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Top 5 Best Electric Bike Brands and Leading Models in India – 2018

Best Electric Bike Brands and Leading Models in India – 2018

In India environmental and noise pollution increasing daily and most of these contributions from the motor vehicles. We can’t avoid using vehicles but we can alternate the mode of use to electrical. Electric vehicles have today reached highest levels of technological advancement with latest innovations.

They are coast effective and affordable to the middle class people comparing to other personal vehicles. The importance of electric motor bikes is very high when comparing with the traditional vehicles environmental and noise pollution. Try an electric bike or scooter for your daily travelling and save our environment from pollution.

Best Five Electric Bike Companies in India

  1. Heroelectric
  2. BSA
  3. Indus
  4. Lohia
  5. Terra

1. HeroElectric


Heroelectric bikes are one of the leading electric bikes company in India and a part of the biggest hero group.  It was founded in 2007 headquarted at newdelhi, India by Mr. Brijmohanlal munjal to produce quality electric bikes.

They offer most eco friendly and coast effective electric bikes. Heroelectric zippy is the lowest priced model and .The highest priced model of Heroelectric is Hero Electric Photon.  Heroelectric aim pollution free and economical viable and noise free battery powered electric two wheelers. Hero electric presently launched 8 bikes bellow 100 cc in India, which is available now. List of these bikes are given bellow with expected price in ex-showroom. Delhi.

Hero Electric bikes Price List 

Low speed Models

  • Heroelectric Optima – Rs. 37490
  • Heroelectric Wave – Rs. 39590
  • Heroelectric Zippy – Rs. 19300
  • Hero Electric Zion – Rs. 35990
  • Heroelectric Maxi – Rs. 34990
  • Hero Electric Cruz – Rs. 37990

High Speed Models

  • Hero Electric Photon – Rs. 41,250
  • Heroelectric E Sprint – Rs. 35,990

1. Hero Electric Zion 

Hero Electric Zion powered by a High Torque Motor which offers Superior controller with EMC technology. The electric bike features an Aerodynamic and sleek body design with User friendly instrument cluster.

High efficiency BLDC motor is another hot feature of this bike. It is fitted with Drum Breaks for safety, Auto Cut-off mechanism and Strong Re-infroced chassis.

Key Features

  • 25 km / hour top speed
  • 45 km /charge range
  • 250 Motor Output (Watt)
  • 48V-12/20 AH Battery Type
  • 16 inch x 3 inch Wheel Diameter
  • Electric bike charger
  • 8 hours Battery Charging Time

2. Hero Electric Cruz

Hero Electric Cruz electric bike promises Versatile, Reliable and Sturdy. The bike offers 25 km / hour speed, 70 km /charge range, 250 BLDC Motor Output (Watt), 48V-20 AH Battery Type, 10 inch Wheel Diameter, E-BIKE CHARGER etc. You will get 8 Battery Charging Time. For safety equipped with Drum Break.

3. Heroelectric Wave Key Features

  • 70 km range
  • 20 AH Battery Type
  • 250 Motor Output (Watt)
  • 10 inch Wheel Size
  • 25 km/hr Speed
  • 8 deg Gradeability
  • 25 ltrs Storage Box Capacity

4. Heroelectric Maxi

Heroelectric Maxi electric bike comes with Stylish body with Attractive looks. It features High efficiency,waterproof motor with Hall sensors. The bike technically offers 25 km / hour speed, Less Than 250 Motor Output (Watt), SLA 48V/20 AH Battery Type, 16 inch x 3 inch Wheel Diameter, 48V, 3A Charger etc. 6 to 8 Hrs is the Battery Charging Time.

5. Heroelectric Optima + Key Features

  • 25 km / hour speed
  • 70 km /charge range
  • Drum brakes
  • Less Than 250 Motor Output (Watt)
  • SLA 48V/20 AH Battery Type
  • 16 inch x 3 inch Wheel Diameter
  • 48V, 3A Charger
  • 6 to 8 Hrs Battery Charging Time

2. BSA Motors


BSA motors is a major industrial combine that produces bicycles, cars, scooters and other vehicles and accessories. The company funded by gun quarter and Birmingham in 1861 at England. BSA motor cycles are made by the BSA cycles ltd.

There are 6 electric bike models are available in India. Among these most famous models are BSA rider, BSA fusion and BSA roamer. All the 6 electric bikes are bellowing 100cc. available electric bike models and price  ex-showroom. Delhi is given bellow.

Price List of Bsa Motors Electric Bikes

  • Bsa street rider  – Rs. 29000
  • Bsa fusion – Rs. 32000
  • Bsa edge – Rs. 35,300
  • Bsa smile – Rs. 27760
  • Bsa diva – Rs. 29000
  • Bsa roamer – Rs. 34500

Bsa Motors Fusion Electric Bike

The bike churns out  power of 250 watt. The fusion Electric bike equipped with battery which need charging time is 6 to 8 hrs.It features a sealed lead acid battery which is efficient and maintenance free. Attainable top speed is 25 kmph. Fitted with Drum, 110 mm front brake, Drum, 110 mm drum brake and weights 75kg.

3. YObikes

YObikes offers affordable electric bike which is best during this drastic rise in fuel prices and worsening air quality across many cities in India. Their electric two-wheelers are green range of no-petrol no-pollution two-wheelers. These are economical, eco-friendly, safe and convenient. This scooters are best-suited to all age groups. This is the first brand to introduce battery-operated electric scooters in India. They sells four products in India – EXL, Xplor, Electron ER and the Spark.

YObikes Leading Models Price list

  • Yo EXL Price in India: Rs 50171/-
  • Yo Electron ER Price in India: Rs 36937/-
  • Yo Explor Price in India: Rs 38978/-
  • Yo Spark Price in India: Rs 46594/-

4. Lohia

Lohia Auto was founded in the year 2008 and now this is a leading manufacturer of electric scooters in India. They offer both electric 2 –wheelers and 3-wheelers to customers at affordable price. Another hot category is diesel 3-wheelers. The company works towards creation of even better modes of transport solutions. Lohia Auto Industries works with SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers). This is the only Indian company registered with UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change).

Lohia Leading Models Price list

  • Lohia Fame Price: Rs 25056/-
  • Lohia Genius Price: Rs 27240/-
  • Lohia Oma Price: Rs 29100/-
  • Lohia Oma Star Li Price: Rs 32055/-
  • Lohia Elit 3000 Price: Rs 48082/-

5. Terra

Terra Motors offers high quality electric bike and scooters globally. Their  team includes professional engineers from Toyota, Honda, and Yamaha. Terra Motors planning to make innovation to the Asian EV market by launching vehicles Japanese product quality and also offers careful after-sales service.

Terra Electric Bikes/Scooters Price list

  • Terra Kiwami 1000cc Bike

It is powered by an efficient electric motor which gives you 10KW power output. The performance is awesome and it easily reaches top speed of 160kmph on ride. The bike focus over the urban youngsters who looks for eco friendly power solutions in two wheeler segment. It will take only 6 hours to charge the bike fully, after that you can ride without any stop in between up to 200km or more.

Terra Kiwami 1000cc Bike Price: Rs 19,95,300/- 

This vehicle offers you impressive 65kmph top attainable speed. The motor is a powerful product which is gives you 65km Estimated range after charging. The Terra A4000i Electric Scooter takes About 4.5 hours charging time.  This is Industry leading long lasting battery of 50,000km). For safety the Terra A4000i Electric Scooter  equipped with Front and rear disc brakes, Alloys, Self start, tubeless tyres and pass light etc.

Terra A4000i Scooter Price: Rs 1,10,850 Approx (upcoming)

Other Leading Electric Bike Brands in India



TVS Company is one of the top most bike producer in India awarded many times for their innovative bikes and scooters. Tvs motor company is a part of TVs group based in Chennai and Madurai. Trichur Vengaram Sundaram Iyengar founded this company in 20 Th century.

TVS has introduced 15 bike models to the Indian two wheeler industry. Among these TVS qube is the electric bike and the lowest priced TVS bike model worth Rs 65000 to 75000/- (Expected to launch in 2014). TVS bikes are always launching silently but they are highly efficient and quality build without the support of huge advertisements.

TVS Qube Electric Bike 

The Qube is a hybrid scooter from the company showcased in the 2012 Indian Auto Expo. It will become the first scooter in India with hybrid drive. The engine package will be a 100cc combustion engine.  There will be two riding mode/ options for the rider including ‘Hybrid Economy Mode’ and Hybrid Power Mode’.

Key Features of TVS Qube

  • 100cc combustion engine
  • Electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack
  • Two riding mode/ options and Regenerative braking
  • 70kmpl expected mileage
  • Start-stop system and less co2 emission

 TVS Qube Price in India: Rs. 65000 to 75000/- (Ex-showroom, Delhi)



BPG is a North American company founded by Benjamin Gulak and Ryan Fairhead in England. BPG produces environmentally responsible personal vehicles. BPG UNO I (Rs. 40000), ii (Rs. 45000) and iii (Rs. 50000) are the available electric bikes from the BPG company.

BPG UNO iii is the latest model of the Bpg Company. There is a remarkable change in design and feature of motorcycles with an eco friendly attitude. Uno is equipped with features of conventional motor cycles that can transform in to a high speed full motor cycle (35 miles/hour). In low speed it transform into a unicycle with wheel are parallel to each other. So they can balance easily and safely during busy traffic.

BPG UNO Electric Bikes Price List (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

  • BPG UNO I       Rs. 40,000/-
  • BPG UNO II     Rs. 45,000/-
  • BPG UNO III   Rs. 50,000/-



Eko is a Bangalore based Indian bike producing company recently launched their 2 electric bikes.  The company promotes environmental awareness and pollution and noise prevention measures. The company also planning rapid charging station in Bangalore.

Recently launched two models are EKO EV60 (Rs. 21000) and EKO COSMIC (Rs. 23000). Cosmic vehicles have rear wheel hub motor which powers the vehicle and eliminate transmission losses. They offer Speed of 40 km / hr and a range of 50 km / charge.

Price List Of EKO Electric Scooter

  • EKO EV60 Price: Rs. 21,000/-
  • EKO COSMIC Price: Rs. 23,000/-


EKO COSMIC – I features Maximum Speed 40 Km / Hr, 50 Km Range Per Charge, 4 Meters Braking Distance, 15 degree Gradability, Less than 60db Max Noise while driving. The Load Carrying Capacity of this bike is 100kg (maximum).


EKO EV 60 offers 57KMPH and takes 6 – 8 Hrs if 80% discharged  Recharging Time. Another feature is 1.2 units, consumed per charge. Three modes available in vehicle is ECONOMY E, RIDE R and POWER P.

  • Hero Ultra
  • Yo Bikes
  • ACE Motors
  • Kabirdass
  • Lectrix
  • Ultra motor
  • Ampere Vehicles
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