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Top 5 Best and Most Successful Microsoft Windows OS in India


Top 5 Best and Most Successful Microsoft Windows OS in India

Today, Windows has completed its 25 successful years. Different types of Windows OS are available from Microsoft. Here we are introducing an article about Top 5 Best and Most Successful Microsoft Windows OS in India. These software are leading top and provide good performance. If you are searching for a good Microsoft Windows OS for your computer, check out our list. Our list covers the details of these OS. Read carefully and choose the right one.

1. Microsoft Windows 7

Windows 7 is known as a personal computer operating system, which is the best OS from Microsoft. It is significantly considered as more secure as well as user-friendly than any previous Microsoft OS. This OS comes with some features such as improved performance on multi-core processors, support for virtual hard disks, kernel improvements, advances in touch and handwriting recognition and improved boot performance, DirectAccess. This is also regarded as Microsoft’s fastest-selling OS. It is very simple to install.

2. Windows XP

Windows XP is regarded as a personal computer operating system, which was released in the year 2001, still has nearly 59 percent market share. The “XP” stands for eXPerience. This OS was produced by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. It gained generally positive reviews. This OS was available in two versions such as Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional. Windows XP Professional is easy to learn and install. Besides, this OS is also faster than other OS.

3. Windows 98

Windows 98 is considered as a graphical operating system, which can be updated to DirectX 9.0 and the Internet Explorer 6. This OS is faster than some laptops which running Windows 7. It was created by Microsoft. Windows 98 was released on June 1998. Integrated Internet Explorer 4.0, Internet Connection Sharing, extended support for the connection to networks and web optimized and networking through VPN are the features of this OS. This OS is the successor to Windows 95. Windows 98 can run many powerful and great games.

4. Windows 95

Windows 95 is regarded as a consumer-oriented operating system, which comes with very cool features includes good GUI, fast startup, fast shut down, high compatibility to DOS, Windows 3.x, plug and play, high number of device drivers, no multiprocessing, low local/network security, badly scalable etc. This OS was released on 24 August 1995. The OS was succeeded by Windows 98. It can run older Windows as well as DOS applications. This OS provided, at long last, a well designed document-oriented desktop shell.

5. Windows Millennium Edition

Windows Millennium Edition is also called as Windows ME, which is considered as the successor of Windows 98 SE with some selected features of Windows 2000. This is a graphical operating system. It was produced by Microsoft. This OS was full of more holes than an aerated lawn. Windows ME was launched on September 2000. It is more insecure than Stuart Smalley. This OS comes with some features like no 16-bit program code, Compatibility problems with software for Win9x and driver software, increased Stability with system recovery and system file protection, simplified network setup in opposition to the predecessor etc.


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