January 24, 2020

Top 5 Best Most Popular and Latest LG Washing Machine Models in 2018

Top 5 Popular LG Washing10 Machine Models in 2018


LG electronics is a South Korean based electronic company and a member of the LG group. It is one of the worlds most popular multinational electronic company that producing computers ,television, mobile phones, semi conductors and home appliances. Main home appliances include washing machine, water purifier, vacuum cleaner, AC, refrigerator, microwave ovens and dishwashers.

LG washing machines are special by their trendy design and innovative technologies that is most suitable for the today’s home conditions. From their huge collection of washing machines you can select yours based on your criteria.

4 Varieties of LG washing machine

LG group mainly introducing 4 kinds of washing machines. They are front loading type, top loading type, semi automatic and special one washer dryers. Hope you are familiar with the first mentioned three categories.

Washer dryer is one from which you will get ready to iron clothes so can save more time and can spend for other things in life. Now go through each verity and their features in detail and choose one intelligently.

1. Front Loading

2. Top Loading

3. Semi Automatic

4. Washer Dryers (Washing machine + Dryer)

Front Loading LG Washing Machines



Front loading washing machines are always in the top position among these 4 varieties. They are so special because of their stylish design and innovative technologies. Most of them are noise free and power and water saving type. Their technologies focusing on the future needs too.

Best Leading Front Loading LG Washing Machine Models

Best leading models of LG front loading washing machines are attractive, reliable and spacious to your home environment. They are F8068NDP and F8068LDP.See their features in detail bellow table.Mainly available in luxury silver and blue white color.

Newest LG Front Loading Washing Machine Models

Latest models of LG front loading washing machines are 10B5MD2, F10B5MD25 and F12B4ND2.They launched with amazing features like fuzzy logic control, baby care,quick 30 program crease care,pre wash ,rinse hold and 6 motion.they keeps your fabrics excellent and long lasting.

Highlights of the modelF8068NDPF8068LDP10B5MD2F10B5MD25F12B4ND2
Capacity (kg)
Door Diameter (mm)300300300300300
Fuzzy logicYesYesYesYesYes
Baby CareYesYesYesYesYes
Quick 30 ProgramYesYesYesYesYes
Crease CareYesYesYesYesYes
Rinse HoldYesYesYesYes 
ColorBlue WhiteBlue WhiteLuxury Silver
Special feature6 motion6 – Motion6 – Motion

Top Loading LG Washing Machines



Top loading washing machines are now a days coming with intelligent technologies that attracts each and every one. These smarter machines offers you deepest and brilliant cleaning as never before. Wear your dress as new every day.

Best Leading Top Loading LG Washing Machine Models

Best leading top loading type washing machines are made as highly efficient in a variety range of capacities from 5 to 16 kg. Choose the one that is suitable for your home space.

Leading models are T70CPD22P and T70CSA13P.Inner tub made with stainless steel. Fuzzy logic control, punch plus three pulsator and air dry are the main attracting features.

Newest LG Top Loading Washing Machine Models

Latest models of top loading washing machines are comes with innovative technologies like direct drive, I- sensor, punch 3 pulsator, 3 step wash, jet spray’s pulsator etc. Main models arrived are T80BKF21P, T8018AEEP5 and T1103ADE5.

They are very special because they pocess the direct drive technology with I sensor combination that intelligently cleans your fabrics as your hands do.

Highlights of the model


Direct DriveYesYes
Inner TubStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Air DryYesYesYes
Turbo drumYesYesYesYesYes
 PulsatorPunch + 3Punch + 3Punch + 3Punch+3STS Pulsator
Fuzzy Logic ControlYesYesYesYesYes
dimensions540 x 540 x 835540 x 540 x 815540 x 540 x 835540 X 540 X 935632 x 670 x 1020
Digital DisplayYesYesYesYes
featuresPunch+3 Pulsator,  3-Step WashPunch + 3  Pulsator, 3-Step WashPunch + 3 PulsatorJet Spray, Punch+3 PulsatorSTS Pulsator

 Semi Automatic LG Washing Machines



Semi automatic washing machines are always budget friendly and satisfy the customer’s needs too. Latest launched ones are quiet impressive with brilliant technologies like electro mechanic control system, lint filter, collar scrubber etc.

They make your clothes beautiful and clean in an easy way than your hand wash. Save your energy and spend it for some productive works.

Best Leading Semi Automatic LG Washing Machine Models

Best leading semi automatic washing machines are comes with durable and long lasting plastic body capable of resisting rust and shock.

Roller jet pulsator technology offers you quality wash for your clothes. The models leading are P7255R3F and P8832R3S.they offer a range of efficient and smart technologies for your fabrics.

Newest Semi Automatic LG Washing Machine Models

Latest models of semi automatic washing machines include P1561R3S, P9561R3F and P7553P3S.these models are highly advanced with features of electro mechanical control system.

Type of pulsator is roller jet which supports powerful washing and cleaning. Most of them loaded with 3+1 number of wash programs too.

Highlights of the modelP7255R3FP8832R3SP1561R3SP9561R3FP7553P3S
Control SystemElectro MechanicalElectro MechanicalElectro MechanicalElectro MechanicalElectro Mechanical
Pulsator TypeRoller Jet PulsatorRoller Jet PulsatorRoller Jet PulsatorRoller Jet PulsatorPunch + 3
No. of Wash Program33+13+133+1
dimension795 x 470 x 975805 x 478 x 975880 x 530 x 1025880 x 530 x 1025795 x 470 x 975
featuressoakLint filter, collar scrubber and soakLint filter, collar scrubber and soakLint filter, collar scrubber and soak

 Washer Dryers from LG (Washing machine + Dryer)



LG producing top range washer dryers for you with amazing features. They have the capacity to go from the wash cycle to the dry cycle automatically. So you will get the ready to iron fabrics from the machine.

It makes your life easier and smarter than never before.They are quiet new to the market and they give the customers all in one experience. Details of the latest models which are most popular and efficient given bellow.

Highlights of the modelF1480YD25F1280CDP2F1232RDSWF1480RDS29
Capacity (kg)8.0 / 6.06.0 / 3.013/8 (Combo)9.0 / 6.0
Door Diameter (mm)495495400495
Fuzzy logicYesYesYes
Baby CareYesYes
Quick 30 ProgramYesYesYes
Rinse HoldYesYesYes
Rinse PlusYesYesYesYes
ColorSilver ColorWhite ColorPearl White (Art Flower + Swarovski )Apple Red Color
dimension600x640x850600x480x850635 x 743 x 1122600x640x850


LG the market leader in washing machine and other home appliances. Here we listed the best LG washing machine models in the year 2018. You can write reviews below about the product.

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  1. Please advice which is good ,cheap,& best also suggest top load or front load which is longer lasting for in drive (direct drive or coupled drive )

  2. semi automatic machine of LG – 6.5 kg is good because it has more powerful wash motor(360 watt) than 6.2 kg. Among 6.5 kg, the one with roller jet pulsator is best. this opinion is based on personal use and experience

  3. i m looking for washing machine with separate dryer which gives 100 percent dryed clothes as used in america please suggest

    1. pl guide me for best performance at best price BRAND 8kg top load with dryer & energy saver for use in mumbai

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