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Top 5 Best Corn Flakes Brands in India


Top 5 Best Corn Flakes Brands in India

Breakfast is an essential part of our daily life, which should contain much nutrition and energy. Otherwise, it will affect our body and mind health. Today most of the peoples avoiding this habit. This will cause many physical and mental problems. Here we are introducing best five corn flakes brands in India. These companies are top leading in Indian markets. Corn flakes is the best breakfast cereal. Key features are full of energy, nutrition, cholesterol free, low in fat etc. If you are looking for a good corn flakes brand, check our list.


Kelloggs an American multinational food manufacturing company, which was founded on 19 February 1906. Will Keith Kellogg is the founder of this company. Vegetarian foods, Toaster pastries, Fruit-flavored snacks, Cookies, Corn Flakes, Crackers etc are the products of this brand. They ensures quality of their products. This company gives important to nutrition. The corn flakes enriched with vitamins and iron. Corn Flakes with Real Honey, Brownie Delight,  Real Mango Puree, Original, Real Banana Puree and Chips and Real Strawberry Puree, Real Almond and Honey etc are the flavors offered by this brand. Available at Rs. 90/- (approx).


Patanjali is known as an Indian brand of herbal, Ayurvedic and wellness products. This brand is considered as an Indian FMCG company, was founded by Ramdev Acharya Balkrishna in 2006. This company is a manufacturer of corn flakes, which is made up of large and crispy flakes from organic corns. This product is enriched with low cholesterol, lots of fibers and calorie. Available price is Rs. 170/- (approx).


Bagrry’s is considered as one of the leading brands of breakfast cereals and health foods. Mr. Shyam Bagri is the founder of this brand. They supply high quality products such as wheat flour, oats and 100% fat free corn flakes. These products are keeping your heart healthy. Almond ‘n’ Honey, NAS Corn flakes, Real Honey, Original and Healthier are the variants of their corn flakes. These corn flakes are enriched with Lower Glycemic Index and high dietary fibers. It is made of golden corn. Available price is Rs. 140/- (approx).


Savour India Pvt. Ltd. is considered as one of the leading producers, suppliers and exporters of Breakfast Cereals like Macaroni, Mini Soya Chunks, Choco Yumm, Poha, Muesli, Cornflakes and Dalia. Their corn flakes are made up of good quality sweet corns, which provides high nutrition and give energy for the whole day. Besides, it is so tasty and also enriched with  Vitamins C and iron. Available at Rs. 89/- (Approx).


Kwality is a well known corn flakes brand in India. Their product range includes Spice powders, Soup powders, Masalas and Instant products. They provide healthy and tasty breakfast cereals like corn flakes, Muesli, Choco flakes, Oats etc. It is made up of vitamins, malt extract, sugar, corn grits and salt. Natural Honey, Natural Banana and Natural Strawberry etc are the flavors of their corn flakes.  Available price is Rs. 170/- (approx).


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