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Top 10 Market Leading Mattress Brands in India


10 Best Mattress Brands in India

Here we are introducing top 10 best mattress brands in India 2016. These brands are top leading in Indian markets. All ensures comfortable sleep to the users. Besides, their mattress are made up of high quality materials. Sleep has an essential role in making our body and mind healthy. Lack of sleep cause both psychological and physical problems. Poor quality mattresses cause body ache after the sleep. So here is our list which covers ten top brands. If you are looking for a good brand, check out our list.



Dunlopillo is the number one brand in this list. It is considered as one of the best known bedding brands in the world. This company is a leading manufacturer of latex. Their well models of mattresses are Harmonize, Fusion, TempSmart and Classic. This was the first firm to launch the latex mattresses in 1931. It used ActiproTM technology for manufacturing the mattress, which provides protection from dust mites, allergens and odours. Besides, all mattresses are giving comfortable sleep. For more details visit http://www.dunlopilloworld.com/.

Kurl On

Kurl On begun their delightful journey from 1962. This is a most trusted and reliable brand. Their Mattresses are made up of high-quality materials by using modern technology. Today, it become India’s best selling mattress. There are 126 varieties of mattresses are manufactured. Rubberized coir, Therapeutic, Spring and Foam are the four types of mattresses. For more details visit http://www.kurlon.com/.

Sleep well

Sleep well is considered as one of the leading brand of mattress manufacturer. It is the flagship brand of ISO 9001 certified – Sheela Group. Their four models of mattersses are Flexi Puff, Premium, Back Support and Spring fresh. They used modern technology to manufacture their products. The mattress is more comfortable to sleep. Besides, the company ensures that it is long lasting. Sleepwell mattress is manufactured by AW Industries, Inc. There are 1500 employees working here. For more details visit http://sleepwellproducts.com/.


Duroflex is a reliable brand of mattress. It has four types of mattresses such as spring mattresses, rubberized coir mattresses, puff mattresses and Luxury mattresses. All ensures comfortable sleep and never cause backache or other body pain after the sleep. Besides, it is a member of the International Sleep Products Association. This brand was established in the year 1963. It is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. They are the largest exporter of mattress. For more details log on http://duroflexworld.com/.


Rubco is another popular brand of mattress, which was established in the year 1997. Their products have some certifications such as ISO 9001: 2008, USDA Organic, ISI, NABCB QMS 001 etc. Its mattresses are manufactured by India’s largest rubber products producer Kerala State Rubber Co-operative Limited. It is the manufacturer of various kinds of mattresses in India. Dosth, Safal, Yathri, Heal, Relief, Heaven and Hi-Tech are the seven models of mattress. For more details visit http://www.rubcogroup.com/.


Tempur-Pedic is a producer and distributor of mattresses. This company is located in Cold stream Research Campus at near Lexington, Kentucky. This is a US based company. This brand uses visco elastic foam to support the person’s body and prevent body ache. The company ensures best night’s sleep. Simplicity, Contour Collection, Weightless and Cloud are the four collection mattresses. For more details visit www.tempurpedic.com.

MM Foam

MM Foam is another leading brand. They produce and market products under the brand name “MM FOAM”. This brand was established in 1957. This is known as the largest manufacturer of latex foam rubber mattresses. Their mattress provides comfort sleep and relief from pain. Their four main collections are Coir mattresses, Pincore mattresses, Dual mattresses  and Spring mattresses. For more details visit http://www.mmfoam.in/.


Sleepzone is considered as one of the best spring selling mattresses in India. Real Innerspring Technologies Pvt. Ltd is the owner of this brand. It produces both spring mattresses and non spring. Galaxy Bonnell Pro Spring Mattress, Sleepzone Pocket Mattress, Europedic Organic Latex Mattress, Europedic Memory Foam Mattress etc are the major models of mattresses.

King Koil

King Koil is a US based brand, which was founded by Samuel Bronstein in 1898. This company is located in Willow brook, Illinois. Their mattresses suit for all of your needs. The mattress manufactured with high quality upholstery materials. So it gives a comfortable sleep. Besides, the mattress support our body. King Koil mattress are sold by King Koil Sleep Systems Limited. Perfect Solutions, Spine Support Collection, Perfect Contour and Natural Response  are the four types of mattress. For more details visit http://www.kingkoil.com.


Restonic is one of the leading brands in India. Their three collections are Health rest, Inner Spring and Comfort Care. This is a US based company. Their products providing comfortable and good night’s sleep. Their mattress will not cause any allergies and body aches. It is very soft to touch. For more details visit www.restonic.com.


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