Top 25 Best Fridge – Refrigerator Brands in India with models and price 2018

Buying a home appliance from the market becomes prudent to us decide what should we actually buy? Depending upon wide ranges of choices size, features, space all are important factors to be considered. During a short period of  interval a new fridge model with  new adds-on designs arrives in the market. This is one of the Best Fridge – Refrigerator Brands in India.

Selecting and purchasing a refrigerator is often more complicated depending on design, features, and affordability. There are simple – direct cool, cyclical and frost-free refrigerator. Direct cooling  are single door refrigerators and frost-free refrigerators arrives with  double and multiple doors. Some of the best fridges available in the market are listed below.

This list includes best 5 star rated single door or double door refrigerators available currently in Indian market. These are highly popular and budget friendly fridge models with good star rating and thus energy efficient. These fridge models can save your money than conventional models. All these refrigerator models are from best fridge brands which offers high quality products in India. We hereby listed the best refrigerators/ fridge under 10000,15000,20000,25000, 30000, 35000 and even costing below 70000 and more than 1 Lakh . Check the below shown pricing.

Best Fridge – Refrigerator Brands in India

  1. LG Refrigerator
  2. Samsung Refrigerator
  3. Whirlpool Refrigerator
  4. Godrej Refrigerator
  5. Kelvinator Refrigerator

1. LG Refrigerator

LG provides you refrigerator with latest innovative techniques with basic health guards. it is now arriving with it’s new LG sided by side refrigerator with Wonder door having four step purification system, LG’s double door refrigerator designed with healthiest technology. This is one of the Best Fridge – Refrigerator Brands in India.

LG-RefrigeratorThe world’s first green ion door cooling technology preserving freshness upto 2.5 times longer. Single storage refrigerator having stylish,healthier enhancements  having star features like ice making  Vitamin Plus, Works without stabilizer, New Blossom Patterns, Freeze & Cook Box and Beauty & Care Box.

Leading models of LG Refrigerator

Side By Side Refrigerator

  • LG 567 Ltr GC-L207GSYV Side By Side Refrigerator Noble Steel Rs 82166
  • LG 567 Ltr GC-L217BSXV Side By Side Refrigerator Silver Rs 83000
  • LG 581 Ltr GC-B207GPQV Side By Side Refrigerator Bouquet Rs 69825
  • LG 679Ltr GC-M237AGNN Side By Side Refrigerator Mulan White Rs 120249

Single Door Refrigerator

  • LG 185 Ltr GL-195CLGE4(RL) Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator Rs 12146
  • LG 190 Ltr GL-205KMG5(BB) Single Door Refrigerator Rs 14966
  • LG 215 Ltr GL-225BEDG5 Single Door Refrigerator Silk Blossom Rs 17099
  • LG 190 Ltr GL-205KMG4 Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator Rs 12113

Double Door Refrigerator

  • LG GL-M292RLTL(PV) Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator  Rs 23213
  • LG GL-D322RPJL(VG) Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Rs 32300
  • LG GL-D322RPJL(SG) Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Rs 29450
  • LG GL-M322RLTL(SU) Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Rs 29203
  • LG GL-M302RLTL(PV) Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Rs 28025
  • LG 285 Ltr GL-D302RPJL (PG) Double Door Refrigerator Rs 28785
  • LG GL-M472GLJM(PV) Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Rs 43274
  • LG GL-D292RPJL(SG) Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Rs 26315

2. Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung offers superior cooling technique for storage of food which is nicely tuned for fulfilling your hunger. Embedded with an outstanding design will make it more delightful. The hinges are slick covered simple, clean looking, scrupulous design is well enhanced for providing  long lasting beauty.

Samsung-Refrigerator brandThis is one of the Best Fridge – Refrigerator Brands in India. It’s direct cooling technology will operate in higher fluctuation voltage as low as 135V and as high as 290V. It is highly energy efficient. Besides these it’s direct cool fresh kit  absorbs bad odour in refrigerator thus keeping fridge odour free and food products fresh and healthy.

Leading models of Samsung Refrigerator

Double Door Refrigerator

  • Samsung 253 Litre Double Door RT27HAJYASA/TL Refrigerator Rs 20108
  • Samsung 275Ltr RT28FAJSARX/TL Double Door Refrigerator Rs 27351
  • Samsung 275Ltr RT28FAJSALX/TL Double Door Refrigerator Rs 27830
  • Samsung 253Ltr RT26FAJSALX/TL Double Door Refrigerator Rs 24439
  • Samsung 253 Ltr RT26FAJSAWX/TL Double Door Refrigerator Rs 24938

Single Door Refrigerator

  • Samsung 230Ltr RR2315TCARX/TL Single Door Refrigerator Rs 18430
  • Samsung 190 Ltr RR1915CCASA Single Door Refrigerator  Rs 14495
  • Samsung 190Ltr RR1914BCASE/TL Single Door Refrigerator Rs 12828
  • Samsung 190Ltr RR1915TCARX/TL Single Door Refrigerator Rs 15770

Side By Side Refrigerator

  • Samsung 585Ltr RS21HUTPN1/XTL Side By Side Refrigerator Rs 80832
  • Samsung 585 Ltr RS21HZLMR1/XTL Side By Side Refrigerator Rs 102453
  • Samsung 580Ltr RS554NRUA1J Side By Side Refrigerator Silver Rs 82175
  • Samsung 600Ltr RS21HSTWA1 Side By Side Refrigerator Rs 68391

3. Whirlpool Refrigerator

Whirlpool refrigerator is having a unique 6th sense frosting control technology.It has e-light means when power goes off it still works. It has health guard door. The veg fresh crisper technology will keep 10 time more moisture capacity thus enhancing vegetables and fruits much fresher for longer time.

Whirlpool-RefrigeratorThis is one of the Best Fridge – Refrigerator Brands in India. There is no need of stabilizer. It makes ice quickly and also has anti-fungal gasket keeping the germs at bay. The e-lighting capacity enables uninterrupted lightning during power cut-off powered with Ni-Cd auto chargeable battery.

Leading models of  Whirlpool Refrigerator

Double Door Refrigerator

  • Whirlpool 262Ltr NEO IC275 TCG4 Double Door Refrigerator Rs 20754
  • Whirlpool 292 Ltr. Double Door Frost Free Neo Ic305 Rs 32500
  • Whirlpool 410Ltr NEO 425 CLUB IMPERIA Double Door Refrigerator Rs 38855
  • Whirlpool 220 Ltr MMS 235 DELUXE 3S Double Door Refrigerator Rs 17275
  • Whirlpool 242Ltr NEO IC255 TCG4 Double Door Refrigerator Rs 19536

Side By Side Refrigerator

  • Whirlpool 635 Ltr FDBM Side By Side Refrigerator Rs 129266

Single Door Refrigerator

  • Whirlpool 180 Ltr 195 MP 4W Single Door Refrigerator Red Rs 12100
  • Whirlpool 180 Ltr 195 MP 4W Single Door Refrigerator Grey Rs 11100
  • Whirlpool 190Ltr 205 I-MAGIC 5PQG Single Door Refrigerator Rs 14535
  • Whirlpool 180Ltr 195 MP 4DG Single Door Refrigerator Rs 13400
  • Whirlpool 215 Ltr 230 I-Magic 5ADG Single Door Refrigerator Rs 17955
  • Whirlpool 180 Ltr 195MP4G Single Door Refrigerator Wine Duet Rs 12817

4. Godrej Refrigerator

Godrej refrigerator  is introducing new edge pro refrigerator offering 6 star performance like maximum energy efficiency upto 15% compared to other 5 star refrigerators. This is one of the Best Fridge – Refrigerator Brands in India. ‘Designed by curiosity’ it is designed concerning consumer preferences and aspiring values.

Godrej-RefrigeratorIt has been a leading manufacturer since 8-9 years. It’s Edge pr technology is just what you are all looking for next.  The consumers are looking for more than simple cooling; advanced freshness, health concerns, storage efficiency, energy savings and stylish exteriors to match their discerning lifestyles.

Leading models of  Godrej Refrigerator

Double Door Refrigerator

  • Godrej 231Ltr 25 SMT-3 Double Door Refrigerator Silver
  • Godrej 231Ltr GFE 25SM3N Double Door Refrigerator
  • Godrej 305Ltr GFE 32 CVT4N Double Door Refrigerator
  • Godrej 343Ltr 36 CVT4N Double Door Refrigerator
  • Godrej 283 Ltr 30CMT4N Double Door Refrigerator

Single Door Refrigerator

  • Godrej 185CH Single Door 185Ltr Refrigerator Rs 10925
  • Godrej 190Ltr RD EDGEPRO190PDS Single Door Refrigerator Rs 15749
  • Godrej 200 Ltr RD Edge SX-200 CW Single Door Refrigerator Rs 15390
  • Godrej Direct Cool Single Door Godrej 190 Ltr. RD Edge Pro Rs 14435
  • Godrej 210 Ltr RD Edge Pro 210 PDS 5.1 Single Door Refrigerator Rs 16625

5. Kelvinator Refrigerator

Kelvinator is one of the Best Fridge – Refrigerator Brands in India. The direct cooling is the biggest revenue it offers to the market having strong resonance to users. Ranging from Direct cooling to Frost free refrigerators is offered by Kelvinator.

Kelvinator-RefrigeratorIt consists a new range of Power Cool Refrigerators in both Direct Cool & Frost Free segment, Kelvinator takes cooling technology to give you Fresh & Healthy food. It offers  complete package brand for your Home Appliances.

Leading models of  Kelvinator Refrigerator

Single Door Refrigerator

  • Kelvinator 180 Ltr KGE 193 Single Door Refrigerator Burgundy Rs 9580
  • Kelvinator 307Ltr KCP 324 Single Door Refrigerator Inox Rs 14536
  • Kelvinator 200Ltr KFL215TKC Single Door Refrigerator Rs 11724
  • Kelvinator 180Ltr KFE194BR Single Door Refrigerator Rs 10311
  • Kelvinator 220Ltr KFV234T Single Door Refrigerator Purple Rs 13155
  • Kelvinator 190Ltr KSL205STKO Single Door Refrigerator Rs 11823

Double Door Refrigerator

  • Kelvinator 190Ltr KSE 204BR Double Door Refrigerator Rs 9691
  • Kelvinator 245Ltr KSP254GH Double Door Refrigerator Rs 16976
  • Kelvinator 245 ltr KSL254MX Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator Rs 16346
  • Kelvinator 230 Ltr KCP244BLC Double Door Refrigerator Rs 14630

We have prepared this best fridge/refrigerator brands list as per our market analysis. These brands  and models are leading in Indian market. We request you to suggest us if you have any details of best models morethan this listing.

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