Top 5 Best Home Inverter – UPS Brands and Models in India

 Best Home Inverter – UPS Brands


What is an inverter and how it is beneficial for your home? An inverter is simply a DC powered device that intakes DC power (from battery or solar) and it is converted into AC “household” power.

This power supply can be used for running electronics/electrical equipment and appliances at home when you are facing a power failure. Here below you can check the best home inverter brands and leading models from those companies.

1. Su-Kam Inverters


Su-Kam Power Systems Limited offers quality inverters over 70 countries worldwide. Company offers intelligent power back-up solutions. The range of technologically advanced Inverters are best suited for for home and commercial purposes.

The company offers products in two range, Economical Range for Home usage (100 VA to 2.5 KVA) and Premium Range (Pure Sine Wave) for sensitive products (250 VA to 3.5 KVA). List of leading models are giving below for your easiness to select. 

Economical Range for Home usage (100 VA to 2.5 KVA)

  • Pico (100 VA / 12 V)
  • Micron HUPS / Inverter (150 VA & 250 VA)
  • Chic HUPS / Inverter (650 VA & 850 VA)
  • Torque HUPS / Inverter (650 VA – 2500 VA)
  • Cosmic HUPS / Inverter (850 VA)
  • Shark HUPS / Inverter (650 VA – 2.5 KVA)
  • Frendy i HUPS / Inverter (400 VA)

Economical Range products offers Peak Power Output 300%, User Friendly LED Display, Very Fast Switch Over Time, in-built CFL Holder, in-built 7.2 Ah SMF Battery, micro Controller Based PWM Technology using MOSFETs etc. 

Premium Range (Pure Sine Wave) for sensitive products
(250 VA to 3.5 KVA)

  • Falcon Eco  (1000VA)
  • Shiny HUPS / Inverter (250 VA – 1500 VA)
  • Falcon HUPS / Inverter (600 VA – 1400 VA)
  • Smiley HUPS / Inverter (850 VA)
  • Blaze HF Inverter (850 VA)
  • Fusion CUPS ( 2.2 KVA /36 V)
  • Fusion CUPS Series (2.5 KVA & 3.5 KVA)

Premium Range products features Handle High Current, Superior Technology,  Choose between UPS & Non UPS Mode, Extra Energy Efficient, Easy Switch-over, Advanced Fuzzy Logic Control Technology,  Two-way slider Selection Switch, Highest Cold Start Capability,  wheeled trolleys etc.

2. Microtek


Microtek offers high quality inverters in three range, SOHO digital inverters, Hi-end sine wave inverters and SOHO Sine Wave Inverters.

SOHO digital inverters

These type products are runs on 3 Battery System with 110V~310V / 42~56.8 Input DC Range. Offers >90% Efficiency (on battery mode). Protections includes Overload, short – Circuit, Charger Current, Warranty etc. 

  • SOHO Digital Inverters-2.5KVA/36V
  • SOHO Digital Inverters-3KVA/48V

SOHO Sine wave inverters

These inverters runs on 3 Battery System with input DC Range of 31.5 ~ 42.6. The Efficiency (on battery mode) is >80%. It is equipped with Overload, Short – Circuit, Charger Current protection facilities. 

  • SOHO Sinewave Inverters-2.2KVA/36V
  • SOHO Sinewave Inverters-3KVA/48V

Hi-end sine wave inverters

It is best to use for various applications like Petrol Pumps, Photostat Machines, Dental Machines, Clinics, Shops, Showrooms, Offices & Home Appliances. 

  • SOHO Hi-End Inverters-5.5KVA/96V
  • SOHO Hi-End Inverters-8KVA/144V
  • SOHO Hi-End Inverters-10KVA/192V

3. Birla Power Inverter


Birla Power Solutions Ltd comes with Digital Switching technology. BPSL inverter designed with high quality digital circuit to offer faster response with protection. Currently the Product Range available in 500VA,700VA & 1500VA Capacity for selection.

Key Feature’s of BPSL’s Digital Power Inverter includes Digital Circuit,  MOSFET with PWM technology, Smart, User Friendly & Easy to Operate,  Instant Switch over etc. The inverter also features  Auto Scan & Auto Reset, possible to work in  difficult power conditions, Quick Charge and Safety of Battery etc. Without all these good things the company holds a strong dealer network across the country. 

Leading Models

  • EPG 600
  • EPG 800 Sinewave
  • EPG 1500 Easy
  • EPG 800 Easy

4. Luminous


Luminous offers range of high quality UPS/inverter under Luminous rural products. The list includes Shakti charge home UPS and Cracker CFL home UPS. The inverters Ensures faster battery charging and comes with Advanced battery management. This  enhances battery life up to 70% and there will be only Negligible battery-water loss.

Another feature is the Intelligent continuous charging profile adjustment. These inverters are protected from Overload with Auto Reset and Battery Deep Discharge with Reset Option. There is also Ultra-Fast Short Circuit Protection and Battery Reverse Polarity Protection.

Leading Models

  • Eco Volt 1500VA
  • Luminous 1400VA
  • Luminous 875VA
  • Luminous 850VA
  • Higher KVA Home UPS
  • Eco Volt 900VA
  • Luminous 800VA
  • Luminous 675V
  • Luminous 600VA

5. APC


APC Inverter is the best option whenever you are facing power failure problems. Keep your lights, fans and sensitive electronics running when there is problem with power supply. It is best suitable and made specifically for India’s harsh power conditions. APC 600VA machine can run 2 fans, 2 lights and 1 TV. APC 850VA can run 4 fans, 4 lights and 1 TV during power cut. If you want more power supply go for APC 1500VA as it runs 7 fans, 7 lights and 1 TV during power cut.

Leading Models

  • APC 1500VA
  • APC 1000VA
  • APC 850VA
  • APC 650VA
  • APC 600VA


Other Best Leading Inverter brands and Models

  • True Power
  • Genus
  • Dynamic
  • Arise
  • Videocon

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