Top 5 Best Health Insurance Companies and Policies in India

 Best Health Insurance Companies and Policies in India

  • Apollo Munich

  • ICICI Lombard

  • Max Bupa Health insurance

  • Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Limited

  • Reliance Health insurance

Here is the list of Top 5 Best Health Insurance Companies and Policies in India. You can choose the best  Health Insurance for your future concern. Most of the  Health Insurance companies offers separate policies for individual, family, senior citizen etc. When you choose a health insurance policy, you must select the best company in India with good feedback. The policy should be optimum for covering the Hospitalization expenses, Surgery fee, medicine cost, Day Care Treatment, Nursing Allowance etc. 

1. Apollo Munich

Apollo health insurance company offers Most awarded health insurance plans with Cashless Hospitalization. If You choose the Individual plan, you will get benefits like Restore benefit with 100% no claim bonus and No additional loadings at renewal due to claim. For Family health insurance, This plan Covers entire family under one plan. 

Other features are No additional loading at the time of renewal, 100% no claim bonus and Sum Insured available: Rs 3 to 15 Lakhs. For senior citizen they offer insurance with features of Lifelong cover for self and spouse, 5% discount for every claim free year, Cashless coverage across network hospitals and No claim based loading on renewals. 


2. ICICI Lombard

ICICI Lombard is a joint venture between ICICI Bank Limited and Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited. This Insurance company founded in 2001 by hargav Dasgupta. This is the  the largest private sector general insurance company in India. The company offers services like ICICI Lombard Health Insurance, ICICI Lombard Overseas Student Medical Insurance, International Travel insurance, ICICI Lombard Home Insurance and ICICI Lombard Car Insurance. 

ICICI Lombard offers variety of health cover options like ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance, Personal Protect and Health Care Plus. ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance offers Coverage up to Rs. 10 Lac. Multiple sum insured options. Personal Protect insurance offers Coverage against Accidental Death or Permanent Total Disablement (PTD) due to an accident. Health Care Plus Insurance is the Individual Cover for each member of the family. 


3. Max Bupa Health insurance

Max Bupa Health insurance is the best health insurance option to deal with the rising medical cost. This is one of the  best health insurance plan that suits your needs. You can choose the best individual plan/couple plan/Nuclear family insurance/Extended family insurance as per your need. You can choose plans which hosts of benefits including direct claim settlement, pre and post hospitalisation expenses.

Max Bupa Health insurance plans are easy to buy and this is a  blanket which cover for your medical expenses. Leading insurance plans by Max Bupa Health insurance are family first, Family floater, personal accident and hospital cash. These plans are available under three categories named:- Health Companion Health Insurance Plan – Health Companion, Heart beat and Health Insurance. 


4. Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Limited

Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Limited is one of the India’s trusted specialist in Health Insurance. They provides quality service at best rates. You can choose from the list of best health insurance policies and solutions suited to meet the needs of everyone. Cashless hospitalization and Reimbursement facility offered by this insurance company. 

They offer 24 x 7 free medical advice and expert Doctor Consultation, Hassle free and customer friendly direct claim settlement and ensures Ultimate Customer Satisfaction. You can choose from Star Care Insurance Policy, Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy, Family Health Optima Insurance Plan, Mediclassic Insurance Policy (Individual), Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy, Super Surplus Insurance Policy etc. 


5. Reliance Health insurance

Reliance Health insurance is one of the best Health Insurance Companies in India offers good policies. They offer HealthGain Policy, HealthWise Policy and Wellness policy under the Health insurance policies. HealthGain! policy features are, Discount of 5% for a single woman or girl child, Re-instatement of base sum insured, Automated one-year extension of policy if in case of ‘named critical illness’, Immediate & extended family members can be covered under individual plan and Lifelong renewal etc. 

HealthWise Policy features are:- Hospitalization expenses, Domiciliary Hospitalization, Day Care Treatment, Pre & Post Hospitalization cover, Nursing Allowance, Pre existing coverage after 4 years of renewal, Cost of Health Check up reimbursement after 4 claim free years etc. The company also offers wellness program. 

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  1. Please guide.
    There are public health insurance company like oriental, new India and private insurance company like Apollo, star health.Here as per data public company claim settlement ratio is more than pvt. Company’s. Then what is the reason that pvt. Company is preferred over public company.

  2. Agree with these top 5 health insurance companies in India. Apart from these list, there are many other health insurance companies available like cholamandalam, Future Generali, Religare health insurance, etc. which provide best health insurance plans in India.


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