Top 5 Best Online Stat Counters


Top 5 Best Online Stat Counters

Around 75,000 companies over the world use website statistics.  It helps in web traffic analysis solution for small business.  It is a part of web analytics association which improve the quality of website statistics and web stats providers. By monitoring your website, network or server you will get more web site visitors. The basic stat counters are as follows



Statcounter generally termed as web traffic analysis tool. It is founded by CEO, Aodhan Cullen. It is a free Internet counter. These webpage doesn’t need registration,e-mail sign up. By selecting the website counter which you need and can be added from internet counter code to your site.

Statcounter is the largest counter website used by everyone to track Website/Blogger/Word press. It doesn’t need money for website visible counter,hidden visitor counter,recent visitor activity in website/blog/forum. A list of amazing features are available from no need of credit card for registering.



This website is an important website for online users. it is a popular among blog which shows to only online real time visitor through blogs/forum. There is no need of registration for tracking codes. It is free and paid website. It also tracks recent Url visited website/blog.



It is one of the traffic counter website and also benefits counter codes for website,blog,forum. It requires registration in . It also exports exports reports in CSV,XML,Excel and HTML formats.



This website offers free counter for website,blogs,forum. It needs only to enter website top level domain or sub domain. It is a free website.  There is no need of registration on website to enter tracking code.



This website is a free and provides web analysis tool for the website,blog forum. It  offers geographical analysis,heat map,compare counters,private stats.  It monitors real time behavior of your website.

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