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Top 5 Best Market Leading Cement Companies in India


Top 5 Best Market Leading Cement Companies in India

Best Market Leading Cement Companies in India full list is available. After China India is the second largest producer of cement. For upcoming industry,infrastructure projects, road networks and housing projects cement industry has been growing at a fast pace. The cement industry also exports cements across 30 countries. The Indian cement industry is really big in size and captures almost capacity of 151.2 Million Tones (MT).

Cement is a binding medium, cements sets and gets hardened quickly. Cement is used to bind all other materials used along with it.There are two types of cement produced in India namely: Pozolana cement and Portland cement. Major cement industries like ACC and L&T plays a n important role in producing cement in India.The top 5 cement companies that contribute overall economic growth of the country are as follows

ACC Ltd. Cement Plants

1. ACC Ltd. Cement Plants

ACC cement plant is the highest quality cement which is manufactured and exported across various countries. The industry is located across various regions of the country. It has been producing really a high quality cement. At present there are 12 cement plants of ACC Ltd. In co-ordination with other cement industries it has been improving the share in the market. ACC cement Ltd. was set up in the year 1936. It deals with producing better quality cement.

Features of ACC Ltd. Cement Plants

  • Advanced technological facilities
  • Environment friendly
  • Sophisticated pollution control devices in various parts such as raw mills, power plants, cement kilns, coolers and other equipment’s
  • Mining technologies-based on environment safeguard norms
  • Vacant spaces in the mines and the cement plans are being utilized for the purpose of planting of trees
  • The company has also started various types of afforestation, horticulture and tree planting programs near its cement plants.
  • High quality Zero Water Discharge facilities thus help in proper water management

ACC Limited
Production 17,902
Installed Capacity 18,640
Net Profit (Quarter ended Sep 30, 2009) 41,550.89 lakhs

 Gujarat Ambuja Cement Ltd.

2. Gujarat Ambuja Cement Ltd.

Ambuja cement was established in the year 1986. The total capacity of the company at present is 160,00,000 tons. The Ambuja cement in Gujrat is specialized with state of art manufacturing facility with the advanced technological equipment’s. Ambuja cement is having an outstanding achievement with the help of ethical practices and dedicated work force. Manufacturing plants of Ambuja cement are; Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Punjab.

Awards won by Gujrat Ambuja cement are:

  • National Award by the Prime Minister of India for outstanding pollution control
  • National Award by the Prime Minister of India for commitment to quality
  • Award by CAPEXIL for highest exports
  • Certification of ISO 9002 for quality
  • Certification of ISO 14000 for environmental systems
  • Award for corporate excellence from Harvard Business School Association

Gujarat Ambuja Cements Limited
Production 15,094
Installed Capacity 14,860
Net Profit (Quarter ended on Sep 30, 2009) 31,848 lakhs

UltraTech Cement Limited-The Engineers Choice

3. UltraTech Cement Limited-The Engineers Choice

UltraTech Cement Limited is the world’s largest cement producer with an installed capacity of 52 Million Tonnes Per Annum. UltraTech Cement Limited-The Engineers Choice is the 10 th largest cement producer expected to increase 10 Million Tonnes Per Annum by FY 13. It is one of the largest exporter cement clinker reaching out to meet demand in countries around the Indian Ocean, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.


  • The company produces three kinds of cements namely, Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement, Portland Pozzalana Cement and Ordinary Portland Cement.
  • 11 grinding units
  • 12 cement plants
  • 4 units for grinding and one plant for clinkerization.
  • It is a big business house under the Aditya Birla Group.

Production 13,707
Installed Capacity 17,000
Net Profit (in 2008-09) 97,700 lakhs

Birla Cement Ltd.

 4. Birla Cement Ltd.

It is one of the supreme company supported by M.P Birla group. Birla cement has achieved many awards for it’s productivity,pollution control, energy performance and worker’s education like – “Lal Bahadur Shastri Memorial National Award” for Excellent Pollution Control Implementation by Chanderia Cement Works in 2002-03. The Birla ceemnt group base is in Madhya pradesh.  Birla Cement KHAJURAHO, Birla Premium Cement, Birla Cement CHETAK and Birla Cement are the famous brands sold by this company.


  •  Seven plants
  • Cumulative capacity of 5.8 million tons
  • Owns brands with khajurao ,Chetak,Samrat and Birla cement

Birla Corp.
Production 5,150
Installed Capacity 5,113
Net Profit (in 2008-09) 9,061 lakhs

JK Cement Ltd.

5. JK Cement Ltd.

J K Cement was started in May 1975 ,it first started it’s plant in Nimbahera in Rajasthan.it is founded by Lala Kamlapat Singhania. It is one of the leading cement in Northern India. The company has almost a production capacity of 0.3 million tons recently the company has a capacity to produce over 2.8 million tons.

It is one of the second largest producer of white cement in India. It has a huge access of limestone reserve both in grey and white cement. It has highest amount of market share almost  in the states of Haryana. Grey cement is marketed in northern India. It has demands in countries like Singapore, Kenya, Bahrain, South Africa, Nepal, Tanzania, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and UAE.


  • Huge limestone reserve
  • Extensive marketing network for grey and white cement both within and outside India
  • The company has a total of more than 4000 retail stores, 22 sales promoters and four handling agents
  • Ordinary Portland cement or OPC consist of 43-grade, 53-grade and 33-grade OPC

Some other products manufactured by the company consist of:

  • J K Wall Putty
  • Grey Cement
  • J K White Cement
  • J K Water Proof

JK Cement Ltd
Production 6,174
Installed Capacity 6,680
Net Profit (in 2008-09) 14,234.40 lakhs


  1. yes now a days nobody is maintaining quality consistently so govt shall check all these with price also. there is huge margin also actually cement price must be around 200 per bag (50kg) but they all r selling around 275 to 300

  2. pro + is absoutly an strongest & strangeful cement in india. it’s like maida compare to aata .as like other cement aata

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  4. Wonder Cement is the best cement in Rajesthan And Madhya Pradesh Market after 28 days strenth for PPC
    Cement up to 58 MPA

  5. Hii.. i agree that all cement is good…but last 2 yr RK group launched WONDER CEMENT. And iif we disscuss regards quality it’s better cement compare to other cement. Fully automatic Robotic technology plant.

  6. Now ultratech is no.1 in all positions. India’s no.1 cement.Ultratech is beating all cement companies .In future ultratech will become no.1 in the world.

  7. Now a days cement qualities are not good. All companies making low quality cements. They are only considering profit. Government should check the quality of cements otherwise lots of peoples will be trouble in feature.


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