Top 5 Best and Leading Pencil Brands in India


Top 5 Best and Leading Pencil Brands in India

  • Apsara

  • Camlin

  • Nataraj

  • Luxor

  • Faber Castell

Here we are introducing the top 5 best pencil brands in India with price for 2016-17. These brands are best leading in Indian markets. All these brands are ensuring quality and performance. Their pencils are more helpful to the students, painters and executives. There are number of advantages while using a pencil. We can erase our mistakes easily by using the eraser. This is also economical than a pen. If you are looking for a good brand, check out our list. We hope that our list will help you to choose the right one.


1. Apsara


Apsara is a brand of Hindustan Pencils Limited. It has 0.5mm lead size. This pencil provides grip to write. They are perfect for executives. This pencil has an international quality standard with 2B Grade. They are very sharp. It is considered as a top one in the brands of pencils. Platinum Pencils, Platinum RT Pencils, POP Pencils, JOI Pencils, Triangle Metallics Pencils, Gold Pencils, Absolute Pencils etc are the collection of Apsara. The price range starts from Rs 70/-.

2. Camlin


Camlin is a CE certified brand. It provides dark while writing. This is very smooth to write. They are considered as child safe pencils. A pack of 10 pencils is available with Camlin sharpener and eraser. This pencil is made up of core bonded formula. Which are available in two attracted colors such as blue and green color. Its shape is hexagonal. The price range starts from Rs 100/- to Rs 500/-.

3. Nataraj


Nataraj is one of the brands of Hindustan Pencils Limited. It provides better grip and comfort to write. It is one of the popular brand in India. The price range starts from Rs 50/- to Rs 400/-. They are very smooth and available in a wide range of colors. 621 Pencils, Bold Pencils, Pixy Pencils and Petals Pencils are the models of Nataraj.

4. Luxor


Luxor is renowned brand. Their pencils are coming with 0.5 / 0.7 mm leads. There is an eraser at the base of the pencil. This is a rectractable mechanical pencil. This brand was founded in 1963 by D K Jain. This brand is leading top in writing instruments industry in India. Now it has become one of the largest companies in south Asia.

5. Faber Castell

Faber Castell

Faber Castell is considered as one of the world’s largest and oldest manufacturers of writing instruments such as pen, pencils etc. It located in Stein, Germany. Black lead pencils, Wooden pencil and Colored pencils are produced by this company. This company was founded  in 1761 by cabinet maker Kaspar Faber. Their products are available at affordable price.


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