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Top 10 Timepass Things Without Internet Access


Timepass Things Without Internet Access

Here is the list of Top 10 Timepass Things Without Internet Access. You can use the free time without internet in many ways, as productive or not. If your work depends on internet, then you can have some Productive and Inspiring Things during the No Internet Connection period. Check below to know the list of timepass things you can do without internet and enjoy the free time. 

Timepass Things Without Internet Access

1. Get Some Work Done

Most of your work may depend on internet availability. But if you check in detail, you can found that there are some work which can even get done without the availability of internet. According to many people, this is the best time to do work undistributed. Facebook, Twitter and even email are some time killing sources when internet is available for us during the work time.

If  you are a print or web designer, you can get plenty of work done without an Internet connection. You may feel far more productive without internet support. Excessive use of social media during work found to cause  profound drop in productivity for so many workers. That is reason behind employers are blocking popular time-sucking sites. 

2. Plan for secondary work activities

If your work strictly depend on internet and when there is no internet, then you have some free time to rest and relax. If you wish you can choose this free time for some secondary work activities and earn additionally.

This includes various offline works, article creations, writing books, stories etc. If you are a busy manager or co-coordinator, then use this free time to properly schedule projects you’re currently working or those that are coming up in the near future.

Sketch site layouts or logo ideas

3. Sketch site layouts or logo ideas

You can simply try grabbing a pencil and having some fun. If you have an urgent project and then no internet connection, then simply start sketching out possible site layouts or logo ideas. This doesn’t means detailed drawings but quick sketches which will help you and makes your works easy when the internet connection is re-established. 

4. Visit Places Around

You may have started with a new design project and then there is no internet connection, this is the best time to go for a walk around and grab some innovative ideas for your new project.

Simply visit the places around and try to focus on things related to your current project and get some inspiration. You may be a person experiencing work related tension or stress, so that when there is no internet connection, go for a walk alone or with your friend, around your office or place you work and just relax. 

Use a Camera

5. Use a Camera

Every one loves to capture photos and videos. If you are a person working in the field of photography or designing, then use the no internet period for taking photos by vising places around and use this in your present or future work.

Visit Art Museums, Urban Downtown Areas, Zoos & Aquariums for this purpose. This can also done as a part of hobby and can turn to a  marketable skill. With these kinds of small and simple activities you can enjoy greater satisfaction in your career.

6. Read a Book

Reading books and newspapers in detail during the internet free period is a great idea to explore knowledge and to relax. This is said to be an excellent way to productively kill time offline. You can choose a  teenage vampire love story or something  productive or educational. 

Conduct Meeting

7. Collaborate Team Members and Conduct Meeting

If you are a manager or a team member of an ongoing project, then use the free time without internet to conduct some short meetings or team discussion about urgent project work need to complete. If the work situation is already stressed and workers are under tension, then never attempt for this, rather you can have some friendly talk with team members and offer a cup of coffee. This is will have a positive impact than those meetings. Try to create a situation where the people under you can have fun collaborating with each other. 

8. Write and Get Paid

When there is no internet connection and your work completely depend on it, just grab a pen and paper and write something creative. You can work as a freelancer and write some articles for magazines or websites. This does not need the use of internet for all time, you can refer various books, places, art gallery, museums and people around. 

9. Have Fun with Photoshop

Photoshop is not only for work, you can use this for fun when there is no internet connection. You can do some creative, interesting and funny things stuff with Photoshop as it does not require any internet. If you are a you’re a professional designer, explore the Photoshop CS3 and CS4 for  ton of new useful features that you may have ignored simply as you don’t have the time to learn them.

Make a Call

10. Make a Call

When you’re forced offline, grab the phone and start making calls. This may be productive in the form of calls to present clients. Another option is, check your contact list and make a call to a friend and this may maintain good relationships. Be careful to not disturb them during their busy timings. 


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