January 18, 2020

Top 5 Best LG Refrigerator Models in India 2018

Most popular and latest LG refrigerators



Best LG Refrigerator Models

Best LG Refrigerator Models list is here. In the modern world refrigerator has become an unavoidable home appliance in every ones life. We think it is as a part of life because a good refrigerator provides you that many facilities to ease your life style. Why you have to go for frequent shopping in search of fresh vegetables, fruits and meat? Just get it in large amount and fill your fridge for a period of time. It not only saves your time but also power consumption too.

Refrigerator industry is one of the largest areas ruled by biggest companies. LG plays a leading role here with their smart and intelligent products. Their refrigerators are highly stylish and trendy. There is a huge variety of models from which any one can select based on their need and budget. LG Company mainly producing 3 different variety refrigerators they are side by side, double door and single door type refrigerators

Types of Refrigerators from LG

  1. Side by side refrigerators

  2. Double door refrigerators

  3. Single door refrigerators

1. Side by Side LG Refrigerators



LG side by side refrigerators are most popular and highly stylish. Most of them have multiple doors. These are Best LG Refrigerator Models. New ones are launching with amazing technologies like health guard. Capacity ranges from 567 to 800 litrs. They not only ensures the quality of food stuff also assures your safety too.

Most Popular Side by Side LG Refrigerators

Most popular models of LG refrigerators are “GC-j237agxn” and “GR-J287PGHV”. They features wonderful qualities open door alarm, ice and water dispenser, express freezing and child lock.6 to 7 numbers of digital sensors provided for your functional setting. Exterior display offered from LED. Inverter linear compressor and health guard technology helps you to save money and energy.

Latest Side by Side LG Refrigerators

Latest models presenting with health guard technology. It helps to keep your food hygienic and safe via a 4 step air purification system. They offer removal of 99.99 % bacteria, dust, fungi and odor. Compressor is the heart of a refrigerator. With the inverter linear compressor you can save power and keeps your fridge highly efficient for a long lasting time. New models arrived are GC-L217BPXV, GC-L217BSXV, and GC-B217BSJV.

Features of the modelGC-J237AGXNGR-J287PGHVGC-L217BPXVGC-L217BSXVGC-B217BSJV
TypesWonder DoorWonder DoorLuxuryLuxuryBasic
Inverter Linear CompressorYesYesYesYesYes
Cooling TechnologyHygiene Cooling (Health Guard)Hygiene Cooling (Health Guard)Green Ion Door CoolingGreen Ion Door CoolingGreen Ion Door Cooling
Exterior FinishWooden FinishMulan FinishBouquet WhiteACMACM
Digital Sensors67Multi Sensors(6)Multi Sensors(6)Multi Sensors(5)
Child LockYesYesYesYesYes
Express FreezingYesYesYesYesYes
Capacity (Liter)659800567567567
Water & Ice DispenserYes(Non Plumbing)YesYesYesYes
Special featuresOpen Door alarmOpen Door alarmOpen Door alarmOpen Door alarm

2. Double Door LG Refrigerators



Another variety from LG refrigerator is double door refrigerators. They have too doors and most of these models are frost free. Capacity ranges from 240 to 335litrs.They have got five star rating for their energy conservation feature. These are Best LG Refrigerator Models. Some models are armed with water dispenser on door itself.  So there is no need to open the refrigerator in between for taking cold water. Now enjoy each and every moment with your family.

Most Popular Double Door Refrigerators

GC-F419BLQ AND GL-254AAG4   are the most popular models of LG refrigerators .cooling technology used in this models are multy air flow or 4 way cooling. Electronic and mechanical temperature control systems are available. They have the capacity to work with out stabilizer in need. All those features ensures a high quality food stuff always for your family.

Latest Double door refrigerators

Latest models of double door refrigerators are launching with highly advanced technologies like green ion door cooling helps to preserve the freshness of your food stuff 2.5 times longer. They are very energy conserving type and eco friendly too.10 years of warranty offered for some models. Be ready to decorate your home with a stylish double door refrigerator and be healthy always.

Features of the modelGC-F419BLQGL-254AAG4GL-278PNG4GL-348PVQ4GL-254VEG4
Water DispenserYes
Star Rating24444
Cooling TechnologyMulti Air Flow4-Way CoolingGreen Ion Door CoolingGreen Ion Door Cooling4-Way Cooling
Temperature ControlElectronicMechanicalMechanicalI.MicomMechanical
Stabilizer FreeYesYesYesYesYes
Special featuresreversible door, multi air flow, digital sensorstoughened glass shelves, cell fresh crisper10 year warranty, convertible box, new durachill10 Year WarrantyFresherizer + ag ions, moist balance crisper


3. Single Door LG Refrigerators



Single door refrigerators are number one in ice making and highly spacious. Store and fill your refrigerator with your favorite food stuff in a healthy manner. These are Best LG Refrigerator Models. Stylish designs are quiet attractive and amazing for every one. Capacity ranges from 190 to 235 liters.  Some new models comes with open door alarm prevents the extra power consumption from repeated door opening.

Most Popular Single Door Refrigerators

Most popular models features five star rating, open door alarm, auto defrost, and express ice technology. All those are aimed with keeping your food stuff healthier and fresh as never before. GL-205XEDA5 and GL205XFDG5 are the most popular models.

Latest Single Door Refrigerators

Latest models of single door LG refrigerators are a combination of technology and trendy design. Most of them are capable to work without stabilizer. They control humidity external temperature and bacterial growth multiplication.

Features of the modelGL-205XEDA5GL-205XFDG5GL-225BEDG5GL-205KA5GL-245BEG5
Open Door alarmYesYesyes
Star Rating5 Star5 Star5 Star5 Star5 Star
Digital Auto DefrostYesYes
Express IceYesYes
External MicomYesYes
Eco ModeYesYes
Works without StabilizerYesYesYesYesYes
External Temperature ControlYesYes
Base Stand with DrawerYesYesYes
Flexible Bottle RackYesYesYesYes
Zip PouchYesYes
Moist Balance CrisperYesYesYesYesYes
Anti Bacteria GasketYesYesYesYesYes
Humidity ControllerYesYesYesYes
Soft Veg BasketYesYesYes
Special featuresLargest Vegetable Basket (21 Liters)Fastest Ice MakingFastest Ice MakingFastest Ice Making, Largest Vegetable Basket (21 Liters)

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Best LG Refrigerator Models in India 2018

  1. One of the bitter experience in my life is happened with a LG refrigerator. LG refrigerators are beautiful by look but probably have the worst in technology. Within the year its cooling effect has gone. After one week of my complain, a man came with a LG marked bag and without throughout checking declared-“cooling pipes got jammed” and need to carry to the service centre located at Tinsukia (32km away) to carry out the repairing. They charge me Rs.2000/- including carrying charge. Since the unit is within warrenty, I refused to pay and since than it’s lying unattended(14 days have passed). So,both “Quality” and “After sale service” is very poor in LG. Ekdom Bakwas hai….

  2. I used whirlpool fridge it was at good condition but even though I change my fridge and took lg double door. 440ltrs, i always have complaints, my vegetables get full filled with water and get fungus can’t keep vegetables for more then 3 or5 days I have given complaints their come and say it is in good condition, but then why this problem. No reply from them

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