Top 5 Best Electric Generator Brands In India 2018

Top 5 Best Home Generator Brands In India 2018

  • Honda Generator

  • Yamaha Generator

  • Bajaj Generator

  • Mitsubishi Generator

  • Birla Power Generator


Looking for a best generator within affordable price range? A quality generator or inverter is the must have thing in a country like India with lots of possibilities of sudden power failure. Generator Products are offered in three main categories. Residence and Small Businesses, Medium Businesses and Large Businesses purpose based.

Among this 0-4 KVA products are well Suited for small shops, retail stores etc. The best companies and brands offering quality generator products are Honda, Yamaha, Bajaj, Caterpillar, Mahindra, Kirloskar, Ashok Leyland, Kohler, Birla power, Crompton Greaves, Titan etc.

1. Honda Generator

Honda Generator

Honda offers range of quality generator within affordable price range in India. Most of these models are portable type. You can choose from fuel type as Petrol, Kerosene, LPG etc. Honda home range of generators starts with capacity of 2000 watts, 120V.

These are Ideal for TV/DVD, satellite, fridge, coffee pot, and more. THe generators are Super quiet and Easy to carry as it weights less than 47 lbs. The greater advantage of Fuel efficient – up to 9.6 hrs on 1 gal of gas is another feature. The Inverter helps in stable power for computers and more products.

Leading Models

  • Honda Handy Series EM 650 0.45 KVA Generator
  • Honda Handy Series EK 400 0.35 KVA Generator
  • Honda Handy Series EBK 650 0.45 KVA Generator
  • Honda Handy Series EBK 1000 0.65 KVA Generator
  • Honda EXK 2800s 2.1 KVA Generator
  • Honda EXK 2800 2.1 KVA Generator
  • Honda EXK 2000s 1.4 KVA Generator

2. Yamaha Generator

Yamaha Generator

Yamaha generators are highly quality assured products. The line up includes majority of portable type generators. You can use it in indoor, outdoor for commercial or non commercial usage. The products have  longest emission engine durability and light weight. It also features  Noise Block -Yamaha’s acoustically engineered sound reduction system and Smart Throttle, a load sensing rpm control. 

Auto Warm-up feature, Yamaha’s Oil Watch Warning System, 12 Volt DC output, Recharge 12-volt batteries, Exclusive dual coil alternator stator, Large fuel fill access and Factory Warranty of three years are the best features of Yamaha generators. Most of the models have Standby Generators style and gas fuel option. 

Leading models

  • Yamaha EF2600 3.25 KVA Generator
  • Yamaha EF4000DE 5 KVA Generator
  • Yamaha EF12000DE 15 KVA Generator
  • Yamaha EF6600DE 8.24 KVA Generator

3. Bajaj Generator

Bajaj Generator

Bajaj generators are best solutions for all your power failure problems. The low cost one is BAJAJ powerhouse LPG generators priced Rs. 27000/-. This model powered by latest OHV engines and high quality inbuilt with AVR alternator to ensure Stable Output.

Main features of Bajaj generators are Recoil Start, Ultra Compact and light in weight, Lowest running cost. They comes with fitted Castor wheels base for easy mobility and can Runs an Air conditioner. 

Leading Models

  • Bajaj Powerhouse BG1000 LPG generator
  • Bajaj Powerhouse BG2500 LPG generator
  • Bajaj Powerhouse BGA2500 LPG
  • Bajaj Powerhouse BGA2500 LPG
  • Bajaj Powerhouse BGA2800 Silent LPG
  • Bajaj Powerhouse BGA3000 P Silent Petrol
  • Bajaj Powerhouse BGA3000 Silent LPG

4. Mitsubishi Generator

Mitsubishi Generator

Mitsubishi is well known for quality products for more than 100 years. The generators from company are comes with limited two-year commercial, rental and consumer warranty. The range of products in generator segment includes Economy, Premium and Welder.

These products are engineered to run 24/7 with optimal performance. The generators features Mitsubishi OHV engine, quality automatic idle control, trusted full frame, automatic voltage regulator, lasting low oil sensor and a large fuel tank. 

Leading Models

  • Mitsubishi MGE2901 3.625 KVA Generator
  • Mitsubishi MGE1801 2.25 KVA Generator
  • Mitsubishi MGE1300T 1.625 KVA Generator
  • Mitsubishi MGC1101 1.375 KVA Generator
  • Mitsubishi MGA2901 3 KVA Generator
  • Mitsubishi MGA1801 2.25 KVA Generator
  • Mitsubishi MGA1200 1.5 KVA Generator

5. Birla Power Generator

Birla Power Generator

Birla Power offers home generators in wide range for various purpose. The range includes Portable Silent DIESEL Gensets, Portable Silent PETROL /LPG (Optional) Gensets, Portable Silent Multifuel Gensets KEROSENE / PETROL / LPG (Optional), DIESEL WATER PUMP SETS etc. 

Leading Models

  • Birla Power Ecogen EG 3000A 2.5 KVA Generator
  • Birla Power EG 2200A 1.7 KVA Generator
  • Birla Power EG 1400A 1.3 KVA Generator
  • Birla Power EG 800 0.7 KVA Generator
  • Birla Power BEN 6000 A 3.7 KVA Generator
  • Birla Power EG 2800A 2.4 KVA Generator
  • Birla Power EG 2000A 1.6 KVA Generator

Other Best Leading Models and Brands of Generators


Caterpillar is one among the oldest company making best quality generator globally. Currently Caterpillar offers diesel-fueled generator From 36 kW to 17,460 kW of power potential. Cat Rental products offers reliable power, ranging from 20 ekW to 2000 ekW. The gas generators are  ranging from 60 to 9700 ekW for various purpose. 

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