Top 5 Best Luxury Ayurveda Resorts in Kerala

Top 5 Best Luxury Ayurveda Resorts in Kerala

Ayurveda is a science of life & longevity, based upon oldest healthcare system which has been practiced over 5000 years. Ayurveda has been a remedy for overall growth,  related to physical, mental, spiritual and humanity. In Sanskrit the term Ayurveda means complete knowledge of science for living a long life without any disease.

Kerala: Land for Ayurveda

Kerala is a land rich in traditional herbs and traditional practices followed over hundreds of years. Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala are in plenty and are properly managed and administered for better  treatments. The legends of Ashta vaidyas( Eight vaidya families) has gained success over the centuries. Today Ayurvedic vaidyars has adapted themselves to effective healing treatments. Kerala is highly specialized with Ayurveda.

Every year lots of people reach here to get healed with traditional art of medicines. Climate in Kerala is ideal for the growth of  medicinal plants and some of the special oils, medicines are made from this herbs. Monsoon is considered as the ideal season for ayurvedic treatments. In monsoon skin is opened and is healed well. The atmosphere is dust free and cool and is the ideal time for messages with therapeutic oils. Ayurvedic treatments such as oil message, Yoga & meditation, Panchkarma , sweat treatments are practiced in the resorts of Kerala.

Benefits of Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala

Kashaya chikitsa (concoction treatment) has been done in Kerala with the use of hundreds of  kashayams classified according to various treatments. Vagbata a specialized ayurvedic treatment is done in Kerala which is not found anywhere in the world. Kizhi treatments has been performed by the vaidyars. Ayurveda colleges has been found in large number in Kerala. Kerala has gained popularity in ayurvedic treatments by creating miracles . Incurable disease has been cured by Kerala’s ayurvedic treatments.

Cost aspects of Ayurvedic treatments

Ayurvedic treatment package may vary according to days and condition of treatment. Packages starts from Rs. 4000. Ayurveda package treatment may vary from 7, 14, 21 & 28 days as per duration of treatment has fixed. Major ayurvedic centers packages allow five star facility and expenses is fixed according to days fixed:

  • Treatment for 7 days:  Rs.71,400/- (Average)
  • Treatment for14 days: Rs. 127,680/- (Average)
  • Treatment for21 days:  Rs. 183,960/- (Average)
  • Treatment for28 days:  Rs. 215,040/- (Average)

Point to Remember before booking any Ayurvedic resort:

  • Center must be authorized
  • Center must provide efficient facilities
  • Medicines provided by the center must be manufactured by approved manufacturers
  • Consider procedure of treatment,duration and expense
  • Make sure that if the Center is organised by Kerala State tourism Department, it must provide the facilities as per Tourism Department

Kerala offers two types of Ayurvedic treatments offered namely general and rejuvenating treatments. Kerala tourism has been authorized with  “Green Leaf” and “Olive Leaf” grades to ayurvedic centers. “Olive leaf” is graded with three star category and “Green Leaf” is graded for those hospitals which are granting five star facilities. Below I enlist some of the best luxury Ayurvedic centers in Kerala so that you may not find difficulty in selecting a perfect center for ayurvedic treatment.

1. Somatheeram Ayurvedic Resort (Green Leaf)

Somatheeram Ayurvedic resort is the world’s first and best ayurvedic resort surrounded by sea and greenary. The great thing is that Somatheeram has won the best exhibitor award in ITB Berlin 2013. Somatheeram ayurvedic resort is located in Chowara beach on a hillock , 9 km to south from the famous Kovalam beach, Trivandrum owned & managed by Mr. Baby Mathew. Somatheeram has been providing traditional way of treatment for over 20 years and has got it’s name ” The Ayurveda People”.

Somatheeram is providing a complete resort package combined with rich tradition, history, culture, Ayurveda, Yoga & all the above the resort is surrounded with Beach & Nature. Somathheram offers luxurious facilities equipped with 24 hour room service, telephone and fax facilities.

Multi- cuisine restaurant of Somatheeram is laded with mouth watering dishes, vegetarian dishes made for those especially who are undergoing ayurvedic treatments.Visit Somatheeram and enjoy breathtaking pleasure of beautiful landscape. Relax, rejuvenate your body, mind & soul with complete Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation. Somatheeram room rates are affixed as per $70 per night in monsoon and seven night package starts from $1,200.


  • Trivandrum, Kerala(9 km to south of Kovalam beach)


  • Cottages, Luxury Rooms and Kerala houses combined with A.C & Non A.C


  • 20-32º C( Tropical Climate)

Nearest Airport:

Trivandrum (21 kms)

Major faculities & facilites of Somatheeram:

  • 20 qualified 7 experienced doctors
  • 24 massage rooms combined with five treatment rooms
  • 90 well trained therapists
  • Dhara oil dip , Herbal steam & herbal bath

Contact details:

Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort
Chowara P.O., South of Kovalam,
Thiruvananthapuram- 695501
Kerala India
Tel: #++91-471-2268101, 2266111
Fax: #++91-471-2267611

2. Kalari kovilakom (Green Leaf)

Kalari kovilakom is a palace of Vengunad kingdom which has been now converted into palace for ayurveda by CGH group. Kalari kovilakom is located in Kollengode, Palakkad district 41 hours from Cochin. This center offers calm, peaceful environment far from stress world. Kalari is followed upon with certain protocols, there ethos are really different, no meat/non-veg, footwear, alchohol, swimming pool, cell phones , T.V/entertaining systems to be entered in it’s premises. Regular hymns are chanted every evenings.

Personal and customized therapy is provided in Kalari in combination with yoga. Food served in kalari as per individual requirements. Kalari’s rules implements waking up in the early morning when the sun is up,, warm water to drink, meditation, yoga, medicated baths, and herbal food. If money does’nt matters go straight ahead to Kalari kovilakom and experience the wellness with Ayurvedic treatment. Kalari is surrounded with 8 acres of gardens, organic vegetables farm, pond, temple, mountains. Kalari almost takes you to heaven.


  • Kollengode, Pallakad

Nearest International Airport

  • Cochin, 75 km distance

Nearest railway station

  • Palakkad, 30 minutes distance

Faculties and facilities offered by Kalari kovilakom:

  • Excellent faculities
  • Value for the money spend

Special packages offered are:

  • Anti-stress programme-Manasanthi(14 days)
  • General Rejuvenation – Panchakarma (21 to 28 Days)
  • Slimming Programme – Sthoulyagna chikitsa. (21 to 28 Days)
  • Anti-aging: Rasayana Chikitsa (28 Days)
  • Beauty treatments (Manicures & Pedicures , Facials , Massage Therapies , Hair dresser ,  Skin Tone Treatments , Male Beauty Treatments , Spa Pool)

Duration of treatment:

  • 14 days
  • 21 days
  • 28 days
  • 60 days


  • Twin Rooms
  • Single Rooms
  • Double Rooms

Contact Kalari Kovilakom

Kollengode, Palakkad
Kerala 678506 INDIA
Ph: +91 4923 263737
Fax: +91 4923 263929
email: [email protected]

3. Kairali Ayurvedic Resort (Green Leaf)

Kairali resort is located in Palakkad established by Kairali associates. Kairali is built with cottages surrounded by trees and lush green vegetation. Cottages of kairali is named with Malayalam astrological signs. Each cottage is constructed in different patterns as per Kerala architecture using raw materials like clay, bricks, laterite, black granite. Kairali Ayurvedic center is a multi-cuisine restaurant serving healthy food including all items enriched with organic green vegetables grown in the gardens of the resort.

Qualified Dietician recommends the guests to choose right kind of food according to their requirements.  Kairali resort is surrounded with swimming pool, lush green peaks, providing the guest with proper body, mind and soul healing. Kairali has it’s own garden for growing herbal medicines. Yoga and meditation center are provided by kairali to calm down stress with the changing lifestyle of the people.

Special poojas like Ganapathi homam, Mrithyunjaya homam and Shatrusamhara homam is performed. Kairali  provides  recreation homes which offers relaxation to the guests and to interact. Sports facilities like badminton court, billiards, jogging track, tri-cycling, tennis court, health club is provided. Astrology, palmistry and numerology experts are found in this resort. Internet access, photostat machines along with fax machines  are provided to the guests for helping the people to remain connected with business. Guests can have a glance of  traditional industries such as handloom weaving, handicrafts manufacturing industries & pot making.


  • Kodumbu, Palakkad

Nearest Airport:

  • Cochin, 140 kms distance

Nearest railway station:

  • Palakkad, 40 Km

Faculties & Facilities offered by Kairali Resort:

  • Experienced & qualified staff
  • Qualified dietitians
  • Internet access, photostat and fax facilities
  • Sports facilities like tennis court, health club,  badminton court, billiards, jogging track, tri-cycling
  • Multi-cuisine restaurant

Special packages offered:

  •  Beauty Care & Eye Care Treatment
  •  Holistic Treatment for Rejuvenation & Detoxification
  • Panchakarma therapy
  • Weight Loss Programme
  • Arthiritis & Spondylitis
  • Treatment for Sinusitis & Migraine
  • Treatment for Bronchial Diseases
  • Treatment for Nervous Disability
  • Treatment to Remove Stress & Strain
  • Post Pregnancy Health Programme
  • Treatment for Various Skin Diseases
  • Treatment for Chronic Back Pain
  • Treatment for Facial Paralysis
  • De-Addiction & Rehabilitation from Alcohol/Drugs/Tobacco
  • Treatment for Diabetes

Duration of treatment:

  • 14 days
  • 21 days
  • 28 days
  • 60 days


  • Double room
  • Twin room
  • Cottages
  • Single room

Contact details

  • Kairali ayurvedic health resort
    P.O Olassery, Kodumbu, Palakkad, Kerala.
  • Phone number: 1-877-INDIA-07(US), 0845-2777569(UK)

4. Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Resort (Green Leaf)

Manaltheeram is located near Kovalam beach surrounded with villas, sea, cottages. Manaltheeram is concerned as sister concern of Somathheram resort. Manaltheeram is equipped with qualified doctors and consultants, the hospital is equipped with 10 doctors and 60 therapists offering 28 types of body care treatments. Yoga and meditation is practiced for relaxing stress. Special treatments including steam bath,  Rasayna chikilsa (rejuvenation therapy), kayakalpa chikilsa (body immunization), sporasis treatment, siddhima chikilsa (slimming programme), spinal & neck care are available at Manaltheeram.


  • Kovalam 

Nearest Airport:

  • Trivandrum,22 kms

Nearest railway station:

  • Trivandrum, 23 kms

Faculities & Facilities offered by Manaltheeram resort:

  • 10 doctors and 60 therapists offering 28 types of body care treatments
  • Qualified and experienced staff
  • Internet access, photocopying, fax services, conference facilities are offered
  • Multi cisines, continental cuisine, and sea foods are served.

Ayurvedic Packages at Manatlheram:

  • Rejuvenation therapy (Rasayana chikilsa)
  • Body immunization /longevity Treatment (Kayakalpa chikilsa) – 28 Days – US$1200
  • Sporaris treatment programme. (Sidhma chikilsa) – 21 days – US$1100
  • Slimming programme – 28 days –US$ 1100
  • Beauty care program – 10 days –US$ 595
  • Mukhalepam – US$ 05
  • General massage –US$ 15
  • Medicated steam bath –US$ 09
  • Spine and neck care program – 10 days – US$ 550
  • Karnapooranam – US$ 03
  • Tharpanam –US$ 03

Duration of treatment:

  • 14 days
  • 21 days
  • 28 days
  • 60 days


  • Standard Room
  • Special Cottage
  • Kerala House Standard
  • Kerala House Delux A/C
  • Garden Cottage

Contact Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village
Chowara P.O. South of Kovalam,
Thiruvananthapuram- 695501
Tel. No. ++ 91-471 2266222
Fax ++ 91-471 2267611
Mobile ++ 91-9447766222
Email: [email protected]

5. Sarovaram Ayurvedic Health Center

Sarovaram is the ayurvedic health center located at the banks of Ashtamudi lake in Kerala, 10 kilometers from Kollam.  Sarovaram is founded by Mr.Aykara Gopala Pilla Vaidyar, and his wife Ms.Thankamma. Sarovaram is  equipped with 3rd generation ayurvedic doctors. experienced staff & massage experts. Special activities are provided like visit at  backwaters , village visit, temple, coir manufacturing industry, school visit, herbal garden visit, canoeing and fishing trips are undertaken by Sarovaram.


  • Banks of Ashtamudi lake, Kollam (Near veera bhadra swami temple)

Faculities & facilities offered by Sarovaram:

  • Effective treatments specialized with 3rd generation doctors and massage experts
  • Traditional accommodation and vegetarian food
  • Recreation facilities
  • Organic, sattvic and custom food is served

Packages offered by Sarovaram:

  • Neck & Shoulder pains
  • Depression & Stress management
  • Sinusitis
  • Panchakarma
  • Rejuvenation
  • Weight Reduction
  • Arthritis
  • Back Aches
  • Body purification & Detoxification
  • Sleeping disorders


  • 9 heritage cottages (A/c & television)
  • Single room
  • Twin room
  • Double room

Contact Sarovaram 
Ayurvedic Backwater Resort
Ph:91-474-2704686, 2585264
Mob 91- 9447774686 (Reservation Manager)
Fax: 91-474-2585864
Email: [email protected][email protected]

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