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Latest and Most Popular Samsung Refrigerator Models in 2014



We all wish to get some cool drinks or food stuff always specially during the hot climate. Now days it is made very easier with the help of newly invented refrigerators. In the past years it was not as easy as you think now. People need to travel and have something like ice creams on the spot. With the invention of refrigerator our life changed a lot. Most of them are busy with work and fast life. They have not much time to cook every day or buy things daily.

Here the refrigerator plays an important role as a family member that’s why most of the companies introducing newer refrigerator applied with brilliant technologies. Among these companies Samsung plays an important role in the industry. They are launching powerful and intelligent highly capable refrigerators to you. Mainly they are presenting refrigerators in 4 varieties.

Latest trends in Samsung refrigerators

Samsung presenting you some innovative and beautiful trends in refrigerator industry. They help to keep your home look smarter and brighter as never before. They are House in order, Spacious and green, G-series eco space, and Cold water on top.

House in order

A trendy design from Samsung for smart homes. They are using intelligent technologies like Wi-Fi enhanced touch screen capable of Samsung app accessibility. To keep your family organized well. Customizable waist high drawer Makes it perfect match to your home.

Spacious and green

Store in huge amount without fear off power usage. They are also producing energy efficient refrigerators. Vast storage space and eco friendly design always gives you better confidence.

G-series eco space

Maximize your storage space with new trendy Samsung designs. So shopping can be done in less frequency for a whole family. Keeps your stuff fresh and healthy always with its eco friendly techniques.

Cold water on top

No need to open your fridge door frequently to get cold water.just collects it from the door itself. Some models provide purified water too. So there is no need to keep to a separate aqua filter.

Common Types of refrigerators from Samsung

Samsung Company for the last 70 years running successfully with their huge variety of different types of refrigerators. They are mainly producing 5 varieties French door, Side by Side, Bottom Freezer, Frost Free and Direct Cool. Each one is quiet different from other and they have their own unique features. We are giving you detailed description of each one bellow with technical specifications.

5 varieties of refrigerator from Samsung

1. French door Refrigerator



French door model refrigerators are highly stylish and attractive. As the name suggest they have French doors in top and bottom freezers. We have the advantage of bottom freezer is that there is no contamination from the raw meat or poultry to the fruits or other vegetables placed in upper part. Have a French door refrigerator and make your home so stylish and smart.

Latest and most popular models of French door type refrigerator

Latest trendy models of Samsung refrigerators are mainly French door type refrigerator. They are attractive by its stylish French door design and metallic color. Newly launched models have features like cold water on top facility. So you can have cold water whenever you need without opening the doors.  These are the latest models of Samsung French door refrigerator.

  • RF67- 579L

Special features of these models are twin cooling system and automatic ice maker. With the twin cooling system air does not circulate in between the freezer and fridge so both one have their own special cooling system. Your raw fruits or vegetables never become dry and they will be fresh as long as you want .Automatic ice maker helps you to make ice easily and also within a less space you can make large amount of ice as per your need.

Features of model RF67- 579L  RFG28MESL
Capacity  579L 805L
Gallon door storage 3
Humidity control 2
Dispenser Yes Yes, Water & Ice
Handles AL Handle Easy Handle
Weight(net) 251kg 164.3Kg
Dimension(net) 879mm 908mm
Door alarm Yes
color Platinum Inox Real Steel
Special features Twin cooling ,automatic ice maker Twin cooling plus, automatic ice maker, foldable shelves, LED light,6 door pockets

2. Side by Side Refrigerator



Side by side refrigerators are another variety type of refrigerator from the Samsung Company. In these kind one side is freezer and another side is refrigerator, usually left side will be freezer and right will be refrigerator. This also helps to avoid contamination from freezer to fridge.

Also you can save power because you need to only open one side if you know where you placed things exactly. Most popular models of this type are, RS21HSTPN, RS21HUTPN, RSA2NQPN1, RS554NRUA1J, and RS844CRPC5H.

Most popular Side by side refrigerators

Most popular models of Samsung side by side refrigerators are RS21HSTPN and RS21HUTPN.They are popular because of their special features like externally installed ice maker, Cool select zone and twin cooling system. Externally installed ice maker saves so much space of freezer and another new technology is cool select zone which helps to save power and makes your stuff fresh.

Newest Side by side refrigerators

Latest models are so trendy and stylish they are RSA2NQPN1, RS554NRUA1J and RS844CRPC5H. Features digital inverter compressor, anti virus protector, space max technology etc. Every latest technology aims at providing you fresh and hygienic food stuff and also saves your money for power consumption.

Capacity 600L 585L 589L 538L  890L
Net weight kg 108 113Kg 110Kg 120Kg 167Kg
Cooling system Twin cooling Twin cooling mono Twin Cooling Twin Cooling Plus
No frost Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multy flow Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Special feature Cool Select Zone Externally installed ice maker Fridge and freezer drawer, flat and flush door Digital Inverter Compressor Space Max Technology,
Digital Inverter Compressor,
SPI Antivirus Protector,
Eco Slim,
New Trim Kit Design


3. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator



Bottom freezers are another excellent type of refrigerators they have their freezer part at bottom level. Details of the model are given bellow. This one is covered with silver anti bacterial coating thus prevents the growth and multiplication of bacteria in food thus ensuring your safety and hygiene.

Features of model RL48RWCIH
Capacity 308L
Cooling system 1
No frost Yes
Multy flow Yes
Net weight kg 76
Net dimension 595mm
Vegetable and fruit drawer 1

4. Frost Free Refrigerator



Frost free type of refrigerators is the most popular type and the company producing it in vast number. These are economically affordable and enough for home usage. They also highly smart and efficient as other models.

Most popular Frost Free refrigerators

RT26FARZASP and RT28FAJSARX are the best selling models of frost free. Capacity ranges from 234L to 322L.they have multy flow and no frost facilities. it pocess  Digital inverter compressor, for energy saving. They are offering you 10 year warranty. Noise free and, energy efficient features are quiet attractive.

Newest Frost Free refrigerators

Newest models also have these intelligent features like Digital inverter compressor, 10 year warranty, and noise free, and energy efficient technology. Main new models are RT33FAJFA, RT36FDJFASL, and RT26FAJSALX.

Capacity 234L 255L 302L  322L 234L
No frost Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multy flow Yes Yes Yes
weight 48.3Kg 50.7Kg 53.7Kg 57.7Kg 48.3Kg
Net dimension 555 x 1,545 x 688mm 555 x 1,635 x 637 mm 600 x 1,635 x 722mm 600 x 1,715 x 722mm 555 x 1,545 x 688mm
Special features Digital inverter compressor,10 year warranty, noise free, energy efficient Digital inverter compressor,10 year warranty, noise free, energy efficient Digital inverter compressor,10 year warranty, noise free, energy efficient Digital inverter compressor,10 year warranty, noise free, energy efficient Digital inverter compressor,10 year warranty, noise free, energy efficient

5. Direct Cool Refrigerator



Direct cool type refrigerators are highly popular among the common people they are budget friendly and efficient too. They are well known and awarded for their energy saving capacity. Leading and latest direct cool Samsung refrigerators are RR2015SSBRX, RR2015CSBRR/TL, RR2015SSBPX, RR2015CSBSA and RR2115TCABX.

Most popular and newest direct cool Samsung refrigerators

They are very special because of their attractive characters .cool pack features allow your stuff be fresh even in a power failure of certain hours. Highly energy efficiency offered via stabilizer free operation. They are awarded and rated 5 stars for energy conservation. Available in affordable prices.

Features of model RR2015SSBRX RR2015CSBRR/TL RR2015SSBPX RR2015CSBSA RR2115TCABX
Capacity 195L 195L 195L 195L 212.0L
Energy consumption 255 watts 255W 255watts 255 watts
Net weight kg 37Kg 37Kg 37kg 37kg 43Kg
Net dimension 534 x 1,250 x 540mm  534.0 x 1,250.0 x 540.0mm 534 x 1,250 x 540mm  534 x 1,250 x 540mm 549.0 x 1,426.8 x 636.4mm
Special features Cool Pack (4 Hours), 5 Star Rating, Stabilizer Free Operation 5 Star Rating, Stabilizer Free Operation, Toughened Glass Shelves Cool Pack (4 Hours), ), 5 Star Rating, Stabilizer Free Operation 5 Star Rating, Stabilizer Free Operation, Toughened Glass Shelves 5 Star Rating, Stabilizer Free Operation, Toughened Glass Shelves




  1. Thanks so much. Am in love with that samsung frost free refridgerator but how would the identification codes of the choice i wishes to buy will be possibly identify such as RT26FAJSALX or RT26FARZASP or RT28FAJSARX. Pls., out of these frost free fridges, which one is BETTER, BEST and most durable brand? Help Me

  2. Sir samsung doubledoor frige RT26FAKMASE/TL/13 . What is it’s feature and is it have digital inverter compressor and manufacturing year.

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