Top 4 Best iris scanner Price in India – Features and Review 2018

Top 4 Best iris scanner Price in India

Below is the list of top 4 iris scanners present in the Indian market with its specification and price.

  • 3M Cogent High Speed Dual Iris Scanner
  • IRIMagic 1000BK Dual IRIS Scanner
  • Iritech Inc MK2120U Single Iris Scanner
  • Bmt-20 (BioEnable) Dual Iris Scanner


Iris scanner is now a day used for most of the devices including smartphones, laptops, etc. It uses iris recognition technique for bio-metric identification. Bio-metric identification that uses mathematical pattern-recognition techniques on video images of one or both of the irises of an individual’s eyes, whose complex patterns are unique, stable, and can be seen from some distance. Iris is an externally visible protected internal organ that is impossible to ulter surgically and stable with age. So it is the best way to use for user identification and authentication.

The iris recognition concept was first introduced by Dr. Frank Burch in 1939 and was first implemented in 1990 when Dr. John Daughman created the algorithm for this method. Now this technique has been used for various purposes including Credit-card authentication, ATM, Internet security, etc.

3M Cogent High Speed Dual Iris Scanner


Cogent CIS 202 High Speed Dual Iris Scanner USB powered scanner that will capture iris in less than 2 seconds.¬†This dual iris scanner low cost iris scanner is helpful for capturing high resolution iris images. CIS 202’S goggle is sturdy and hand friendly that is ideal for bio-metric applications such as applicant identification,civil registry enrollment,etc. It also features near infrared illuminators, LED lighting, and builtin spectral imaging sensitivity control to capture light in the range of 700-900 nano meters. The user friendly casing meets IP 54 rating.¬†

Price: Rs. 24,100/-

IRIMagic 1000BK Dual IRIS Scanner


IRIMagic 1000BK Dual IRIS Scanner is a single USB powered that comes with automated iris acquisition that will help capture high quality dual iris images in only seconds. It is STQC certified device used for fingerprint enrollment project. It uses infrared LED eye illumination . Irimagic cameras are available with external goggle shaped case to ensure optimal iris capture distance. This device can produce ISO standard compliant images and have a powerful SDK for easy software development.

Price: Rs. 20,000/-

Iritech Inc MK2120U Single Iris Scanner


Iritech Inc MK2120U Single Iris Scanner is a STQC certified compact and lightweight scanner that consume low power. It uses infrared LED eye illumination so that irises can be captured in various enviornments. The cappppptured iris images are compliant with ISO/IEC 1794-6 standard. Operating system supported are Microsoft Windows, Linux, Embedded Linux and Android. This USB port powered scanner is suitable for using with smartphones, tablets or other handheld devices.

Price: Rs. 10,900/-

Bmt-20 (BioEnable) Dual Iris Scanner


Bmt-20 (BioEnable) Dual Iris Scanner is a lightweight and robust scanner that can scan two eyes at a time in split second. The dedicated on-board image processor supports very high speed . It is certified by ISO/IEC 19794-6 for quality of the images captured. This scanner is powered by a USB 2.0 connection and meets IP64-6 specification. This scanner is most ideal for national and civil ID programs.

Price: Rs. 26,000/-

IRIS scanner mainly using for Aadhaar purpose, these scanners are usable for CSC owners in India and not only csc owners, post offices, various banks and other government institutions using these iris eye scanner for taking biometric details for aadhaar and other purposes.

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