Top 5 best Indian Dishes

Top 5 best Indian Dishes

List of Top 5 best Indian Dishes are, 

  • Dal-Bati,Raabdi & Ghevar

  • Aloo Paratha with sweet curd or dahi

  • Biryani

  • Idli -Sambhar/chutney/dahi(curd)

  • Mughlai

India is a country that is having diverse culture,religion,scenic glory. Due to its distinctive feature it has given birth to large number of cuisines.India is basically denoted as food enriched with herbs and spices. The taste,aroma is highly tempting to have them.The most delicious Indian food is listed as follows

1. Dal-Bati,Raabdi & Ghevar


Bati means bread served with dal in combination with stew made from pulses. This is one of the best Indian Dishes. Ghevar means sweet dish of traditional Rajastan. Raabdi  is made of flour,yoghurt, bajra ki roti. Basically Rajasthani people prefer in using butter in high quantity in order to use less amount of water.

2. Aloo Paratha with sweet curd or dahi


Aloo Paratha is an Indian bread made of whole wheat. Paratha is stuffed with potatoes and like other fillings. It is a punjabi recipe. It is made in pure desi ghee and high in fat content and cholesterol. It is delicious food item. It is also served as breakfast item. This is one of the best Indian Dishes.

3. Biryani


Biryani is a dish basically marinated with meats like chicken,goat,lamb along with basmati rice . Some people add nuts yoghurt ,raisin or peas. This is one of the best Indian Dishes. It is festive dish. Hyderabadi Biryani is considered as one of the delicious Biryani among other states Biryani.

4. Idli -Sambhar/chutney/dahi(curd)


It is one of the delicious south Indian dish popularly for the breakfast.Hot Idli served with Sambhar serves the best. Idli immersed in dahi/curd also tastes the better or when served with chutney also seems delicious. It is considered as one of the nutritious food rich in protein.

5. Mughlai


It is one of the royal dish filled with spices. This is one of the best Indian Dishes. It is a north Indian dish. Mughlai food basically uses sauces,butter curries. It is really very tempting to see and to eat. Mughlai dish is esortic and delicious.

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