Top 10 Most Popular Indian Bridal Jewellery – Ornaments

Most Popular Bridal Jewellery Sets For Indian Bride



 1. Ring

This is the Popular Indian Bridal Jewellery. Most of the religion and cultures considers purchasing and wearing Yellow gold engagement or wedding rings as a part of engagement and marriage. Bride and groom exchange wedding or engagement ring at the event. Those with Yellow gold, diamonds and other stones have more demand now a days. In most western cultures, it’s worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, otherwise known as the ring finger.



2. Ear ring

Bridal Ear ring must match your wedding gown or dress. Decide the length of the earrings based on your face and costume. Try holding up different earrings in front of the mirror and grab the one you feel best. The color of Bridal gown should match with the earrings too. If you have problem with ear piercing, choose earrings that can be customized with hooks, clips or posts.



3. Pendant

Bridal pendent can be made with single or multiple stones. If you are planned to wear the halter wedding dress with generous neckline, consider wearing it with the single-stone pendant.You can choose from either the single pearl or the gemstone in the matching hue. This is also another Popular Indian Bridal Jewellery. Keep in mind that an excessive use of jewelry will clash with the rich embroidery of the wedding dress.



4. Mangalsutra

The significance of the mangala sutra (Thaali) is almost equal in all Indian religions and cultures. This is considered as The Sacred Symbol of Marriage. As per Hindu Dharma, mangalsūtra is an ornament of a woman denoting her marital status. In Hindu weddings, one of the most sacred customs is of tying mangalsutra. Now most of them, choose more modern and easy to wear type mangala sutra. 



5. Necklace

This is a main part of every bridal Jewellery sets. Wearing a single heavy necklace along with suitable Gown or other bridal dress is the new trend. Choose from simple chain to a cascading diamond or gemstone statement piece. Pearl necklace will never go out of style and worth buying at anytime. Along with necklace, at marriage bride wears other lengthy gold chains for additional rich look. 



6. Chain

Chain can be purchased for different usage, than wearing in neck. A short Yellow gold chain, While combining with a beautiful pendant – offers appealing look to the bride. For more appealing choose simple but strong chain and use single heavy pendant along with gown or wedding dress. This can be wrapped around your waist or wear a hair decorating thread.  



7. Bangle

Wearing gold bangles are the best way to show off your wrist arms and hands. Different type of Gold bangles designs are available as Chain, Charm, Gemstone, Circle, Solo and Multiples. Wearing multiple bangles at the marriage or engagement is appealing. While purchasing each bangle should be interesting, it should not clash with the other pieces.



8. Maang Tikka

This is a Popular Indian Bridal Jewellery. With such important religious and fashion components, Indian tikkas are unavoidable style item in bridal Jewellery. It can wear in different styles based on your wish for that big day. Maang Tikka single double or large multiple chains are available. This is an interesting ornament which decorates both the face- fore head and hair to give complete bridal look. 



9. Tanmaniya

This is a kind of beautiful Necklace usually decorated with diamonds. Tanmaniya is the name that is mostly given to the shape of the necklace. It is also a Popular Indian Bridal Jewellery, which is a wearable necklace at marriage and other events. The particular design of the necklace is what is called Tanmaniaya. It looks best when styled with a plain outfit so that let your neck piece get all the attention.



10. Bracelet

Along with bangles most of them prefer to wear beautiful bracelets. It is better not to wear multiple chain bracelets together, as they can mix and tangle to cause scratching of ornaments. This is most of them became a useful and daily wearable accessory for working women. Choose those matching with your bangles and necklaces. 

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