikin FTKP50SRV16

Daikin FTKP50SRV16

Daikin FTKP50SRV16 inverter AC comes with a PM2.5 filter that will trao fine particles for cleaner airflow. It has a cooling capacity of 4800 W and operates in Econo mode. This 1.5 Ton AC consumes 1445 W power and uses copper as a condenser coil. Other features include Child Lock and remote control option.

Price of Voltas 184VSZS Inverter AC is Rs. 42,999/-

Warranty: 1 Year on Product and 5 Years on Compressor

10. Carrier 18K ESTER INVERTER – 3 Star/CAI18ES3C8F0

Carrier 18K ESTER INVERTER - 3 Star/CAI18ES3C8F0

This inverter AC from Carrier has 1. Ton cooling capacity and is a BEE 3 star rated air conditioner. The refrigerant leakage detector will detect leakage of refrigerants. It also comes with features such as Louver Position Memory, Auto Swing, My Mode, Follow Me, Auto Cleanser, Auto Detector, etc. The PM 2.5 filter will effectively remove bacteria and the copper condenser coil is used to save the energy.

Price of Voltas 184VSZS Inverter AC is Rs. 38,990/-

Warranty: 10 Years on Compressor and Additional 2 Years Warranty on ODU PCB

List of top 10 inverter ac’s prepared by accepting and finding the customer voice, company values etc in Indian market. We have tested from he different states of India. Out list will help you to decide which ac is the best inverter technology using air conditioner in Indian market. Kindly add your suggestions below

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