Top 5 Best Bicycle Brands and Models in India 2018

Top 5 Best Bicycle Brands and Models in India 2018

Searching for the Top & Best Bicycle Brands and Models in India? Here is the full listing of all famous and well known cycle brands and models in India with price. What is the importance of using a bicycle over a bike or car is really interesting. Use of this machine without any kind of fuel is absolutely healthy for your budget and body. Cycling ensures perfect body exercising and reduces the risk of over weight. It is the ever best cardio-exercise for you than any other gym workout.

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The benefits not only includes health, but also your economy, saving, mind relaxation and pleasure. Why not to choose a bicycle as an option, when you have to ride a short distance, like your near by shop purchasing and all. Before choosing a bicycle you should known the well known brands and models. All features, price and details of famous bicycle companies are given here. Select the best model for your need. 

List of 5 Best Bicycle Brands in India

1. Hero

2. Hercules

3. BSA

4. Atlas

5. Firefox


Hero cycle in india

1. Hero

India is the second biggest producer of bicycles in the world. Most of them exports to Africa and other developed countries. Hero is in top position in this list and they have approx 40 % of share in market.  It is the largest two-wheeler manufacturing company in India as well as the ‘World No.1’ two-wheeler company in terms of unit volume sales in a calendar year.

Hero cycles headquartered at Ludhiana, Punjab. They makes various bicycles and related products. Across the country, Hero gets stores and distribution centers. Product range of hero includes; City bikes, kids zone, roadsters, mountain bikes and Girlz Zone. Hero cycles are well affordable price stats from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 6000. 

Best Hero Bicycle Models in India – Price List

  • Hero Ranger 26T 18 speed bicycle Price : Rs. 6200 to 7000
  • Hero Ranger 26T 6 speed cycle Price : Rs. 5800 to 6600
  • Hero Ranger 26T without gear bike Price : Rs. 5200 to 5800
  • Hero X-Sport 15 speed bicycle Price: Rs. 5500 to 6300
  • Hero X-Sport 18 speed cycle Price: Rs. 5600 to 6500
  • Hero X-Sport 21 speed bike Price: Rs. 5700 to 6900
  • Razorback NE 26T bike Price : Rs. 4500 To Rs. 4900
  • Razorback NE 24T cycle Price : Rs. 4400 To Rs. 4800
  • Buzz Single Speed Kids’ bicycle : Rs. 4200 to 4800
  • Hero Cross Road Single Speed Boys bicycle Price : Rs. 4700 to 5700
  • Buzz Single Speed Kids bicycle : Rs. 4300 to 4900
  • Street Racer Single Speed 26T bicycle : Rs. 4300 to 5000
  • Hero Cyclone Single Speed 26T bicycle Price: Rs. 4200 to 4900
  • Hero Escape Single Speed 26T bicycle Price: Rs. 4900 to 6000
  • Hero Nitro Integra Single Speed 26T bicycle Price: Rs. 4500 to 5200
  • Zylo 18/21 Speed Hero Bicycle Price: Rs. 5300 to 6200
  • Hero Power Max Single Speed Bicycle Price: Rs. 4400 to 5200

Hercules cycle brand india

2. Hercules

Hercules is a British bicycle manufacturer founded on 9 September 1910. Hercules being the first brand of TI Cycles. They offers nation’s most popular range of cycle. With the introduction of Rockshox, Hercules introduced shock absorbers for the first time in India in 1993. They also hold the record for first to launch Turbo Drive & Top Gear in India.

Their geared mountain bike is very famous. Hercules Roadeo is the latest sub brand of this company. Hercules offers cycles in categories of Roadsters, Roadeo, Jr. Roadsters, Ryders, Turbo drive MTB and CMX. Hercules currently has more than 90 model Cycles in India. Price starts from Rs. 4000. Various models are available for male, female, unisex. 

Best Hercules Bicycle Models in India – Price List

  • Hercules Roadeo A-100 Vx 21spd White – Rs 10213/-
  • Hercules Sparx Bicycle (26 Inches) – Rs 3909/-
  • Hercules Ryders Contour Hi End Bicycle – Rs 17999/-
  • Hercules Roadeo Turner Vx 18 Speed Bicycle – Rs 8099/-
  • Hercules Roadeo A 300 Bicycle (White/Red) – Rs 13499/-
  • Hercules Roadeo A 300 White Black Bicycle – Rs 16000/-
  • Hercules MTB Turbodrive Sparx Bicycle, 26-inch – Rs 4200/-
  • Hercules MTB Turbodrive Rebellio 619 Bicycle, 24-inch – Rs 6600/-
  • Hercules Roadeo NFS – 26 X 18 – 18 Speed Bicycle(Blue/Silver) – Rs 9999/
  • Hercules MTB Turbodrive Rocky 2.0 Bicycle – Rs 3799/-
  • Hercules MTB Turbodrive Atom Bicycle, 26-inch – Rs 4850/-

BSA cycles

3. BSA

BSA is a famous bicycle manufactures in India since 1949. They are well known as the most preferred brand in fitness, recreation and personal mobility solutions. BSA Established in 1949 by the Murugappa Group in collaboration with Tube Investments (UK). The TI Cycles is a part of the Murugappa Group, one of India’s leading business conglomerates.

Well Renowned brands like BSA, Hercules, Ballmaster, Ajax, Parry’s, Chola, Gromor, Shanthi Gears and Paramfos are from the Murugappa stable. Across the country around 200 Hercules BSA Cycle Stores are available. Most famous models are BSA Champ, BSA Ladybird, Roadsters, SLR, Jr. Roadsters and BSA rydres. 

Best BSA Bicycle Models in India – Price List

  • BSA Ladybird Shine Bicycle, 26-inch – Rs 4099
  • BSA Champ Cybot 20″ Bicycle – Rs 4999
  • BSA Champ Rocket 20″ Bicycle – Rs 4499
  • BSA Champ Rocket 16″ Bicycle – Rs 4299
  • BSA Ladybird Breeze Bicycle, Junior – Rs 5699
  • BSA Ladybird Dazz Bicycle – Rs 6499
  • BSA Photon Ex Bicycle, 26-inch – Rs 4899

Atlas cycle in india brand

4. Atlas

Atlas coming with Six Decades of Cycling Revolution history. This is one of the top bicycle producing companies in the world. They claim the capacity to produce 4 million bicycles per year. Atlas hold millions of satisfied customers in India and abroad. This company is also accredited with ISO-9001-2008 certification from British Standards Institution. This is the First company to introduce bicycle with power brakes. 

Atlas offers fancy bikes, ladies bikes, junior bikes, kids bikes, roadsters and hi tech bikes. Price starts from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 8000 and above. Atlas received FICCI Award for ‘Best Industrial Relations’, Italy’s Gold Mercury International Award and EEPC Award for export excellence. This is the First company to introduce twin suspension double shocker bike in India. 

Best Atlas Bicycle Models in India – Price List

  • Atlas Bicycle Stealth-400 – Rs 11800
  • Atlas Campus Single Speed Bicycle – Rs 3800
  • Atlas Columbus Single Speed Bicycle – Rs 3750 – 3950
  • Atlas Duroshox Single Speed Bicycle Rs 4,150 – 4,450
  • Atlas Moonraker Single Speed Bicycle – Rs 3340
  • Atlas Frenzy Single Speed Bicycle Rs 3250 – 3500

Firefox cycle india

5. Firefox

Firefox is a well quality assured bicycles offering company. Firefox introduced an imported range of approx 30 bike models into the Indian market In early 2005 . This created a dramatic change in cycling scene in India. Their range of products includes Trek Bikes, Tern Bikes, Full Suspension Bikes, Hardtail Bikes, Road Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Cruiser Bikes and BMX Bikes.

The full spectrum of mountain, all-terrain, road, BMX & kids bikes & all bikes are made as per the much higher international quality standards & specifications. At present they have, more than 100 carefully chosen Franchisee outlets all over India. Cycles for kids at any age is also offering; Kids (3-5 Years) Bikes, Kids (5-7 Years) Bikes, Kids (7-9 Years) Bikes and Kids (9-12 Years) Bikes. 

Best Firefox Bicycle Models in India – Price List

  • Firefox Nitro 6-Speed Full Suspension 26 Bicycle Steel frame cycle price – Rs 9,920
  • 21 speed Disc Brakes cycle price: Rs. 13,990
  • 21 speed V- Brakes cycle price: Rs. 12,900
  • 6 speed V- Brakes cycle price: Rs. 11,390
  • Firefox Warrior 26 Bicycle price: Rs. 9,800
  • Firefox Kompac (Folding) 26 Bicycle Price: Rs. 10,770
  • Firefox Colorado Bicycle Price 7 Speed Full Suspension cycle price: Rs. 19,780

Other Best Leading Bicycle Brands in India:-

  • BMX
  • Cannondale
  • La Sovereign
  • Schnell
  • Maxit

Data of best bicycle brands in India collected from various sources and directly from market also. Kindly reply us if you have any suggestions in the above listing of cycles.

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