Top 5 Best Leading Air Conditioner Brands in India with Features and Price List 2018


Last updated on December 7th, 2018 at 08:26 am

Best Leading Air Conditioner Brands in India 2018


List of Best AC in India – Top 10

1. Voltas SAC 173IY 1.4 Ton Split AC

2. LG JS-Q18AFXD Dual Inverter Split AC

3. O General ASGA18FTTA-1.5 Hyper Tropical Split AC

4. Hitachi Neo 5200F RAU518HWDD 1.5 Ton

5. Whirlpool Fantasia 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC

6. Blue Star 5HW18ZARTX 1.5 Ton AC

7. Voltas 185JY 1.5 Ton Split AC India

8. Carrier Esko 12K 1 Ton Split AC

9. Kenstar KSZ35 WS1-MDA 1 Ton Split Air Conditioner

10. Samsung AT12MC3JAMC 1 Ton Split AC

Air conditioner is one modern equipment used for cooling the room temperature by lowering the heat and adjusting the room temperature. During prickly summer it is impossible to live without air conditioners. It not only cools the room but also cleans the room as well. AC must be purchased not only depending upon it’s price but also based upon your room size. Switching AC on and off at regular intervals will waste lot of energy. Best Leading Air Conditioner Brands in India – full list is available here.

Nowadays split AC are becoming more popular with it’s sleek exterior, as well as noiseless performance. The AC’s are listed according to their energy capacity, technical facts, functionality and star ratings. AC must be of various types like window-mounted unit, wall-mounted unit, split ductless or mini air systems. The major AC brands are Sharp, Samsung, Hitachi, Voltas, Panasonic, and Godrej, Whirlpool etc. Here i have enlisted some of the leading brands in AC. Choose the right one based on your purpose from the list of models given along with it.

Important Factors Should Consider Before Choosing the AC

You may be in a hurry to buy a new AC for this hot summer, But before going to choose one randomly just know these factors which greatly affect your AC, power and economical aspects. The need for Cooling and power consumption will vary based on different things.

The most important thing is about the “ton”. Before purchase calculates how much ton AC you actually need, it preventing you from buying a costly and heavy ton AC which you actually don’t want.

  • You can simply use the formula to calculate the total ton of AC you required, you just need to measure your room in feet (Length x Width x Height) then compare the below given chart and find out how much ton AC you want.
  • Total tonnage of AC required = Length (feet) x Breadth (feet) x Height (feet) of room/floor
  • Note that never go to showroom and ask opinion about the salesman they will try for selling an AC with huge tons.
  • Number and doors in a room or floor is another important to know about the leakage of air
  • Products in your room or home like heat generating equipment
  • Amount of sunlight exposure to or over the particular area need to be cooled
  • AC should save some electricity because that is the most important factor

AC-Tonnage calculationChoose the Best AC by Understanding the Key Features

It is very difficult to stay indoors without having a cooling measure in this summer. No doubt the perfect and best solution for summer month hotness is buying a best AC.  But before going to buy it you have understand some technical specifications in details, which is the key specifications of each and every model.

Also here below we have given tables for each brands top models with full technical spec and pricing. Have a look on the features description and go to the table. Choose the right and best model for your use.

  1. Total Power Consumption  (Watts)

The Total Power Consumption  (Watts) of an AC varies from model to model. Simply it is the measurement of power consumed in watts, while working the AC. It depends on various factors. The type of cooling system, frequency of maintenance and the cooling output will alter the Total Power Consumption  (Watts).

A central air conditioner uses more power than the room air conditioners. Normally we can say that a normal sized A.C. is rated about 12,000 Btu. This kind of AC uses average of 1500 watts per hour. Either it will be window type of portable type. If you along with fan again the power usage increases.

  • Unit Used for measurement : Watts (W), Kilo Watts (kW)
  1. Cooling Wattage

Cooling Wattage of an AC is expressed based on the Cooling Capacity. The cooling capacity of an air conditioner is the total Amount Of Cooling Produced By The AC. It is expressed in Units of TR, Btu/hr, kCal/hr, Watts.

For you r understanding 1TR = 12,000 Btu/hr = 3,024 kCal/hr = 3,514 Watts. As the cooling capacity is higher, the heat from room is removed soon. So always choose the AC with high cooling capacity if are living in hot climate most of the season.

  1. Star Rating  (BEE)

The Star Rating  (BEE) is used to rate the room AC. The rating is given based on the basis of the energy efficiency of each air conditioner. It is measures on a scale of 1 to 5 stars based on certain calculations. Simply higher the number of stars and higher the Star Rating  (BEE), you can save energy as it is highly energy efficient.

So even the price is a little high for the AC with high star rating you can save a lot in future by cost reduction on working. Try to get a five star rated AC for your home or office.

  1. Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) in case of air conditioner is the  ratio of the cooling capacity of an air conditioner to the  total electrical input (in watts). The  cooling capacity is expressed in British Thermal Units (BTU) per hour.

Those with EER rating of 10 and considered the high class and most effective AC. Keep in mind that as much as the higher the EER ratio the cost of operating will be less, at the same time the price f AC will be little high comparing to the standard one.

  • EER= Cooling Capacity (Watt)
    / Power Consumption (Watt)

What is the difference between Normal Split AC and Inverter Split AC

  • Inverter Split AC:

The  latest Inverter air conditioners are equipped with advance technology, so that it is more economical to operate and offers good output while running than conventional unit. These are specially made to manage extremes in temperature, features a smooth and stable operational facility.

While working it reaches the cooling effect more easier and quicker than the Normal Split AC. Enjoy maximum comfort with No temperature fluctuations, No voltage peaks,  Much quieter working and less start up time.

  •  Normal Split AC:

The Normal Split AC without inverter may be cheaper than the Inverter Split AC but energy cost will be high in case of  Normal Split AC usage. The greater disadvantage is it consumes more power and not much economical to run in this summer, when using more hours.

There is a difference in achieving desired temperature for normal split AC than the Inverter Split AC. The start up time is more for these kind of AC. It makes some noise on working and little slower. Temperature fluctuations and voltage peaks more in case of normal non inverter type.

Last updated on : 07-12-2018


  1. O General is the best followed by Bluestar and Daikin.There is a LG ac in my house which is very rarely used and yet it always develops a fault in a few months with hefty repair charges.Worst AC brand LG…

  2. I plan to buy new split ac for my home my room size is 10×12. O general ,Hitachi & Volta’s in my mind so which split ac are best .some my friend told me that ogenral is best is that true & with copper coil so give me the right suggestions to chose right ac pls

  3. m totally agreed with the gentlemen vikas garg. i bougt 2 split ac of hitachi . After 15 days it started creating problem . I Bought Hitachi for its brand name but believe me it has the poor quality and customer service. Never go for Hitachi. M planning to buy new ac and i will go for LG (HIMALYA COOL)

  4. Please suggest a good window ac 3star 1.5ton.
    Is sharp a good choice to go for.Please suggest a good brand.

  5. Even if the question is that of life and death never buy Hitachi ac. Worst product.
    Best ac brands. Practical experience. – O general and Volta’s. Nothing else to comment.

    • From all conclusions , i decided to buy sharp inverter A/C..My friends and shop owner also prefer this one… Thank you all………

  6. You should go for lg, I am using LG 1.5 Ton LSA5NP5F 5 Star Split Air Conditioner and completely satisfied with it in terms of services, performance and prices. LG Ac is also known for less power consumption.

  7. I would like to know which ac is best for home in india ?.. my home is at banglore. please help me.. my friend suggested me sharp split ac(inverter ac).

  8. thanks for listing the best air conditioner brands in india. The list includes sharp air conditioner and i love most. Sharp is better than all other air conditioners.

  9. Buy anything but not Hitachi. Trust me Hitachi is a big name but has worst post sale service. They will make you suffer every moment.
    I have bought Hitachi on 18th May 2014 and within 20 Days it started creating problem.
    Despite of buying AC just 20 days back, I am sleeping in hot during the hottest days of year.
    No one is accountable for your problem.
    My complaint number is 14061000037 and this is my 4th day I don’t know whom I should talk. On calling Hitachi’s customer care they say that the complaint is logged and they dont know in how many days the problem will get fix.
    on every moment they are making me realize that I have made my life’s biggest mistake by purchasing Hitachi.
    before purchasing any AC check post sale service reviews.
    Vikas Garg

    • I completely agree with Vikas. I bought a 2 Ton Hitachi AC in 2012. A couple of months later my friend also bought a 1.5T Hitachi AC. One year later he got some problem for which he was charged 4000 Rs by Hitachi service personnel. This year my AC is giving problem of error E9 for which i am being asked to shell out Rs. 7000 and I have no choice but to pay for it. Incidentally just 2 days back my friend also got this E9 error on is Hitachi AC. Compare to this my old Whirlpool AC gave much better performance without problems for first 5 yrs .
      Summary: My humble advice to all….don’t fall for Hitachi’s marketing gimmicks. You will suffer later.

    For efficient usage & long life ? which one ?

  11. Hi Nideesh,
    How can any kind of efficiency number be more than 1?. If it is eff = output/input then it has to be between 0 to 1 (0 to 100%). Can you please explain how we get EER numbers > 1 in you table?

    • It is the amount of heat energy extracted out from the room divided by the electrical energy consumed by the air conditioner to do so. It is not the ratio of work done by energy consumed by the machine, in this case ratio can never exceed 1 and in practicality not even 1.

  12. In my area voltage drop has been occured several times in a day.its better to buy inverter type Ac/normal split ac with inverter?in such area inverter type ac useful/not?
    Pls suggest.

    • Inverter AC is a technology.. it not meaning Normal Inverter or UPS… it wont work while voltage drop or power cut time… For voltage drop proble, you have to buy a AC stablizer also….

      • You can buy whirlpool copper coil AC…. before buying check the after sale service quality of whirlpool in ur location ….

  13. For bigger size individual house
    O general
    For a flat in apartment
    And for window ac

    • 1.5 Ton Whirlpool 3D is good comparing voltas 1.5 ton AC because Whirlpool Energy efficiency ratio is higher (3.24) … But TATA Voltas is famous in AC ….

      • Thanx… But saleasman told that voltas coil is make by alloy and Whirlpool coil is make by copper.I am really confused.pls suggest.and one more question any other brand which u suggest within 32k range?

        • Copper coil is good… but it will be little costly … I am recommending sharp Inverter AC with copper coil or try to buy other companies Inverter AC… Inverter technology is good for reducing electricity conception…

          • Within 32k its not possible to buy Sharp Invrter AC.pls suggest which 1 is best btwn voltas having alloy coil and Whirlpool 3D split AC having copper coil .Both are 3 star 1.5 ton. Pls guide as well.

          • Then which 1 I will go for buy?voltas having alloy or whirlpool having copper coil aplit AC (1.5 ton,3 star)???

  14. super listing. i like sharp ac 1.1 ton for my home. 1.1 split air conditioners with inverter technology can help save a lot of electricity i think.

  15. My voltas AC used aluminum coil.. is it good comparing copper coil ?. Sailsman told now a days all coils are aluminium. What shuld i do ?

  16. Amazon has the best air conditioners. Need a discount code? Just google Azon Deal Digger – They have a gold box on the site that will spit out a percentage off of any product that you enter (just type in air conditioners). Really neat and I use it all the time and save big.

  17. Hi I bought GODREJ SPLIT A/C GSC 12FR3 WNC – 1 TON from Snehanjali Retail showroom so. please suggest me is it good product & worth it for life time ! anybody using the same.

  18. Nowadays SHARP offers acs with best features than any other inverter acs and are also cheaper when compared to other brands….They also give warranty period of over 5 years for the out door unit which is also a fact to be noticed ….

    • really i agree with u sir i too bought onida 1.5t split 5* a c one month ago earlier i had samsung 2ton but always gas leakage problem never buy samsung product

  19. Man… LG and Samsung in the best a/c list?
    The best I have known (based on my own purchase and friends’) are Hitachi, Bluestar, Carrier and Daikin. Go for a 5-star and/or Inverter model only if you are from a rather hot and humid city. If you are in a place where the usage is for hardly 2-3 months and you are tight on budget, then 3 or 4 star is okay.

  20. Most of us have one model in mind and look for the reviews in this page. Today I brought Blue star, then I am seeing all the reviews……. so funn. I liked only reviews on blue star ….. all a/c are only good to use for some time later open windows and take good air/oxygen and live long

  21. I am looking for a good quality A.C within 30k for 1 ton split. And I have zeroed in on Godrej Eon which is coming exactly in the same price. They are also usuing Japanese compressor and copper coils so please advise if it would be a good choice.

  22. Hi bro. I am planning for Sharp Inverter 1.1 Ton AC. I read some review on internet, it has mixed positive to negative reviews, on one site its rated 2/5. But one dealer in my area recommended this AC as better than any Panasonic and Samsung AC.
    Whats your recommendation. ?
    Should I go for it?

    • I am using Sharp 1.1 ton Inverter AC in top floor room Model: AH-X13PET (INV). It is best AC i ever seen because it we can use like “FAN”. Dont worry about current charge because Sharp Inverter AC consuming very low power. So dont go for other 5 Star rated AC’s. The inverter AC is very good. My Model is using copper coils so it is durable. Aluminum coil Inverter AC’s are also available for cheap rate. Better Copper coil but price is littele high.

  23. Best is o general , whether split or window , hitachi was the first who invented AC , but in Dubai people use o general , see you are also in a desert

  24. Carrier is best ac in the market we all know in the complex or malls look around is only carrier , it is the 1st company launch in ac , so I suggest go for carrier.

  25. As per my knowledge Godrej also you can have a look, now a days you can’t get a Five Star 1.5 ton AC for aorund 34k in any other brands, i bought it for 34k and its fine so far.

  26. as per all the comments i have decided to go for BLUE STAR or whirl pool or LG.if anybody has different comments on the same pls share it.

    • If u want to buy quality a/c then choose Sharp Inverter A/c. Iam using it from last 4 years it really amazing cooling performes

      • i want to buy sharp 1.5 ton AHXP18MV inv ac model so much confusing because of mouth shut reviews . so many forums are given good feedback AHXP18MV model but pls tell me can i go for this happily it will cost 45k if it is afford to pay or not iam asking u becoz u r using this pls say honestly. iam from andhrapradesh

  27. As per my experience of 16 years usage of AC,I insist on 3 brans blue star,whirlpool and LG.
    Taking into consideration
    maintenance service
    value for money (cooling capacity)
    Power consumption

  28. I think samsong A/C splitt machine is worst as I purchased it on 2009 ,each year some difficulties
    arises -now circuit board is damaged ,but cannot purchased a new one-have to repair it–customer care
    is not responding but after repeated contact send one expert who telling it’s circuit board is not available in market,have to give order it to company then it may come–after how long time i may get it cannot tell

    • 1, First you have to check the after sale service of particular company and service centers location
      2, If energy star rating is high, It will save the electricity. It is not depend the product quality
      3, Check the correct tonnage before buying AC (Tonnage is measurement of room volume). If it is incorrect, Ac won’t work properly.
      4, Check the warranty time of the components

  29. whirlpool is the best split air conditioner in india i think. because in some sites whirlpool reviews shows that it is the powerful and best split air conditioner in india in the year 2012. As per my recent study related to indian market and especially banglore and mumbai market, whirlppol makes very big role in split ac. Samsung Split air conditioners also will come to front and samsung ac also we can add in the list of top 10 split air conditioners in india as per the price and its availability in market. After sales service also very good.

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