Top 5 Best Computer Keyboard Brands in India

Best Computer Keyboard Brands in India


Best Computer Keyboard Brands in India

 Best Computer Keyboard Brands in India list is here. Do you know which is the most common and most versatile device that is used for providing direct input in to the computer? No doubt it is the key board of the computer. even though there is lot of alternative input devices are available like touch screen, pen devices, character and voice recognition still  key boards plays an important role in data transfer.

Now a day’s specially developed key boards are available for gaming purpose too. Behalf of all the advantages keyboards tend to cause physical injury like carpel tunnel syndrome and it is a rich source of bacteria if didn’t kept properly cleaned may cause spreading of disease with multiple persons use.

The history of key boards starts with the invention of tele printer, the contemporary form of keyboard in 1910. Latest smart phones and tablets are free of traditional keyboards. But in virtual they also uses keyboard as a main mode of data entry. However keyboards are the central point of interaction between human and computer.

Most common Keyboard types

  • Standard keyboard

A standard keyboard or full travel keyboard in which key travel of at least .150 inches with total of 101 or 104 keys. These are most commonly used keyboards for home and office usage.

  • Lap top size keyboard

Standard keyboard reduced in size to effectively use in laptops and note books. They may not have a numerical key pad and function keys will be placed in different locations.

  • Thumb sized keyboard

They are using in smart phones like blackberry allows users to use multiple keys at the same time with one press.

Non standard/special use keyboard


A usual keyboard provides one action with one key. But chorded keyboard helps you to perform more actions with fewer keys on the keyboard.


On screen keyboards or software keyboards are virtual keyboards. You need to use another input device to operate each virtual key like a touch screen. These kind keyboards are using in touch screen cell phones.


Keyboard that are made up of foldable materials and resistant to liquids.

Projection keyboards

Keys are projected with laser and another sensor watch finger movement and produce the desired outcome.

Optical keyboard

These are light responsive keyboards.

Leading Five Keyboard Brands in India


  • Logitech
  • Microsoft
  • Lenovo
  • Dell
  • Hp

Logitech Keyboard

Logitech is an international provider of computer accessories founded in apples, Switzerland in 1981. This is one of the Best Computer Keyboard Brands in India. Their main products are computer peripherals like mice, track balls, keyboards, microphones, webcams etc. the company making products like mice and keyboards directly to the apple, hp, dell etc. Logitech keyboards are highly qualified and powerful .they offer variety of keyboards based on your usage and nature of work.

Main features of Logitech keyboards

  • Backlit keys
  • Blue tooth
  • Corded
  • Solar powered key board
  • Unifying nano receiver
  • Wireless
  • Logitech easy switch
  • With number pad
  • Touch surface

Platforms of Logitech keyboards

  • Ipad
  • Ipad2
  • Ipad (3rd generation)
  • Ipad (4th generation)
  • Ipad mini
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Pc gaming

Microsoft Keyboard

Microsoft is an American multinational company that develops and sells software and hard ware related to computing. This is one of the Best Computer Keyboard Brands in India. the Company founded by bill gates and Paul Allen in 1975 at New Mexico. Microsoft computing services are famous world widely and it is one of the world’s most valuable companies. Keyboards from Microsoft are aimed with productivity and comfort for the users.

Features of Microsoft keyboards

  • Wireless
  • Includes mouse
  • Ergonomic
  • Compact
  • Macintosh compatible
  • Spill resistant

Lenovo Keyboard

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational company founded in 1984 by liu chuanzhi. They are providing worldwide services in development and distribution of smart phones, computers and accessories. This is one of the Best Computer Keyboard Brands in India. Lenovo is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. It acquired IBM personal computer business in 2005 was a remarkable career history. Keyboards from Lenovo are little costly but they ensure quality always.

Keyboards from Lenovo

  • Lenovo enhanced performance usb keyboard-business black
  • Preferred pro usb keyboard-business black
  • Cherry smartcard keyboard
  • ThinkPad usb keyboard

Dell Keyboard

Dell is an American multy national computer company that design, develops, and distributes computers and related accessories worldwide. Dell is the third largest pc vender after hp and Lenovo. This is one of the Best Computer Keyboard Brands in India. The company founded by Michael dell in 1984 at us, Texas. Dell introduces different kinds of keyboards that are technically intelligent and quality assured.

Keyboards from dell

  • Dell km632 desktop wireless keyboard
  • Dell smartcard keyboard kb813
  • Dell tp713 wireless touchpad
  • Foldable keyboard

HP Keyboard

Hp is an American multinational company well known in the in hardware, software and IT industry. It is founded in 1939 bill Hewlett and David Packard. This is one of the Best Computer Keyboard Brands in India. Hp produces lots of computer accessories in an affordable price with good quality. Keyboards from hp are classified based on the brands from which they origin. Logitech, Microsoft and targus keyboards are available from the hp company. Beside of these products hp produces a wide range of keyboards.

Keyboards from HP

  • Hp classic wired keyboard
  • Hp wireless classic desktop keyboard
  • Hp wireless elite v2 keyboard
  • Hp ultra thin wireless keyboard
  • Hp wireless mini keyboard

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